Picking a Baby Name

It took us more than 19 weeks to decide on a name…but we finally have!

We needed a name that could be pronounced the same in English, Dutch and Korean to make it easy on everyone in the two sides of the family…and for the baby, who would be growing up in Belgium…so that meant names starting with “F, G, J, Q, R, V, X, Y or Z” were out since these letters are pronounced differently in each language.

Sooo…we have decided to name the baby NOAH! And the baby room theme will be Noah’s Ark!

Plus, we are planning on painting our two bunnies, Rocky and Tohki, on the wall and so a Noah’s Ark theme actually incorporates them and the baby’s name perfectly.

We can’t wait until little Noah arrives the first week of May! Here’s the latest “picture” of him (as of December 6th) and the latest picture of me (as of December 11th).

Thanks everyone for playing along and guessing the baby’s name!

FYI: @HotMessMandy was the first to guess right at 12:07pm EST (6:07pm Belgian time) today! Nicely done! 🙂


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