Life is Fuller

In Ghent, life just feels fuller. I’m not “hungry” like I was living in New York City.

NYC, my home for 32 years before I fell in love, married, moved and had a baby in Belgium. There’s no place like NYC but there’s no better place than where you make your home.

You can try to do the math, but I was born and bred in Seoul, Korea until the age of three and I’ve been living in Ghent now for 16 months, so…I’m 36 as of the date of this entry.  36. I had a baby at 36, which is 60 in old school Korean years.

But nevertheless, my momz couldn’t be happier or more proud of me. That’s her, holding Noah:


See? Don’t I look full in the photo?

I’m really, so very much more, content since moving to Belgium. Friendlier pace with just as much drama and hot messes running around that I still have fun…and I get to have what I’ve always wanted…a family of my own. A family of my own! It happened out of nowhere and it’s all real. So real it makes me just a little nauseous, between 2 am and 7am, while i’m feeding Noah. It’s the kind of nausea accompanying pure exhaustion except when the baby is yours, there’s no question that his comfort trumps your nauseated state, each and every time.

Davy and I started a fuller life and brought Noah into the world on March 21st, 2012 at 7:05pm, officially.

In Europe it’s a different way of writing out dates so here, Noah’s birthdate is 21-3-12. A palindrome, perfect for a strong Aries baby boy who insisted on arriving 6 weeks earlier than his due date.

His due date is coming up this weekend, May 6th. We will celebrate it in our own way. And Noah surely will be rejoicing himself for joining us sooner. He is so loved.



  1. kcsmum

    So heartfelt, Jun Mi. And the pictures are wonderful! I love seeing Noah with both eyes open! And BTW, I am sure your Dad is bursting with pride too. xoxo

  2. Thanks! And I do miss her Richard! But she is so happy for me and I’m happy she’s happy 🙂

    Oh Kathy…I SO wish my dad could be here. I know he’d spoil the heck out of Noah! HA!

  3. Leni Dragar

    Jun I enjoy reading your blogs and tweets! I’m so happy for you and Davy and your beautiful little son. It’s evident in the picture with your Momz how much love and joy is surrounding your family. Blessings to all of you! The photos are beautiful!

  4. You’re so very full and it comes across in all that you do. I’ve never felt happier for someone I don’t actually “know” in real life. I can only hope your life continues on this path. It’s nice to see someone have it all, without selling their soul and dignity to the highest bidder!! What you & Davy share is more precious than gold. Noah is a lucky little homie to land such a great set of parents. I JOWAH you all!

  5. MarluvsBB

    Beautiful words, Jun, just like you and your new little family. The pictures are precious. Being happy and content is so wonderful, especially when you have the people that bring that to you by your side.

  6. Your words are so heartfelt and moving. I join the many others who are so happy for you. Winning BB4 was a great accomplishment, but what you have won in the game of love, life and family is the greatest accomplishment of all. Much love and many blessings to you, Momz, Davy and Noah.

  7. The top picture is just incredible!!
    I have to say its been awesome following you on Twitter for so long, hearing about your time in Belgium and throughout your pregnancy. And now Noah is finally here a whole new part of your life has begun… And I can’t wait for you to share all the stories it will bring 🙂
    Enjoy every second of it all 🙂

  8. Palindrome. I learned a new word today and I also learned a couple of examples when I looked it up in the dictionary too: madam and nurses run.

    Not that I’ve gotten that part out of the way, I’m so overjoyed that you are inspired to maintain your online presence by gracing us with your writing. Nothing like a little gift from God to keep the creative juices flowing!

    It is truly a testimony of His grace and mercy to have witnessed your life unravel these last couple of years, and really overall since the day we met.

    Words cannot begin to express the joy I feel… and I am merely a witness! I know with unshakable resolve that your Dad is rejoicing with the angels in heaven because God has gifted you and Davy with an earthly angel of your very own who carries your father’s spirit in him; a unique and priceless reminder that You. Are. Loved.

    Bless you and your family! Looft de Heer! 주님을 찬양하라



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