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Big Brother and Twitter

The fourteenth season of what started out as chaos ended with Ian Terry as winner.   He is already covered on Wikipedia and Big Brother Wiki. He has gambled and partied with some of his favorite Big Brother (“BB”) alum in LA and Vegas.  Oh Ian.  He doesn’t have to make the QuackPack sign with his hand in every picture.

I loved Ian’s win and I am surprised he is so open to the public so shortly after spending three months inside the BB house cut off from the outside world as he knew it.   To each his own.   When I won in 2003, there was neither Twitter nor Facebook.  But there were plenty of Big Brother forums and a few BB websites trying to make it big.

I chose to leave the BB house and get out of the spotlight immediately.  I went back home to Manhattan and I picked up my life as I knew it as best I could.  Maggie Ausburn, winner of BB6, chose to disappear altogether from the public eye. I read that she was spotted recently, but she refused photos.  Everyone who spends their entire summer in the BB house, winner or not, gets their freedom back at the end.  What they do with the freedom is their personal choice.




As an avid (putting it mildly) Twitter user @JunDishes I see a lot.  Very often I am asked about BB alum and why-they-do-this-and-that and I can’t speak for all.   They make a personal choice in how to deal or not deal with fans, peddle their wares, end up on TMZ or not, you get what I’m saying.

It’s easy to get offended on Twitter. I get offended.  But tagging people in aggressive tweets and/or encouraging others to do so, or any variation thereof, is unnecessary.   Twitter is what you make of it.  If someone blocks you, move on and interact with those who don’t block you.  The chances of you ever getting unblocked is slim-to-never.  I have been blocked by some.  I don’t expect to be unblocked.   I am okay with occasional blockage.  See how ridiculous this is all starting to sound?

The Houseguests sign away their freedom for a summer and what they do with the rest of their lives is up to them. And lest you forget, it’s THEIR Twitter account.  They can do with it whatever they want.




WE can follow and take them for what they are.  YOU can either unfollow or get blocked and keep expending more energy in rallying people for a lost cause.  That is your personal choice.  Imagine waking up every morning to up to a thousand tweets (not me, but BB14 alum) and some angry just to be angry about not getting a reply to their original angry tweet(s), etc.

As BB fans, we can always be more mindful.  We will never stop complaining, but we can be more mindful.

I, personally, love how my Twitterverse runs.

Always dishing,


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  • I wish more people thought like you. I love interacting with you and a bunch of the former HGs, but I don’t get obsessive like a bunch of people can. Yeah, I understand this is a thing they love and take great passion in, but they don’t understand that these are REAL people put into a situation to try and win a prize. When they leave that house, they’re not the same as how you saw them on the feeds and on CBS. They’re just normal people…

    …unless they’re recruits. Fuck those people. (Kidding!)

    • Ha! Yes. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything but we all need to take a breather sometimes and give people a break! BB alum sometimes need some time post-season…some are active on Twitter and some are not. Some just want to promote things happening in their lives, and that’s up to them. I don’t see the point in actually tagging people and being angry!

  • Megan Heubner on September 27, 2012 at 2:07 am said:


    Very well said Jun, this is a gameshow, you don’t know these people in real life, they have feelings, it’s over, move on. This is why we love you! And your son is soo cute. Keep posting pics…ha ha. Have a great day!

    • Thanks Megan! Noah’s growing up so fast!

      Agreed. I think because of the live feeds we all feel like we know the HGs…but the fact they are living in a bubble is all too real and we have to cut them a break sometimes…

  • So well put.

    There are some crazy ass people out there and most of the time they are in dire need of a serious reality check. But they can do




    How we choose to react to them is what we have power over.

    Missed you and twitter over the summer… 😉

  • As always, excellent dishing! I personally just love to follow my favs, see what they are up to once in a while, occasionally tweet a comment back and never expect a response. But, I do see “superfans” out in Twitterverse who get quite irritated when their question(s) aren’t answered. Too many of them forget they aren’t personal friends of their favorite former BB HGs and those former HGs have their own lives! :)

    • Yes! People get very irritated. Twitter is instant gratification and when the reply doesn’t come in, people can get very upset. Overall though the fans are GREAT! Just a number of crazies :)

  • Perfection, Jun!

    I’ll admit I go all “fangirl” as soon as my favorite HG from the season returns to twitter, but as soon as I get a tweet or even a follow, my “fangirl-ing” stops pretty fast. They’re human with lives that can do “Whatever. They. Want.”

  • “I wish more people thought like you.” – @djstaerion. | Francisco needs to be careful what he wishes for. This world will never be ready for another Jun. (And I mean that with ♥ ♥ ♥ ) I’ve missed you during my week off for recovery from #BB14Withdrawl. I’m so glad I found you even if you did steal my next ex-husband. :p

  • I’m always glad to see it when someone speaks “truth” on the internet. Good job! I’m also amazed at how many people beg to be retweeted because they feel they are their number one fan or whatever, as if they’re more deserving than anyone else. Glad you’re an Ian fan. He’s seems pretty level headed, but I hope you can be there for him as a BB winner mentor. :)

    • I am pretty open to all BB alum if they reach out to me privately. Ian’s got a good head on his shoulders so I imagine he will do well post-BB. :)

      You’re right about the RT craze on Twitter. I would much rather carry on real convos with fans as opposed to just RTing them because they beg for it :)

  • Great writing Jun!

    Everything is personal choice with the exception of those who choose to use social media as a plat form for anonymous bullying and the ones who do not choose to have themselves torn to shreds by online bullies. Young Dan did a lot of dirty work this summer, he was very cunning I will give him that. Since he left the house his fan base have kept him pumped up on adrenaline mist and he is sending out offers all over the twittersphere to ‘help’ fellow housemates decompress. Danielle on the other hand in her 23 year old mind told some bad whoppers in the house that are now not only haunting her but her family as well – I’m guessing on that, however I believe I am not far off. The online bullying that has been the fallout of the GAME this year is nasty and hateful. Dan writes a blog about how wonderful this season and experience was thanking his wife and family, dogs, cats, all ground and sea creatures and everyone in between. Throws in yet again copious amounts of wedding pictures and hints that he is as close to saintliness as any pompous, over inflated 29 year old can be – not only is he a saint ready to save the souls of all BB alum – but his wife is equally as saintly for standing behind him for months (while he and she are waiting to cash a big cheque… but that is a minor detail – because as some would have you believe it isn’t all about the money.. it’s about the experience and game 😉 ).. and then lays out his love to a couple of his special housemates on same said site. Can we guess who these two blonde bb-ettes are? One loves to use the word travesty because it is a big girl word and the other one seems to have a thing for the vulgar and mean girl approach, the same one who claimed she would not be on twitter after the game, I guess her misting from Dan was too powerful to deny his constant and instaneous tweety replies. They make a beautiful couple.. I feel the energy there just waiting to explode :)

    His wife has a website for Good Girls – a not for profit (claiming) organization on teaching ethics and how good catholic/christian girls should behave to protect themselves from the world and men until the time they have a wedding ring on their finger. Each page of this good girl site has a donation request and, you can use all major credit cards to know how you too can become a GOOD GIRL, I wonder if they have to swear an oath of virginity on the bible to get their golden power of chastity?

    I’m wondering where other good BB friends of Dan’s fit into the good girl arena.. and why he is not defending the one teammate who was his loyal flock supporter on the show who has been thrown to the curb so he can play on twitter with Britney and all his fans. How will the good girls get debriefed on how it is ok to mentally twist someone in the name of GAME… and then to sit back and put your feet up while the real loyal servant is being torn to shreds nationally on every social media forum known to man. Can you imagine living in a world of good girls and with a wife who literally shines brilliance and purity and then going into a house full of botox, silicone, tatoos, scanty bikinis, blond from Loreal (Loreal isn’t a new bad girl houseguest), endless hair extensions, homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and staten island cawfeee! I’m surprised Dan survived any of it. He will have to set up tent in the confessional for months to cleanse. Instead he chooses to go on twitter and offer her to “help her” find the way to the holy light.. with his guidance and years of anti – bullying BB detox powers.

    I am not a Dan hater (truly i’m not) nor am I a Danielle advocate (far from it, I would throw myself in front a bus before I would agree to let my 21 year old daughter go under that type of national scrutiny)! Maybe I am trying my hand at playing devils advocate down the center line. What I hate is how we cry and yell about bullying and how damaging it is for children, youth, workplace etc…. yet we allow ourselves in the same breath to be amused or capitalize on it. Worse than that it isn’t always the kids doing the worst damage, you have some previous houseguests all over the capitalist side of the elder BB alum famers who are filthy and outright disgusting about these young houseguests and they are making money doing it. Shame on them!! If I want shock humour I will turn on Stern at least I know what to expect and he is honest about it. In the end Dan didn’t win the big money but he still came away as the winner and will continue to do so and for me I feel in the words drifting off the sunset on a thick mist filled finale night coming from a blond/brunette botox queen and third time BB loser that is a Travesty!

    I guess that is their personal choice/opinion.. as well

    Keep up the great writing Jun.. we enjoy your wit and style!

    • Hey Elky. There are countless others who feel the way you do as well. Then there are those who would disagree on every point you’ve made here.

      The idea of “fandom” is an indication of some sort of weakness in one’s self. There should be a healthy balance between weakness and strengths in everyone. There should also be a healthy balance in how much of a fan we are in someone/something.

      Depending on what kind of fans BB alum come across, the approach to fans is different. Some choose to disappear and some choose to be visible. Then others choose to capitalize on those fans who are so weak-minded that they are more sheep than fans. To each his own.

      I saw through Dan from the get-go, as a fan and fellow BB alum. What I saw was a young man I would always be cordial to, but would never become a part of my every day life. I don’t bash him for what he is doing post-BB, but I certainly don’t promote him.

      At some point we have to let things go and let the universe take over :)

  • Great blog. You are so articulate about teaching common courtesy to twitter, facebook, and internet users. Yes I am a bias but I think this would be a wonderful article/blog for Reality Nation especially now that all the events have ended. Pitch it to them if you feel like sharing it further.

    • I hadn’t thought about that. But I believe my core readers can just come here. :)

      And you are right about common courtesy that should be had online.

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