My Worst Moments of 2012

Facebook recently told me what my “Greatest Moments in 2012” were. As if a website servicing over a billion users could possibly know all my greatest moments. But they tried. And then they eventually changed the name of this snazzy new feature, to “Year In Review”. More palatable? I don’t know.

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Everyone’s doing a year in review and we pretty much can guess what some of the major “greatest” moments would be for most people. But what about our “worst” moments? Like…

THE MOMENT I regretted ever deciding to spend Thanksgiving in New York, visiting family and friends I had not seen in two years. I had a moment of homesickness and heartache in that cold November because the long-awaited return, along with my newborn and husband, seemed like a one-sided wait too often. Facebook superficiality and absence had made some hearts grow farther while masked in air-kisses. Tried but not true friendships popped like kernels of popcorn all around me. But the truest of friendships are what emerged in the end, and I learned the truths in lessons. Family, close and distant, came together but never quite fit together enough to form a smooth puzzle board of a reunion. But it was a moment of regret, and nothing more, because I came to realize that Belgium was indeed now home. And I am happy to be back here in Belgium ringing in the new year.

THE MOMENT I opened up an enormous can of mutant worms aka confronted a whole bunch of people at once with their transparent insincerities and toxic behaviors. But I needed to stand my ground and ensure my place in this new country I live in. This year for me was about bringing Noah into the world and making me and Davy a family. As the “crazy girl who left New York” to live in Ghent, I need to be clear about why I left so much behind in New York. And lest anyone become unclear, on any given day, my priorities are always my husband and my baby. I make no apologies for stating the truth in the plainest of English and sometimes Dutch.

THE MOMENT I really thought while screeching, repeatedly, at the top of my lungs “I’m gonna faint!” that I really was going to faint and then have to be wheeled to some operating room and have my body cut open to remove my baby.  Yes, I really thought all that through while on my back with my legs up bleeding out of my body in the delivery room. Dramatic, much? Noah had been six weeks early. My labor lasted six hours and my deliver, a mere twenty minutes. And I live-tweeted it all. By all accounts everything went as smooth-as-a-textbook-cover, and most of the horridly gross things I was warned about happened. Oh my freaking WTF.

MY SINGLE GREATEST MOMENT OF 2012 was giving birth to Noah and pressing that magic button that made Davy and me, a family of three.

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  1. Josie

    No regrets, good or bad is all part of life. As always I enjoy your great sense of humor and your blogs. I love the Jun who lives in Ghent, married a wonderful guy and had a beautiful boy and shares part of her life with us. So I thank you for including us in your life and sharing a little of it too. Happy New Year Jun!

  2. kcsmum

    It’s funny how just like the fine line between love & hate, your best and worst moments somehow manage to commingle. The worst socks you in the gut but before long, the good in it is shining brightly. Thank you, Jun, for allowing me to witness the only birth I’ve ever seen. And for letting me believe that your sweet Noah is my forever baby boy. Happy New Year, family of 3. xoxo

    1. Jun Song Author

      Yes, absolutely! You can’t have one without the other…love/hate and best/worst 🙂 You are very special to me dear K 🙂

      Happy New Year to you!

  3. Anonymous

    Happy New Year to you Jun. I enjoy reading your dishes, blogs, and tweets everyday. I appreciate your honest and refreshing sense of humor. And I love your pictures you share of your little Noah. I always smile looking at them, even on my worst days.

  4. Perry

    I admit I was kind of bummed out for some reason when your New York trip sucked : (

    I started following you around summer 2011….the epic BB summer for me haha. Time has flown and you still haven’t lost your spunk, I still love reading your stuff!

    Here’s to a New Year, Jun + Family : )

    1. Jun Song Author

      Thanks so much Perry. Yeah. Unfortunately I think I had my hopes up way to high in the sky as far as NYC went. But the important people in our lives got to meet Noah and see me and Davy as parents. But yeah, some of the trip SUCKED! HA!

      Thanks for hanging around. Time HAS flown omg…cheers to 2013 🙂

  5. So refreshing to read a full, frank view of someone’s year rather than those who just tell you all the amazing stuff they’ve done and leave out all the bad parts!!

    Every cloud has a silver lining though, and i’m sure your trip this year made you even MORE grateful for the husband and child you have and the place you now call home, Ghent!!

    Thank you for being so open and honest in all your blogs, this is the reason you have so many fans, you share EVERYTHING!! Maybe sometimes even too much 😉 hahaha!!

    Hope you guys have an awesome 2013!!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Exactly right Dean. Our trip was sometimes difficult but in the end, seeing Noah with my mother and reconnecting with true friends was just beautiful 🙂

      Happy 2013 to you too. I can’t believe 2012 is over!

  6. Jun I’ve only been around since summer but have learned and love that you, like your parents, put family first and moved to a new country on another continent. You have guts, love, and humor. I don’t know what happened in NYC but am sorry for the bad times. You and Davy love each other in a cherishing sort of way I have never experienced and you are so right to fight for it. Please continue to show us all how to do the same.

    BTW I was not around for labor and delivery and I am glad it sounds like it sucked and I would have puked reading the tweets.

    Love your family, drama, moodiness, and of course the humor you see in every day life.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Lynda, you’re always so good at letting me know exactly what I’m doing right, even from afar. Thank you. Sometimes I react before I realize what I’m doing, but in the end it seems to work out because I know I’m fighting for what matters most in my life 🙂

      Thanks always for stopping by and leaving a note 🙂


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