Anatomy of a Twitter War

I’m sitting here with a busted lip after having somewhat of a Twitter war with some guy I don’t know. Totally unrelated really, because my sore lip comes from my nine-month old Noah’s headbutt, but the Twitter war did happen right before the whole busted lip thing.

So what is a Twitter war and why do I get in them as often as I do? Well, I’ll walk you through this particular one.

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 7.28.46 PM

It all started because I saw, on my timeline, someone I follow had retweeted this @theNuzzy guy. It sparked a thought. I would never tweet my followers begging them to follow my hilarious and hot husband whether it’s his birthday or any day. And so I tweeted that thought. And then just for obnoxiously good measure I too retweeted this @theNuzzy fellow.

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 7.30.02 PMWell with the speed of light, give or take seven minutes, @theNuzzy shot back a reply. He was angry and he knew it. His account is “verified” therefore he’s über more important than I am.

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 6.23.10 PM

But I had no such anger, just a huge smirk on my face, and alas @theNuzzy was tamed for but just a moment with his pretend-passive “nothing gets me to relax more than being told to relax” comeback.

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 8.47.57 PM


How cool and calm and collected @theNuzzy had metamorphosed. But, why exactly, is this last tweet broken off from the conversation in the previous screenshot?

Because @theNuzzy is a DELETER! He deletes his tweets after he tweets them. He claims it’s to keep his timeline “clean” aka full only of his could-be-funnier-one-liners, but I dare to guess that it’s also because he wants no trace of his come-back-shortcomings. Or shortcomebackings? That should be a new word.

I don’t like deleters. There, I said it.

It screams “I delete,” whatever that means, and I don’t like it.

I don’t like you @theNuzzy.  But really, I don’t know you at all so my dislike goes only as far as this superficial blog and all the tweets you deleted that I so freakishly took a screenshot of.  Because @theNuzzy, as “nuts” (as you called me in subsequent crying tweets) as you say I am, I am even nuttier for taking that screenshot of our preempted conversation. But more importantly, why else did I take the screenshot? Because I knew you’d be a deleter! Just as you scrolled through my tweets in an effort to get under my skin, I too checked your tweets. After all, it’s what all nuts do, including you. And I just knew you’d delete your tweets to me. And you did. So there. I’m psychic and you’re a deleter. Oh, and I hope your girlfriend gets to a thousand followers. And congratulations for having a girlfriend!

So you see, this is just one example what a Twitter war can be, how it started and how it ended and now you have its anatomy.

How dramatic!

Always dishing,




  1. Angela

    Don’t “know” you, but I look forward to my chuckles daily from you via twitter!!! Thanks for giving my Boring world something to look forward too! :)) Ps…I have barely any followers & could care less!!!! 🙂

  2. kcsmum

    Bwahahaha…if my “boyfriend” ever gave me the “gift” of a thousand followers for my birthday, I dare say it would be the last gift from said boyfriend. Chicken shit ass wipe.

  3. Go Nuzzy!!! Good for him, whomever he is, I’ll have you look him up and send him an “attaboy” tweet. Jun, you hypocritical bitch! You have been begging people to get you a “FF Belgium”, but that’s okay because it’s you, right? You made fake Twitter accounts for your mother and even your kid before he was born and spread those around for your followers to follow (even though every single tweet is as dumb as dirt and as fake as a three dollar bill; in fact, I’d bet that your “husband’s” Twitter account is fake, as well). If you didn’t want to follow Nuzzy’s hot wife, all you had to do was to ignore the retweet by the person you follow. You’re just a dumb no-life shit who has nothing better to do than start internet wars and then when you get your arse handed to you on a silver platter, you post blogs to try and get your ignorant sheep followers to pat you on the back and say, “you did great, Jun!”. I can only hope that as much as you bully others, it comes back to your son tenfold when he’s older. When he comes home crying because some kid or kids harass him, call him names and trash him just for breathing, I hope you think back to all of the wrong and incessant bullying you have done to others.

      1. Fuck Jun! All that ignorant bitch does is bully and attack people UNPROVOKEDLY and then dumbasses like you come along to defend her hypocritical, juvenile actions. If Noah’s mother wants to treat people like shit, then Noah deserves to get it back in her name. What mother sows, let Noah reap.

    1. Jun Song Author

      I’m so flattered that you know SO much about me because clearly you follow everything about my life and then pretend to hate me. Cute! 🙂

      Please take your displaced anger to the nearest anger management center in Delaware, where you are FROM right? And please don’t come here with this kind of energy. Take it to a forum where the toxic slimy fans hang out. Thanks so much! 🙂

    2. Deb

      Isn’t this “bullying” by your own definition? If you’re going to call someone a hypocrite and a bully, it’s always best not to be one yourself. I’m truly embarrassed for you.

      1. Jun Song Author

        Yes. Totally in the Greggsgyrl family! I’m happy to know though that it’s only a handful of people posing as more. Sickos…

    1. Jun Song Author

      Oh, me and this Morgan person go wayyyyy back. Sigh. Haters are always lurking even if they are quiet. And sometimes they pop up out of nowhere…

  4. Anonymous

    Omg. Who cares? You know what I do when I don’t like something? I don’t give it the time of day. Seriously, nobody slept w your sister. Calm down.

  5. Anonymous

    What’s scarier is Morgan is a female, not a male. Maybe her children, Cecily and Jake, will reap what she is spewing as she wishes on cute little Noah.


  6. Jun, You can still start that reality show I was talking about. Let’s call it ‘Tweetzilla’

    As for the crazy person, I’m no ignorant sheep. I don’t even like sheep. But by getting all crazy upon Jun you do exactly what you tell her not to do: getting crazy.

    Kinda reminds me of the ‘Leave Britney alone’guy. Soooo maybe you should delete your comments, then Jun has a new topic to write on.

    Title: ‘Deleting comments for dummies and crazy people’

  7. Bwahahaha!!!!! Just as I predicted, the SHEEP are out in full force, defending their leader, because not a one of them has a lick of self respect or self confidence. Collectively, they all have about a lick of sense, licking all up in Jun’s nasty butt crack and high-fiving even her rudest, most vile actions. What I said about Noah still stands and will conitnue to….I wish nothing but the same bullying and harassment upon him that his evil, piece-of-shit mother “dishes” out. Let’s see how HUMOROUS that will be for her family!

    And to call ME crazy? Ha! This (Jun) is the bitch who has made fake Twitter accounts for all of her family members and has all of you convinced that her husband is actually tweeting! Everybody’s laughing at all of your loony butts.

    1. Kelly

      Wow…this is getting a tad scary…get on med’s now Morgan or perhaps admit yourself to the closest psych ward. Why so much hate towards an innocent child? That is crossing a serious line.

      And FYI…I don’t know Jun personally but I enjoy her tweets. I can assure you that whether she likes me or doesn’t like me – my self confidence and self respect will remain the same. That’s just how I and the rest of the mentally stable world roll. I am guessing you however do not take criticism or rejection very well??

      Jun – I live in Canada and this nut job could have charges brought against him for posting such vile shit. Keep your family safe momma…this person has gone over to the dark side!!!

      P.S. I don’t think Noah’s account is fake. Studies have shown that Belgium/Asian babies have extraordinary powers that allows them to begin tweeting in utero. #dumbass


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