How To Feng Shui – Part 1

I Feng Shui.

Pronounced “fung shway”. I believe it works, and the more you use it the more you see how it works.

But what is it?



Thank you everyone who answered my Twitter question about it.

So in my own words:

It’s part science and part art, comes from China and is thousands of years old. Thus, one blog will hardly a Feng Shui Master make.  But if done right, it can balance the energy on your turf so you can welcome some good things in your life generally speaking. And who doesn’t want good things?!

Wherever it is you spend most of your time, whether a house or apartment or office or dorm room, you can make as many and as small and big changes in colors and elements that work for you. Starting with removing clutter and bad energy. If you’re a hoarder, you probably just threw up in your mouth a little after reading that clutter bit. Maybe this isn’t what you thought Feng Shui was.

But Feng Shui is someone all of us can “date” to some degree. But if you want to get a little more serious with Feng Shui, then you can start with something called a Bagua Map. And if you have a floor plan of your dwelling, then you have a head start. If not start with a square or rectangle, whichever best describes the shape of your place, on a piece of paper. The “bottom” of the square should be where the entry/front door to the space is. Worry about whether something faces North, South, East or West, later.

1. For now, get your square down on paper and mark where the main entry door is. My house is more a rectangle than square, so I’ll be using my house as an example here. My front door, if I’m facing the front of my home, is not “centered”. Yours may be. The important thing is that the entrance to your home is marked on the square you’ve drawn.

OutlineDetails2. Then divide up your square into nine equal parts, as if you’re about to play some freaky game of tic-tac-toe. Whether you’re doing this Bagua Map for a single room or an entire house, go ahead and follow the template here and assign colors and elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) to your nine equal parts.

The beauty of all this, is that it can be applied to one room in a house full of a hundred rooms just as it can be applied to an entire floor of a home. Bearing in mind that none of us have the extra money to go Feng Shui crazy and repaint our homes and redecorate, as I mentioned before, you can start to use the colors and elements in ways that work for you.

I have Feng Shui’d two homes in my life and without sounding like some Miss Cleo Korean wanna-be, I can speak volumes if you need me to about the benefits of Feng Shui. Because more than just painting walls and sticking bamboo trees on shelves, the Bagua Map in Feng Shui connects the nine areas of your life using the nine parts of the map.

BaguaMap3. And here are the nine “life areas” behind the colors and elements. You can plainly see the colors, from the diagram above, associated with each area. The Bagua Map can be scary to approach upon first glance, but realizing it started with a plain old square with your front door marked on it should help.

And now I’m sure we’ve all been to someone’s home and thought “I like/don’t like what they’ve done”. But Feng Shui isn’t necessarily about liking or not liking, but in principle it’s about being aware of balance. I don’t expect anyone should ever have every color of the rainbow, and fountains and trees and fires roaring in their home, “because that’s what the Bagua Map says”. But, I will in the next part of this Feng Shui series, share with you how I’ve applied it in my own home.

So until then, please take a look at the Bagua Map and figure out what/which room falls where in the map (i.e. “Love & Marriage” is the kitchen in my house, and so I have bursts of red and red accents in my kitchen).  Great love and marriage is not found in Feng Shui, but I believe that the balance and care put into where you spend most of your time in pays off.

For example, perhaps your front door opens into the “Career” or “Knowledge & Wisdom” area, and not in “People & Travel” like mine does. Get it? I hope you do. And I hope you’ll follow along. And please do leave a comment or question below if you have need! And yes, clearing clutter MUST be done. Come on, it’s the new year!

Always dishing,



  1. Anonymous

    Somehow you telepathically found out I am getting ready to paint my master bedroom & bath and you’re here to save the day. Right? Do you use this same map for the second floor? If so, I think I’ll be doing it wrong because my bedroom would be knowledge & wisdom and I plan on painting my bedroom a light, soft gray & the master bath a medium dark gray. Ew or aw?

    1. Jun Song Author

      Yes, you totally apply the same “map” to the second floor, as if you’re floating above your house and looking down 🙂 If the bedroom is in the “knowledge & wisdom” then be sure to have blacks/blues/greens in whatever artwork or other “permanent” fixtures in the room. Perhaps you could throw down a rug, etc… 🙂

      And there are “littler” things you can do in the bedroom and bath too, but I’ll get into those a little later!

      I want to save the day! Or at least part of the day 🙂

      1. This is actually spooky haha. In my family home, my roomwas in the knowledge/wisdom area (Only one in my family who has graduated from University), my parent’s room was in the love & marriage section, and my younger siblings room was in the creativity and children section… And thinking about it, each room exhibited the colours associated with good feng shui!!
        I’m a believer 😉

  2. This is so cool! I’ve always been interested in finding out more about Feng Shui, but there’s soooooooo much to read up on that I’ve always given up before I’ve started!! lol…

    Your explanation is a great starting point, and I might start looking more into it now. Can’t wait for the rest of your blog series on this 🙂

    1. Jun Song Author

      Yes. There’s sooooo much on it. I remember when I first looked into it I was like OMG my life sucks because I can’t Feng Shui hahaha. And now I’m cool with it. It will be great. I will probably do a Feng Shui blog once a week so people who’ve missed it can catch up!

      PS: I can’t reply to your comment up on top (on my own site, how ironic) but that’s CRAZY what you said about the house you grew up in. Do you have pics and/or do you know if your parents knew about it?!

      1. I don’t think I have any pics =[ I can definitely have a look though and see if I can find any. And the funny thing is, my mum HATES anything like Feng Shui!! haha. She doesn’t have time for anything like this… She’s on holiday at the moment, but as soon as she’s home i’m gonna show her this blog and see what she has to say!! haha

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hi Lynda!

      Walls and door DO matter…because although you Feng Shui your home as a whole, each room must also be feng shui’d. So the Bagua Map should be applied to each room accordingly, starting from the entrance/door to the room…

      Does that make sense?

      And yes…and hue will work…unless the life area dictates light (i.e. Creativity & Children) or dark colors (i.e. Career)

      1. Sorry I have not been back till now. No I do not understand. If every room has to be Feng Shui’d with all of those colors yuck. I must be making this tooooooo fucking hard. I also over analize everything and usually get overwhelmed and quit. Not this time I am gonna de-clutter so why not Feng Shui while I do.

        I think best plan is to read all articles first. I am the type that sees the forest but can’t find a tree to save my life.

  3. I have no doubts that colors have their own energy. The principles of Feng Shui work with this fact. The energy of colors impact our life and feelings. Recently I found out that my synesthesia paintings emanate energy. Because of synesthesia I see colors when I hear names and words. Since years I paint what I see, I paint names and inspirational words. Recently people were telling me that they feel an energy flow coming from my paintings. They even recognize themselves in the paintings. This is so fascinating.

  4. Farah

    Hi iam confused. My door faces south. The map says that career, wealth and relationship go along the front of the house. But everywhere says career is north. Which womt be the case if i do chart with front door is facing south. So how do i do this? Please advise… Thx

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hi Farah.

      When you say your door “faces” south, it implies you are following the Bagua Map, which indicates that your door is South and the back of your house is North. Therefore Career would be in the front/south. If your door “sat” south, then that would imply you are looking into your house standing in your back doorway.

      There are so many layers to Feng Shui, and I’d love to better answer your question. I think you are concerned with the actual placement of your home as opposed to the Career life area (referring to the Bagua Map) am I right? Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lauren

    Hi there! I am in a two level townhouse, with the main entrance, a bedroom and laundry upstairs, and then a staircase which leads to the bottom level. There is no entrance on the bottom level. How do I apply the bagua map to the bottom level? I have read conflicting things, and I’ve possibly done it wrong in the past, and want to get it right!


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