How To Feng Shui – Part 2

I’m picking up where we left off last week, and confident that some of you actually did begin de-cluttering your spaces and come up with something resembling:


I call it the Bagua (“Ba-gwah”) Blueprint. It’s a combination of all the diagrams from last week, and also your floor plan. A rough, but accurate blueprint of your space inside the Bagua Map, with doors also labeled.

~ And please continue to throw me questions in the comments sections. Everyone gets to see them and it’s saved for posterity. ~


So beginning with the main entry to the space we enter the life area of “People & Travel”. This life area is all about promoting a balance among the people in your life, whether it be family or coworkers or clients, etc. and also an area of focus if you have a move or travels in your future. If, indeed you want to help and not hinder yourself.

You can do this by adding objects and accents in the color scheme (white, greys/silvers, blacks).

As you can see, the “People & Travel” life area falls in my front hall and staircase. Halls and staircases, in general, pose some of the more difficult areas of the home to Feng Shui. I was lucky though with my floors when we moved inn, because my black and white color requirements were met.

Above all else your entryway, and hall if you have one, should be easy to walk through to get to the rest of your home. Meaning, no clutter and smaller pieces of furniture if you must. You want to welcome good energy. So provide the area good lighting and do our best to ensure your front door opens all the way.

PTFHSCPhotosThere is no need to tear down wallpaper or repaint entire walls, but we chose to because everything was pretty much falling sadly apart when we moved in. But we saw the potential. The floors were cleaned with heavy duty detergents and turned out to be gorgeous checkered flooring. And to incorporate the grey into the color scheme, we painted the wall on the staircase a soft grey (we were thinking MacBook grey) and the opposite wall a clean crisp white.


Photos and artwork are up on the wall of the staircase, many in black and white and grey. Atop the shoe closet you see in the photo, we threw a “Welcome” sign and more photos of people important to us. No clutter. Not a place to drop things and run.


And because of our love of travel, we decided to just make the opposite long wall our “travel wall”, with large canvas of landmarks in New York City. It was important to me that I have parts of my life in New York intertwined with my new life in Ghent. We even added two big round chrome clocks set six hours apart, and etched “BRU” and “NYC” above them. Very hotel front desk-y, but it’s what I was going for.

And what you should go for is a a few minutes of thinking some of this through for your own space, if any of the above speaks to you. Not all areas of house have to be so black and white, so to speak, but minus the clutter and thoughtful accents can get your “People & Travel” life are in gear. And on your budget (i.e. our clocks came from Ikea).

Whether or not your “People & Travel” life area also coincides with your entryway, you’ll slowly see that you can apply things both big and small to get better energy going. Hope to see you next week in the series!

Always dishing,



  1. kcsmum

    Yikes. I’m having a little trouble Bagua blueprint. I first tried putting my front door into people & travel, but I realize now that is incorrect. My door is actually in career. But it seems like I don’t have enough rooms in my house for all the squares. I am going to have to ask more ?s. This is fun!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hmmmmm, what do you mean you tried putting your front door somewhere? If you are standing outside the front of you home staring at the front door, where is the front door situated? Is it in the middle, or to the left or right? If your home’s front door is centered, then it opens up into the Career life area.

      And you don’t necessarily have to have nine rooms to match up with the nine life areas hahaha. My living room takes up two life areas, etc…and sometimes a closet can take up half/a whole life area, etc.

      Does this make sense? I’m so glad you’re having fun 🙂

      If you need to, email me your floor plan (without Bagua) and I’ll take a look! 🙂

  2. ^^ What kcsmum said! I need to go back to remedial class. I think what’s throwing me off is my garage. For instance, I have a 2 story house with my master bedroom sitting on top of the garage. Does the garage also go on the Bagua blueprint? If not, then my entryway is in the middle of the map, but is decorated almost exactly how you described yours (except wall color). If the garage does go on there, then my entryway is perfect…..I think. :/

    1. Jun Song Author

      Each floor has it’s own Bagua Map. So your first floor would include your garage just like your second floor would include your bedroom.

      Then each room (or garage) has it’s own Bagua Map. Kinda like those Russian Babushka dolls that get smaller and smaller :).

  3. We just bought a house that we are moving into February 1st (can’t wait)! I drew out the Bagua Map for the home. In our people and travel area we have a coat closet and powder room. I have decided to accent the powder room with picture, soap dish and linens from Paris. I was going to put them in the upstairs guest bath…I would have thrown off my Feng Shui balance. I can’t wait to get into the house and start pulling it all together. As always, thank you for dishing 🙂

    1. Jun Song Author

      Excellent! This is exciting!

      I’ll get into bathroom stuff later, but do make sure to have some wood in the bathroom (to balance all the water elements…the wood helps prevent good stuff from going down the drains/being “washed out” with the flow of water, etc.) 🙂


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