How To Feng Shui – Part 1.5

This week is theoretically How To Feng Shui – Part 3, however the feedback I’ve received has led me to believe we need to go back half a step. Not all the way back to How To Feng Shui – Part 1, but just enough to clarify one or two things.

Remember my Bagua Blueprint of the first floor of my home?



I do not have nine rectangular rooms that fit perfectly into the Bagua Map, although that’s what the blueprint may lead you to believe. In fact, my floor plan looks exactly like this:

MyFirstFloorAnd somewhere between drawing a floor plan and dropping it into the Bagua Map, to get a Bagua Blueprint, is where the confusion seems to be.

So, here’s a breakdown of how I got there:



The original “skeleton” of the Bagua Map plus the floorplan of my home yields lots of dotted lines and text. Which is why I simply removed the dotted lines of my floor plan to reveal a rough blueprint of where each room of my house falls:



Your home or apartment or dorm room may not be shaped like a perfect rectangle or square. But the important thing is that you get past the imperfection, in shape, and overlay a Bagua Map. Bagua won’t bite.

Your space may look like this:



Which means your Bagua Blueprint would look something like this:



Or perhaps your space may look something like this:



Which would give you a Bagua Blueprint looking like this:

Example2BaguaBlueprintOr your space may be shaped like an octagon or an amoeba.

But whatever shape your space may be, you must overlay the Bagua Map to get on the right track. Even if one or two “life areas” seem to be missing from your blueprint, don’t panic. We will explore fixes for these “phantom” life areas later. I once had an apartment where my Knowledge & Wisdom area fell into my building’s dumpster and incinerator room. Not ideal, but I promise you, you can work through it.

We will also get into more detail on the to dos/don’ts pertaining to rooms in your home (i.e. mirrors, furniture placement, whether it faces N/S/E/W or NW/SE) later.  Unless you’re lucky enough to be building your home from the ground up, there’s not much you can do about which way rooms are facing the horizon. But utilizing the right colors and elements to maintain some balance is what Feng Shui is all about.

In How To Feng Shui – Part 2, we covered the People & Travel life area. Next week we will move on to the Creativity & Children life area. But I hope that this Part 1.5 has helped answer some of the questions you wrote in about.

And thank you for continuing to leave comments and questions here, so that others can read and add on.

I’m so very excited so many of you are getting your Feng Shui on with me!

Always dishing,




  1. Oh dear I’m fucked! lol I knew it when you said Feng Shui last week I knew I was screwed to even make any sense of it. I’m a “collector”

    While Rich was in the Navy I “collected” a lot of stuff. I’d collect Chokin plates, then bells from everywhere. Then Gulf war started and I started getting perfume oil. After he got out of the Navy it was angels, Coca-Cola (Kitchen) The problem comes with SOOOO many knick knacks.

    Jun, will you come to Oklahoma and just take over my house and make peace for my eyeballs? I get tired just looking at it all hahaha

  2. My kitchen is the people & Travel area. I live in an apartment and it is already the usual off white. As much as I hate that color I hate grey more. The idea of grey really freaks me out. Can I just keep the off white?

    Do all of my travel items have to go into that room?


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