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In Reality

When I moved here to Belgium two years ago I left many people behind, to look forward to those people making up my future. I left with cries of “You have to come visit!” that were met with just-as-loud cries of “Of course!”  So visions of my husband Davy and I picking up friends, and family, from Brussels International Airport danced in my head. I couldn’t wait to have guests in our home and show off our city of Ghent.

In reality, nobody from the states has come to visit us save for my mother when Noah was born last year. Odd? Maybe. But I’m betting I’m not the only expat to have expressed this.

In reality, my friends are so busy with their lives, and under a variety of financial constraints. And for most, it is difficult to get “less busy” and have “more money” at the same time. So I can understand why we haven’t had friends from the states stop in on our lives, but I can still be disappointed.

Funny enough Evel Dick Donato, and his fiancée Amy, made it to our part of the world. Twice. At the end of 2011, we met up in Paris. I was just a few months pregnant at the time. And then in 2012, we reunited here in Ghent. And Dick got meet our little Noah.

20112012Like him or not, Dick is very much a regular guy with his unique irregularities. I don’t agree with everything he does, but we shouldn’t agree with everything our friends do anyway. I had always thought he was just some scary-looking hostile freak of a houseguest who won his season of Big Brother. If someone had told me years ago that I’d one day be hanging out with him, them I’d have questioned whether it would be voluntarily or not.

But somehow through emails and phone calls and Twitter chit chat, we came to appreciate each other for who we are: Two regular people with unique irregularities. Don’t let his tattoos and gruff and black nail polish fool you. He is just like you and me in so many ways. He even does that funny open-mouthed “ahhhhhh” thing when he feeds babies.

FeedingNoahIn reality, and from what I’ve gathered, Dick bores easily and is impressed by almost nothing that comes his way except maybe some huge interception leading to a touchdown on any given NFL Sunday. He tweets about this and that and farting too, and sure, he will tell you to fuck off or suck his dick if you tell him to fuck off or suck his dick. But you’d do the same thing if someone came at you like that. And minus the persona he used as his tactic on Big Brother, he is quite easy to be around. And he’ll never feed you bullshit, let alone with his own mouth open wide.

And I will tell you this, Dick loves Big Brother. And his name is Evel not Evil, and he is neither devil nor angel. Our time in the Big Brother house aside, Dick and I don’t have that much in common. But what we do have in common is enough to have us look forward to seeing each other again in the future.

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  • Great blog Jun! I just tweeted something similar about Dick this past weekend. From the little I’ve interacted with him on Twitter and from what I’ve observed, you nailed everything I’ve thought! I think I’m going to steal your line though…everyone is just a person with unique irregularities! :)

  • Sue Marion on January 25, 2013 at 11:21 pm said:


    I also have been a Huge fan of Evil Dick’s from the start. Something about him just made me like him more and more. Kinda like you :-). My favorite picture is Dick feeding Noah. So glad you guys became visiting friends. (3by3)

    • Me too, Sue!! And I am usually repelled by such people, but somehow on BB it was ok…And I absolutely LOVE people that shoot from the hip, too! He’s nothing if not a straight shooter 😉

  • And Ive loved following your friendship on twitter…and interacting with you both. Did not like Dick in the BB house…there’s always a pun in every “Dick in…” of every sentence, isn’t there?…but outside it, love his no bullshit take on things.

    Ive enjoyed…more than I can express…the friendship my interactions with you has become.

    Great words Korean guhl….

  • You know me. I’ve always been a fan of Dick… but I digress. I’m sure, like you, if I actually met him I would understand hi better, thus like him more. I never said I would make it to Belgium but it’s first on my list when I win the lottery. I think you and Davy should plan a trip to New Orleans for a Mardi Gras before Noah starts school in a few years. Between your boobs and Noah’s youth and charm you will get all the good stuff.

    Happy Mardi Gras!

  • When I watched ED on BB it became evident really quickly (to us who could see DR sessions) that he was a a lot different from the ‘character’ he played in the house.
    I’ve tweeted him a couple of times and the replies i’ve received have always been civil and genuine, a lot like the replies I receive from you :)
    Another thing you both have in common is that you’re straight-shooting and don’t apologise for who you are, which are some of the most admirable qualities people can have in a World where everyone seems to act a certain way just to fit in!!

    You’re both ‘good people’ and at the end of the day that’s all you need in common to get along. I hope your friendship continues for years to come :)

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