How To Feng Shui – Part 3

This week, we are moving away from the People & Travel life area to Creativity & Children.



For me, it’s my dining room. For you it could be something totally else. But this life area can be improved, regardless of having children or not. It’s simply the area that can be literally or figuratively childlike, as to promote creativity and life to your day. If you get sun in that area, even better.

This is the view from my front hall, which we just left two blogs ago.


You can place in this area things made by hand, or musical instruments (or theme), photos while keeping the area light and white. And pastels, sometimes in just the right places. Any of your old toys, now probably considered “new vintage”, or your children’s toys, can go in this life area too. And of course, photos or artwork. No matter what it is you do as a living, juicing your creative soul is always a good thing, so if you can you should improve this life area of your Bagua Blueprint.

If you have children, and they can roam in the Creativity & Children life area of your home, then all the better. If you are trying for children, it’s been recommended that you first and foremost keep that area of your house clean and clutter-free and well-lit, following the colors of the Bagua Map.

And there is an element in this life area, metal. Rocks and stones, meaningful or not can go here, in moderation. If it suits this life are of your house. It did for my mother, but it doesn’t for me. But metal picture frames on the wall and some baby furniture I could do.

And you can see the piano keyboard is in this part of my dining room, from this view from my kitchen facing the door to the front hall:

ViewFromTheKitchenBecause of the two-door access to this part of my dining room, it’s not ideal but can be made multi-fuctional. And I keep an eye out on Noah. Thankfully, the width of the middle of our home is large enough to accommodate this area and our dining room table (which you can’t see in these photos).

And on days like these, Noah and I sit down at the piano and take turns. I play a tune and he smacks the keys in delight in return.


This room worked out for me.

~ Oh, and the plant will be gone asap. Noah is wanting to zip around more and sit around less. You will see later where the plant goes as we keep giving this How To Feng Shui a go.

See you next week!

Always dishing,





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