Sometimes I Suck

Sometimes I suck. Not literally, with my mouth or straw or anything.

This morning we woke up with the intention of driving to Zelzate, about twenty minutes and a few towns away from our home, to buy our produce at the farmers market and then cross the border to Holland just ten minutes from there to do some other grocery shopping. We’d all awoke in different stages, Noah first of course the little early bird, and ultimately we left our house at ten thirty this morning, needing to be back by twelve thirty.


All three, Davy and me and Noah, were just strapped into the car when I realized I forgot to grab my iPhone.

“Oh no.” I searched my bag.

“What oh no?”

“Nothing,” I sighed. “My phone…”

Davy, hit the brakes in the driveway, “Okay. Go get it.”

“Oh no.”

Davy just sighed, because he knew I couldn’t go run inside and grab my phone because I didn’t have the house keys. Last one out, and I’d answered yes both times Davy asked me if I’d grabbed the keys, but I’d left them on the dining room table. Packing for little Noah and packing for me and my new lipstick looking great on my pretty fat lips had distracted me. And well, I got us locked out of our house.

To me, it was just a matter of getting our second set of spare keys from Davy’s mom. Our first set of spares were also inside the house and it was an overall sucky day so far. Only Davy’s mom has keys to our entire house and so I thought no biggie, we’ll just go get them from her on the way home. But Davy thought, no told me, “You drive me nuts sometimes.”

I told him “nuts” was good because it would keep him on his toes. And he answered, “I’m gonna have no more toes then.” And I couldn’t even tweet this little quip, because I didn’t have my phone. More suckiness.

So with phone calls being made on our drive to the farmers market, so we could retrieve our spare keys from his mom, we get there only to discover our farmer is not there. Davy says, “This is gonna be one of those days.” And it was. But we found a different farmer, we drove over the border to Holland to get baby formula and meat, both nearly forty to sixty percent cheaper than the costs in Belgium. And we dropped by Davy’s mom’s place of work, a daycare center, where she walked us around proudly showing her colleagues the grandson and son and daughter-in-law they had only seen in Facebook photos. Everything worked out, and it was bonus day for Davy’s mom as far as she was concerned. All because I locked us out of the house.

“See? Everything worked out,” I said to Davy hours later. But I do get the gravity of my absent-mindedness, and the fact that sometimes I suck. I’m not too proud to admit that, and it was time for a blog saying so.

It could have been a suckier day, but now at the end of it, it’s already something to look back and laugh on. Time flies.

Always dishing,



  1. Barb

    I did same thing a couple weeks ago. Car keys/and house keys locked inside car..And it was raining. Walked to neighbors to call my mil for spare.Only storm door was locked and couldnt use her key. Finally dawned on me, with my new car, i have OnStar-and went back down to neighbors to use her phone. Of course my cell was in the car too.(Neighbor is about a mile away,so the walk in rain and cold wasnt fun).So finally my car was unlocked and retreived all my keys.. And now? I triple check before i lock the door.Still havent hidden keys outside yet,like i should. Of course, when hubby called and i told him my adventure-he thought it was funny..

  2. kcsmum

    These are the days you will always remember….”hey, remember that day you locked us out if the house & we had to spend an hour at moms daycare?? Hahaha”. Laughs make the best memories!

  3. MochaQueen

    Yeah sometimes you suck. Sometimes I suck. Sucking makes the world go round. Just remember to slow down sometimes. Note: This is clean version of what I really wanted to say. lol


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