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Christmas Confession

I have a confession. It’s something I’ve been keeping to myself since Christmas…

I was in charge of appetizers / hors d’oeuvres at our family gathering this past Christmas Eve, like I was the year before. And because we had vegetarians “in the house”, I had to be sure all my starters were of the anti-meat kind. As a meat-lover myself, I’ll be the first to admit I never had a very good vegetarian menu to offer. I do now.

So, it was the morning of Christmas Eve, and I had just finished making three days worth of baby food for my little Noah. Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and Broccoli Purée with Fresh Herbs.


It’s not the first time I’d tasted Noah’s baby food and thought, “Damn, this is good stuff”. Even my husband Davy will steal a spoonful here or there out of Noah’s little Tupperware at meal time… It’s amazing how good food can be when you remove all the preservatives and salt and other bad adult things.

Baby food really is the purest food that can come out of a kitchen. And that Christmas Eve morning, I decided I was going to serve baby food at the family party. I wanted to see if anyone would notice, let alone enjoy it as much as Davy and I do.

So I took some of Noah’s veggie pureé, added some grated mozzarella cheese, and filled up a bunch of puff pastry cups. In they went in the oven, and seven minutes later with a little fresh parsley for garnish and flavor, and this is what I got:

hors d'oeuvres

And this is what everyone ate, unaware that they were eating baby food, exactly what Noah had eaten a few hours before (minus the mozzarella). They were a hit. I didn’t even tell Davy. And so now my confession’s done.

I actually dare you to do the same thing and see if you get away with it…

Always dishing,




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