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Big Brother Canada Eh

I don’t even know if I’ll have the time to watch any of the first ever Big Brother Canada season premiering Wednesday, February 27th. But I won’t pass up an opportunity to cast my catty shadow upon the new cast by way of first impressions, judging strictly from photos and bios on Slice’s website:

Big-Brother-Canada-JillianJillian (27): She’s a teacher and she went on the show for the same reason I did…out of a long-term relationship and wanting to do it to “shake up” her life.  I consider this a good thing, she seems to be one of the more normal people cast. She reminds me of Rachel from BB6.

Big-Brother-Canada-TomThomas (24): He’s a “Bartender and Firefighter”, usually meaning douchebag, and in that order apparently. He says he’s “going to hide that he’s a firefighter” aka probably tell everyone he’s a firefighter within the first week. But he hates “people who put their kids on a leash” so he may have some redeeming quality in there somewhere.

Big-Brother-Canada-PeterPeter (26): He’s a Web Content Curator, which is fancy for “Intern” right? I kid, I kid. But he describes himself as “mean” which excites me, especially since “funny” and “outgoing” seem to be the only adjectives the rest of these people use to describe themselves. He’s a hardcore BB fan, including international versions, so I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

Big-Brother-Canada-TallaTalla (26): She’s an “Independent Living Support Worker and Social Work student” which CBS would probably have shortened to “Student”, but Slice seems to be just the messenger, and not the control freak CBS is. She mentions her “personal trainer” a lot which I wonder is code for “man whore”. Oh and she’s a fur with summer clothes wearer.

Big-Brother-Canada-SuzetteSuzette (36): She’s a “Support Worker, Radio Producer and Host, Motivational Speaker” and another fourteen things that wouldn’t fit in 140 characters or less. She’s a huge fan of BB US and it seems she wants to be me. Well, she wants to be “the ultimate floater”. We will see.

Big-Brother-Canada-DanielleDanielle (20): She’s a “Student and Aspiring actress” and says, “This is a good opportunity to further my acting career.” I want her gone yesterday. She says “I’m not a bi*@h, but I can be one if I need to” which means she’s a bitch. Yay.

Big-Brother-Canada-AneilAneal (21): He is a “Communications major” officially, and unofficially he fancies himself a BB anthropologist. “I hope to develop my experience into an undergraduate thesis.” I hope he has secret alliances with everyone, and nails his thesis statement by jury vote.

Big-Brother-Canada-TopazEmerald (27): Not to be confused with her nickname, “Topaz”, and Ruby and Sapphire and various birth stone stripper names. She’s a “Part-time dental hygienist and full-time student”. She and Danielle both hate messy people so this should be interesting.

Big-Brother-Canada-LizaLiza (29): She’s a “Tanning Salon Owner” who seems to be freaking out inside and on paper about turning the big 3-0 soon. She’s insanely obnoxious and cocky in her bio, and she probably also owns a dreamboard but unlike Ashley BB14, Liza would probably use her dreamboard to beat someone with. She’s got issues. I hope they surface in the house.

Big-Brother-Canada-AjAnuj (32): Or ‘AJ’ as he likes to be called. He’s a “Director of Business Development” which means he’s a thinker and a talker, and he will probably annoy many people fast. He comes up with this bizarre Saved by the Bell analogy for his life. “I’m a Zach now but I’m naturally a Screech, with AC Slater’s hair. These days, I get to be with the Kellys out there.” Oh dear.

Big-Brother-Canada-EmmettEmmett (24): He’s an adorable “Dairy farmer” who had no idea what BB was until now so he will be eaten alive and maybe even clash with all the non-dairy farmers in the house. I so hope he showmances with someone.

Big-Brother-Canada-KatKat (27): Another “Bartender” who shares nothing mind-blowing in her bio but doesn’t seem to be the worst person cast either. Meh. She’s okay. She looks a little like Natalie BB11, and I’m interested in finding out what her ethnic background is, with the last name “Yee”.

Big-Brother-Canada-AndrewAndrew (38): He’s’ an “Insurance Sales Trainer” which means he may talk like sales-y Dan Gheesling here and there but I certainly don’t see him staging his own funeral or anything. He’s another one with no strategy going in, which is probably the best thing. And he will not show his “privates” and most likely lie about his age. Because four years makes a huge difference.

Big-Brother-Canada-AlecAlec (26): He’s a “Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student” which isn’t bad as Brendon aka Mrs. Reilly, but he refers to Will Kirby as “dope”. I wish Alec and his eyebrows all the best in their aspirations to be Dr. Will. He and Kat hate people with nasal issues and I wonder if it will come up in convo. Love may be in the air.

Big-Brother-Canada-GaryGary (21): He’s a “Bartender, Artist, Fashion Stylist Assistant” and it makes me wonder if half the population in Canada bartend for a living while the other half drinks? I thought he was in his 30s judging from his photo. Yikes. One gay (I think?) and he’s more like Beau BB6 than he is Kevin BB11. I prefer Kevin.

And that, my friends, are the fifteen Canadian houseguests representing the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada.

But before I end this first impressions cattiness, some superficial observations, just for fun:


MostLikeableMostLikelyToGetInAFight MostLikelyToShowmance MostLikelyToWin

I will be keeping an eye out!

Always dishing,


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  • LOVE it! A couple interesting tidbits…well, interesting to ME.

    -Suzette is the first ever First Nations (Canadian term for Native American) contestant and also has the most amount of photos, links, social media information if you google her. She’s all over the inter-spider-web.

    -Aneal, I believe is also gay. Not confirmed, but my take on the quick ET Canada video I have yet to upload for everyone outside of Canada to watch (Friday, promise.)

    -7/15 of the Houseguests are visible minorities, that shouldn’t matter, but it is a reflection of regular Canadian society.

    -We have a curvy girl. This means idiots will make fun of her weight as in not make obvious logical observations, but rather just make fun of her because they are mean idiots.

    -AJ is best friends with Murtz, a Canadian media rep in the Toronto area. As in Murtz who seems to be close with Dan Gheesling as in Dan who is really close to Robyn Kass. This makes me think of the new Tegan & Sara song “Closer.”

    -There is NO ONE from Quebec. This one has me curious. Quebecois are really funny, charismatic people, at least the ones I have met, especially the ones from Montreal, SO then why not? Its Canada’s second largest province. I’m thinking labor laws and language laws have something to do with it as the Province of Quebec has its own legal system separate from the rest of Canada, but then again we have had contestants on Canadian Idol and other reality TV shows from la belle province.

    Yeah, just had to blurt this out here. xox – Cat

    PS: I’ll be streaming the live episodes. Links found at http://www.bigbrotherarchive.com/wp/

    • Thanks for sharing the link!

      I wasn’t sure from watching the commercial (about Aneal). I think it’s a “hot mess in a fun way” cast. I will try to watch but I treasure sleep more and more :)

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