To Dip or Not To Dip Sauce Recipe

To dip or not to dip sauce, is it ever really a question?! Dip!!!

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting “dippable” food served with a sad dipping sauce. I’m going to share with you a tried and true Korean dipping sauce that I grew up on. And the exact combination of ingredients in this sauce will have everyone begging you to tell them, “What’s in this?” because it’s happened to me countless times.

I told momz I’d be sharing this recipe and she was thrilled, and even blushed (from what I could see on Skype):

~ ~ ~


¼ cup soy sauce

½ tbsp white or rice vinegar (whichever you have handy)

2 tsp sugar

2 tsp Korean Red Pepper Flakes

1 teaspoon Korean Dashida Beef Stock

1 tsp sesame oil

1 stalk scallion (chopped)

1 clove garlic, (crushed and/or minced)



1. In a small mixing bowl, add everything but your soy sauce and vinegar. I always do this so I know I’m not forgetting anything (don’t judge, my brain is not the same since having a baby).


2. Add your soy sauce and vinegar and mix everything in your bowl with love, taste and adjust as needed, and serve!



~ This sauce is amazing with all kinds of favorite fried Asian starters, and also with Korean Pajeon / Korean Pancake (recipe here). You can also use as a marinade, or over a pan-fried fish even. But I use it strictly as a dipping sauce, because it’s an unwritten rule of mine never to use dipping sauces as marinade. But don’t me. Do what you wish!

I hope many of you will try this and report back. Your tummies will thank me.

Always dishing,


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  1. Anastasia

    I make something very similar except with less spice (yeah, I’m a wuss) and more sesame oil and no stock. Is that stock a powdered bullion type mix? I’ve got to try this!!

    1. Anastasia

      BTW, of course that’s not a question for my family either! One must always dip 😉 Isn’t it an unwritten law or something? If not, we need to make it one tout de suite!

      1. Jun Song Author

        It’s stronger than the regular bouillon you’ll find at the supermarket…the Korean one is more concentrated! 🙂 “One must always dip” 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    This sounds like something I would prefer to drink with a straw or maybe over ice cream. Thanks to your Momz for letting you share this.

    It sounds like the ingredients used by my local Chinese takeout for their dumpling sauce. I get a side of it even when not ordering dumplings to use on everything else like the fried rice, entree, and even for the egg rolls.

    So, moving on, I love all the recipes you share with us but now I have a dietary restriction and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for making these things low or zero sodium. Giving up Asian food would be almost as hard as giving up you. I can’t’ do either.

    Help a GaYToR out and probably many others. We want to keep the liver we have as long as possible.
    Love love love you,

    1. Jun Song Author

      You’re definitely not alone GaYToR! There are plenty of low-sodium soy sauces out there…AND, you can always dilute with water and still retain the flavor of the soy sauce. 🙂

      Some people even cut soy sauce out altogether and make their own versions of soy sauce (using a vinegar base), etc…

      Let me know what you come up with!

    1. Jun Song Author

      The beef stock is actually my momz “secret” ingredient that sets this sauce apart. But of course you can vary the ingredients. I think miso may actually work! Let me know 🙂

      1. Wo

        My hubby & I agree – the MISO substitution was FANTASTIC!!! OMG – We’ll be exclaiming, “In Honor Of Jun!!!” every time I whiip up this dip (often!). We had a little extra and I’ll admit it – I POURED it over left-over rice for my lunch the next day. Y.U.M.

      2. Jun Song Author

        Oh yay! HA! You’re not the only one…I gave my friend a small tupperware of it a few months ago and he said he just poured it over rice and ate it just like that! HA!

  3. Jun thanks for the link for the Dashida Beef Stock I could not find it when I tried your noodle soup. It was good with regular stock that I had because I can’t find it near me. I have been using a different dipping sauce recipe and can’t wait to try yours. I have been eating a lot of fish. I had salmon with balsamic and Adobo All Purpose the other night and it was ok but this would have been great poured over it on the serving plate.


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