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Big Brother Canada – Best of Screencap Awards aka Episode 2

~ If you ever want to know what went down and in what order and who’s HOH/POV/WTF, please do check out Reality Nation not only because I write for them as well, but Branden Barker is covering Big Brother Canada and he’s good at what he does. And also, I’m not going to go through what went down and in what order…because I did that once, last blog.

But, I will be awarding some Best of Screencap Awards.

I give to you, the Big Brother Canada 2013 Best of Screencap Awards:

Hollaback Girl


Talla, or as I now call her “Holla Talla”. I keep forgetting she’s Canadian because she’s so that Cali girl. I hope she does this every live vote on eviction night so we can have endless screencaps.

Pretty Baby DNA Title


I don’t care that it’s stupid of them to do, but Emerald Topaz Pearly White Teeth and Alec are really cute together. Black dudes on the American show have dipped their sticks into white girls, but the other way around has never happened. Unless you count my season where Amanda was half white. Does that count? Is that a horrible question? Probably.


WTF Award

Garish Gary


As in, what the fuck is he wearing? Garish Gary, or “Garish” now for short looks like a piece of accent furniture on the set of a drag show. Most likely a light fixture. With glitter, that he throws everywhere, he’s like a magician with no real tricks. And the only reason he wasn’t replacement nominee for Tom was because Kat went awol Big Brother suicide bonkers on HOH Suzette.


American Dream Award

DanOur very own Dan Gheesling was on the show, this our first ever live eviction night (not really live I hear by the way) of the first ever season of Big Brother Canada, and I know it had to be one of the best nights of his reality television life. Who cares that he went into his usual trancelike stance while pulling his face as tight as his nuts as he delivered his practiced lines. I’m happy for Dan that he got to stand on stage with Coxbot and add to his Wikipedia page. He thinks Peter and Aneal are leading the winners pack. I think Peter is, by far, past Aneal. Aneal’s been running around looking for fires to set, and setting them, while Peter’s truly been watching and listening. But I’m loving Aneal’s antics because I don’t care who wins. Yay for me.


Throw Away The Key Award


The houseguests got handcuffed together for a day, and received more alcohol that evening than we ever got in a month in my season. Or any American Big Brother season. It’s so weird that I have to differentiate Big Brother franchises now. But a good weird.

Congratulations Canada. Your inaugural Big Brother season is off to a great start. As fans, it’s our job to bitch, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen Canadian television put out.

Always dishing,





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  • I’m not watching..because I dont have time..but your blog gets me there. The bit on Dan is hilarious. #Coxbot

  • Thank you so much for this. Now I really want to watch, but I don’t know where to find it. Well I guess I will have to read updates, and hope you do this again. Can’t wait for BB now.

      • Yes, I saw it. Are all the shows going to be on YouTube ? I see I wasn’t clear. Geeeez , it’s a bitch getting old. LOL just wanted to know where to watch it, but it may make hubby happy if I don’t find the live feeds. Sorry for the confusion. Again, thanks for posting!

      • I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. Yes google is your friend..I used it. I found the live feeds. So sorry for my stupid questions….that, hell, I didn’t understand after reading them. Just having a moment.

  • People talk a lot about Canada being really multi cultural, and I definitely think this cast reflects that, especially since to be honest I literally did not even think about the race thing in regards to Topaz and Alec, they were just kinda cute and stupid together.

      • Nate on March 2, 2013 at 9:55 pm said:

        Canada is a “mosaic” unlike our neighbours down south :)
        Another great dish by the lovely Jun Song. Thank you!

  • Ha! Nicely done Jun. I’m Canadian, but I’m fairly impressed thus far. I think Robyn Kass did a good job of casting, so they scored on that one. Usually Canadian versions have a less than stellar “cast”.

    • Jun Song on March 1, 2013 at 10:24 pm said:


      I think so too! We’re never going to be happy, but I think it’s a great cast for the first ever season! :)

      • I disagree with you, Jun. I think the cast sucks. No one over 40 and, what, only 3 over 30?! (Checked, and only once has BB US not had someone over 40.) I can’t stand the probable homophobe. Liza looks like Danielle DiLorenzo, and sometimes talks like Amanda Kimmel.

        Way too many of them feel worthless so far, and I have little hope in some. They don’t seem particularly likable. Emmett seems like a nice guy, but I’m still not sure if that will translate to likability. I did kind of like Kat for some reason, but that’s not doing me any good now.

  • Jun babe, you’ve got it in detail! I’m so glad you’re tuning into Big Brother Canada… you’re awesome! Thx for the ‘well-said’ updates… I love it!!!! And you’re right…. a lot of BOOZIN’!!!

  • Big Brother is always more fun to watch when the houseguests are intoxicated. Remember Janelle’s BB6 drunken rant? Hilarious! 😀

  • Loving BB Canada. Definitely fills the gap until BB USA starts in the summer. But can I comment at how this cast seems to actually want to be there as real fans of Big Brother? Unlike the American version where everyone seems to have been randomly plucked from obscurity to try and get famous and knows nothing or couldn’t care less about what Big Brother is or how it works

    • Watch the UK version. You have Grade A d-bags and busty models who populate the house every season. :\

  • Anonymous on March 2, 2013 at 9:32 pm said:


    This is amazing!!!! I remember watching you, Jun, 10 years ago..Big Brother 4, my favorite season ever..and rooting for you!! hahaha..now Canada FINALLY has big brother (still can’t believe it) and i don’t know why but its super exciting to me that you’re watching it hahaha…i hope i can get on the next season (assuming it continues hahaha)…you’re right i was surprised seeing them get so much alcohol too..i swear in the american seasons you guys are like rationing cans of beer and cups of wine…and if someone doesn’t drink, everyone splits there share ahahha…im from toronto so its SO weird seeing all these canadian hometowns on big brother…especialy scarboroughhhhhhh…where topaz is from, and where ive grown up ahah…if you didnt already know scarborough is..hmm how should i say this…the not so privileged district of toronto..aka Scarlem (wikipedia said it not me haha)….hehehe love it!
    have you been watching the live feeds? we had a snowfall earlier this week so when they were in the hot tub area it was snowing ahahaha

  • Wow BB Canada is like the US version on crack!! haha
    It’s so fast paced and crazy but I love it!!

    I agree with your 1st blog, Tom seems like a Grade A douche!! Your 1st impressions are always spot on!! lol
    Its a shame Emmett immediately jumped up his ass cos he seems kind of cool. Would be hilarious if he did a double-cross and aligned with someone like Gary!! haha

    In terms of writing blogs and laughing at people, Talla is TV GOLD!! I hope she sticks around for a while and gives us all our “wtf did she say” moments!! haha

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds!! Hope they’ll be plenty of blogs to accompany it 😉

  • If I wasn’t already a Big Brother fan, I’m not sure I would have made it to episode 2.

    I said a few things about the cast already. Ugh.

    I wouldn’t say Arisa is like the ol’ Chenbot. She’s too…what’s the word? I don’t know. And “What do you think? Do you think that puts targets on people’s backs? What do you think?”? Ugh.

    Did I seriously hear audience laughter pop in a time or two? Ugh.

    I abhor the music…and I often love reality music. The theme song constantly stuttering into a restart at the end? Is that the smoothest they can make it? Ugh.

    I hate the pacing. It’s like footage vomit. Ugh.

    The veto medallion? Ugh.

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