Momz Fried Rice Recipe

Momz fried rice never had any soy sauce in it, but it did have potatoes. Potatoes in fried rice?! Yes. And once you’ve had momz fried rice you will never look at potatoes the same way again.

Finished Fried Rice

There are lots of different kinds of fried rice, with soy sauce or not and with all kinds of veggies and meats and eggs or not. I live on (and stand by) Japanese rice in general, and for fried rice, specifically either Kokuho Rose or Nishiki brands. I do love other kids of rice, basmati and jasmine and long-grain wildness, but I grew up on Japanese rice (or “sushi rice”). Japanese rice is a short-grain rice and is on the stickier side of the world of rice, and this recipe calls for it.

If you are serious about Japanese rice like I am, and you own a rice cooker, then you can skip to the ingredients. If you are new to to it, and you’ll be making your rice on the stove top you should know:

– 1 cup of dried rice will yield two cups of cooked rice, roughly.

– You should always give your rice a good “washing”, at least twice, to remove excess starch and such. You can use a sieve if you’re scared of losing rice in the washing process.

– Per 1 cup of dried rice you will add 1½ cups water, for cooking.

– If you have time, let your rice soak in the water for 10 minutes. The rice absorb the water, helping it to cook more evenly. Then you can throw a lid on your pot of rice (and water) on the stove top.

– Your flame should be on HIGH just until your your rice is boiling, and then knock it down to a low flame for 5-7 minutes.

– Do not open the lid on your pot while your rice is cooking. Your rice will hate you for it. Fight the urge.

– At the end of your 5-7 minutes open the lid and check your rice. If the rice is too dry (or almost burning) then add a little water and stir and cook for a couple of minutes on the low flame, covered. If it’s too watery, then stir and raise your flame a bit and leave on the stove top a couple of minutes, uncovered.

– When your rice is cooked to what you consider perfection, take it off the flame and leave covered for 5 minutes.

~ ~ ~


4 cups cooked rice

2 eggs (beaten)

2 carrots (diced into bite-sized pieces)

2 potatoes (diced into bite-sized pieces)

2 stalks of scallion (chopped)

½ onion (diced into bite-sized pieces)


Vegetable or canola oil



1. Pre-heat your big ass pan / wok over a medium flame before adding about 3 tablespoons or so, of your oil.

2. Once your oil is heated, add your carrots and sautée for 3 minutes. Then add your potatoes and sautée for 3 minutes. Add a dash of salt/pepper.

3. By this time, your carrots and potatoes should be equally tender enough to add your onions and sautée for 3 minutes.



~ Sometimes I prepare all my veggies ahead of time and set aside until meal time. That’s the beauty of fried rice, it’s a dish that can be made up entirely of “leftovers” aka put together last minute.


4. Once your veggies are tender, push them out to the perimeter of your pan and add your beaten eggs right in the middle and begin “scrambling”.



Try your best to cook your scrambled eggs so that it’s separate from the veggies. Don’t beat yourself up (unless you’re into that) if some of your veggies end up in the eggs. It all ends up in your tummy anyway. 

6. Add your rice to the pan and stir-fry for 3 minutes. Add salt/pepper to taste before throwing in your chopped scallion. FriedRiceisReady7. Turn off your flame (which should have been on medium the entire time) and serve it up. Enjoy!

Always dishing,





  1. Debbie

    Sounds delicious! I would never have thought about potatoe either! Have you ever used a Vidalia veggie choppers? I love mine, makes chopping veggies a snap! Will have to try this one.

    1. Jun Song Author

      I haven’t. I’m so not into gadgets in the kitchen hahahaha partly because of my mom. She was never into gadgets. We’re old school 🙂

  2. Bev

    Thanks so much, Jun, for this very detailed recipe. I maintain that you have a wonderful cook book or cooking show inside you. You’re going to make it very difficult for Noah’s future partner to measure up to his Umma & your Momz. This looks yummy!

  3. Josie

    Thanks Jun! My 2 year old grandson is a very picky eater, but he loves rice. This would be a very good meal for him. It looks delicious! I love how you explain the process it helps a lot.

  4. Hello June… we are big fans and watch your posts all the time. Sorry about your MacBook Pro. From the sound of the repair, you might want to take a look at eBay. I just paid $1,650 for a MacBoook Pro with SSD drive, 8Gb RAM FAST! OK, enough small talk. My wife sent me your mumz Fried Rice Recipe. We had it for lunch today and found it wonderful. It is a regular for us not… Take Care and enjoy your life.

  5. Anonymous

    I am interested on the Amazon Best Price, or Buy New pricing on the rice. What the f does THAT even mean? Are they selling old rice at a discount? And who would buy old, used rice?

  6. Oh you made me miss my mom so much with this post. This is how she makes bokum bap/omorice and it is indeed delicious! I’ll drizzle cho gochu jang instead of ketchup because I love the hint of spice. Thank you so much for posting this. Making it for the brood xoxo


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