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The Return of Tierra

dude in the audience

I notice right away a dude in the audience of a sea of women, and he was cheering in response to Chris Harrison’s question as to whether or not this has been the best season of The Bachelor ever. I think it’s up there. Because a lot of fans truly believe Sean to be a sincerely good guy, but with faults. And other fans don’t buy the good guy sales pitch and it’s always fun poking fun at a sales guy.

It doesn’t matter. None of this matters because I can’t seem to find a good version of this Women Tell All episode online. But beggers can’t be bitches, so I won’t bitch too much. But basically, I have no audio of the second half, and so this will be an interesting blog…

So there are grown ladies high-fiving each other in the studio audience when Chris Harrison mentions all “Shirtless Sean” moments this season. So embarrassing.  More embarrassing is the fact that Chris and Sean got in a stripper mobile, likely the one that Sean will get for his bachelor party when he ever gets married, and surprised “The Bachelor” viewing parties all across the country.


The one to note, is a UCLA Delta Gamma sorority house where it’s packed to the crown molding in young ladies on similar menstrual cycles, yowza. Incidentally, Chris Harrison maintains his creepy uncle status as he maneuvers through all the squealing coeds.

But I do appreciate Chris’s love of all the cattiness between the bachelorettes, and how he always asks the catty questions because he’s a dude and can get away with it.


Tierra Beast. She’s at the “reunion” and she is practically spray-painting perfume on herself in a frenzy backstage as she awaits her hot seat with Chris. Once the studio audience is hypnotized into cheering for Tierra as she makes her entrance, it’s immensely awkward and quiet.

Chris Harrison brings up Tierra’s Eyebrow! Tierra acknowledges that “it even has it’s own Twitter account” and cries, “who cares?!” but laughs along and I almost fall into her sparkle trance. She still maintains that she, indeed, cannot control her eyebrow. But the best part is, we get a close-up of her alleged engagement ring.

TierrasRingI say alleged because Chris tells her America thinks she’s lying about her engagement.

“Can we ask when you got engaged?”

“No comment,” is what Tierra responds with.

No comment?! It’s not like Chris asked her when she lost control of her eyebrow. Geez. She then says it was in January and I’m wondering if I’m supposed to do the math for something, because it’s March now and huh? I don’t care.

What else…oh, the returning bachelorettes were hating on her blah blah blah. And here’s a ghetto photo re-enactment of how they were seated last night.

bachelorettesIt seems anyone in the top row, especially on the ends of the row, were told by producers to “smile, don’t talk”. And Robyn must have scored a seat on the front row, by promising producers she’d lash out at Tierra Beast when she arrived. Which she did, calling Tierra “delusional”. Ohhhh. Whatevs. Meanwhile, Lesley seemed to being paid by the word as she threw one-liner after one-liner at the studio audience eating them up.


And then Sarah gets her spotlight and she’s still raw from Sean’s rejection although she should be happy she actually got a respectable goodbye compared to others.

And then I lose audio and I can only imagine what is being said as I watch Desiree then AshLee take their hot seats. Actually, the producers showed us so much in the previews what was going to happen, I supposed I didn’t need audio. But I’m sure Desiree’s piece must have been a teaser for when she’s the next “The Bachelorette”. And AshLee, well AshLee is a she-devil and prime time Lifetime Movie material. Oh, and then there was a montage of bloopers and then it’s over which is fine with me. I just want to get to next week and see what happens when Sean brings Lindsay and Catherine home!

Always dishing,


P.S. Even with no sound, it seemed to me that Catherine was everywhere in the bloopers reel which makes me think she walks away with Sean’s heart and reborn virginity at the end of this…

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  • During Ashlee’s part she claimed Sean told her that the other 2 girls mean nothing to him. He denied that. I dont know who to believe!

  • Dang. You missed the best/worst part with crazy-town AshLee. We received hints at the beginning if the season that she was looney tunes. Obviously I ignored them for the first couple of weeks. Then it became too good to ignore.

    Side note… Just started watching Burning Love (Bachelor parody) & I love it.

  • Jun my dear you have developed into a real good blogger. I just love your site. Well done and keep up the good work. :)

    It’s my opinion that Sean rejected every assertive woman, and the two he has kept are the two he feels he can dominate in a relationship.

    • Jun Song on March 12, 2013 at 8:46 pm said:


      Thanks so much!

      I think Sean kept the two he truly felt he could have the most fun with while being married to :)

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