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Congratulations Catherine and Sean


I cried a little watching Sean propose to Catherine (despite her freaky sincere faces), partly because I’m that happy for them and partly because my eyes burn from exhaustion. My baby, who’s about to turn one, woke up this morning smiling with the chickenpox. I didn’t even know babies could get chickenpox until today. I guess I never really thought about it.

Is it horrible that I’ve put so much thought into this season of The Bachelor?

Although, I can say with confidence that I’m very happy with how everything turned out, and not just because Catherine’s of Asian descent. Because clearly ABC was pushing that race card last night with all the strategically placed Asian females and Asian female – White male couples in the studio audience all of a sudden for the three-hour finale (2 hours and roughly 7 minutes without commercials).

No, I’m really happy for the new couple. And I wish them love and happiness and a one year old with chickenpox at some point in their lives, really. Plus I was relieved to see Catherine reunite with Sean, in the third hour of ABC’s stretching of this entire franchise, wearing her ring that had been resized since the proposal in Thailand.

CatherinesRingI’d imagined the “cushion cut with micro pavé” ring slipping off Catherine’s skinny little finger, while on the post-proposal elephant ride, and into the mud never to be found again like some Indiana Jones scene. Did I just age myself there? Oh, and did you notice that ring Sean picked for Catherine is actually the “cushion ring with diamonds all around on the band” one AshLee demanded from Sean?

And poor Lindsay. I knew she was 5’1″ toast when she came out in silver lamé when Catherine was decked out in gold lamé. Hello, silver medal.


And the worst part is Lindsay doesn’t even have a cute little nephew like Sean’s nephew, Kingston. No Kingston to throw in her face “Sean didn’t pick you!” for a good laugh to be had by all. But i’m sure Lindsay will be fine, just as soon as she matures just a little more and stops trying so hard. She doesn’t have to.

Besides, when Sean was born his parents prayed about Sean’s future wife everyday starting that day. Sean was destined to find his wife on The Bachelor, see? And my husband was destined to find me on vacation in the Dominican Republic, where 8 days into the rest of our lives I was held up at gun point and almost kidnapped. And in the aftermath when Davy had me safe in his arms, he knew he couldn’t live without me.

Not that I’m saying something bad should have happened to either Lindsay or Catherine for Sean to make his decision faster. Like, shit, he took up until the last night of filming to decide between the two?! I’m convinced the clincher was Catherine dropping the “L” bomb on Sean while he was palming her ass.


But whatever it was, I’m really hoping Catherine and Sean make it. And that Sean stops the train on the reality circuit once he embarrasses himself on the dance floor of Dancing with the Stars. OMG.

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  • That effing Sean undid all the good will I had finally heaped on him by agreeing to do DWTS. No man who is so in love he can’t breathe without his beloved fiancée would agree to spends days or weeks of grueling practice and performance away from the darling he just became able to see in public. Man. That’s a long sentence. I was thrilled for the new couple last night. Tarnished a tad when “the announcement” was a shebang to be thrown by ABC and flabbergasted when the news broke that Sean indeed is going to emulate the dickhead of all time, Jake Pavelka. When will I ever learn the only real thing in this reality is …. Wait …. Nothing is real. Except maybe Lindsay’s boobs. I couldn’t believe my ears when my mom, who I roped into watching 3 hours of “romance”, declared “that poor girl needs some boobies.”

    • Jun Song on March 12, 2013 at 9:41 pm said:


      Bwahahaha! The thing is Lindsay always looks like she has big boobs (with a bra on) I never realized how small they were. But omg that dress they picked for her was horrible. I felt bad for her, in general.

      Yeah. DWTS. Sigh. They’ve had Melissa Rycroft on there too. It must be a rite of passage :)

  • I dont know that show, I dont watch that show.. my concern that you tie socks around Noahs hands so he doesnt scratch and make scars. but then your Momz probably already told you that… hugs

  • Good for Sean and Catherine. Thank heavens that’s over.

    Now on to the really important stuff! You were almost kidnapped? In the DR? That’s a blog I want to read!!!

    I am so thankful everything turned out so well. I can’t imagine life without Jun.

  • I love to read your blogs! OMG almost kidnapped?! WTF?! And then your soon to be husband held you, now see how things work out…thank God you didn’t die. Oh that sounds awful, it’s a shame it happened, but now you have Davey and that sweet precious baby! Hope that’s better. ;-). I am so sorry to hear about Noah! I hope he only has a mild case. Have you guys had them…what about Momz?
    Now the Bachelor, I am happy for them as well. I am so glad he picked her AND that Dez is going to be the next bachelorette! I liked her too. I am like you, I think Lindsey was not mature enough yet. AND her boobs, I thought they were bigger too. OMG the things we notice. As far as him being on DWTS, I don’t think he will last but she is going to be there with him.
    Take care of that precious Noah, again I hope it is a mild case.

  • You cried a little? *GASP* What have you done with our Jun, the cynical Jun we all know and love. Are you going soft on us? I hope that never happens to Davy but if it does he can always get the little blue pill. Oops! My mind wandered off topic but no more admissions of tears over such silliness.

    Tears for Noah though are different. Things have likely changed since my case of chicken pox, over a half century ago but besides the socks on his little hands, keep him covered in calamine lotion. It’s so soothing and Noah will look even more precious than usual covered in pink polka dots. It will make for so many wonderful photo ops. As if you need an excuse for those. Did you ever have chicken pox? Did Davy? Looking forward to tales of battle with the first of many childhood diseases. Welcome to even more of the ‘reality’ of mommyhood.

  • OkieChris on March 13, 2013 at 12:59 am said:


    I noticed he picked that ring too right away I thought he has no idea what he just did.

    I think this really might work for them. I sure hope it does.

    I agree you have to blog the DR kidnapping saga.


  • Why do I know about the DR Kidnapping and the rest of you don’t? Maybe it’s way back in the beginning of Jun’s Twitter timeline or maybe it was those pre-Twitter days and it was on Facebook. I only remember that DR was the last of a full summer of vacations and Jun photo blogged from all over Europe and ended with the DR before returning to school. Where did you put it Jun?

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