Rosacea Be Gone

When my husband Davy told me last month that he was looking into laser treatment for his “cuperoza” I raised my eyebrows. Ah, couperose, Dutch for rosacea.

Rosacea’s never been something I worried about. And according to the almighty WIkipedia “it primarily affects Caucasians of north western European descent“, meaning really white people which is not me but definitely more Davy. Besides, I already suffer from Asian flush.

And so, today was the first of Davy’s laser treatments (he’ll be having four in total this year and then going back once a year thereafter) and I accompanied him as a dutiful wife and opportunistic blogger. As we drove up to the Cutaan Laser Center, we were greeted by bunny statues standing twelve feet tall.

Cutaan Laser Center

I’m not sure what the heck these bunnies have to do with laser treatment, or why they even made it into this blog. But maybe you can help me figure out the connection. Or not.

Well, we got assigned a room, I was told to put on a pair of protective goggles.


They weren’t exactly the most fashion-forward item to ever grace my face, but I thought they were cool as shit anyway. Not so cool, was my dear husband lying supine on an exam table with what looked like K-Y Jelly on his face (I’m assuming it was ultrasound gel). And his eyes were also protected as he lay there “in the dark” awaiting his laser treatment.


And then the laser mistress arrived to administer the pain. Judging from Davy’s grunting, and the way he gripped the exam table until his knuckles went white, I realized the pain of lasers on your face was no joke. Davy and I are all about pleasurable pain in various states of undress, and both of us sport tattoos, but lasers? I guess we’ll be sticking to less invasive forms of private torture behind closed doors.


“It felt like needles being stabbed in your face in the dark,” Davy said after the session as he lay there on the table looking like Fifty Shades of Semen had been spewed on his face.


And so ended Davy’s first laser treatment session of many to come. He has to wait two months before the next session. This first session ran roughly $750, and every session thereafter will cost about $250. I don’t believe Davy needs these treatments as his rosacea doesn’t seem very severe to my eye. But I don’t know what it’s like to suffer from rosacea, and if it’s something that bothers you in your adult life then I’m all for doing something about it.

BeforeAfterYou can see for yourself that Davy’s face is far redder in the photos after the laser treatment today, but the redness has already faded and alas, we will have to wait and see what the results are at the end of the year. All I know is, I might by kinky but I’m not kinky enough to withstand “needles being stabbed in your face in the dark”. But as Davy says, “No pain, no gain.”

Always dishing,




  1. Ronda Deyoung

    I have Rosacea also and I wish I had the courage to get the treatments like Davy but I’m to chicken. I just get tired of people asking omg are u ok ur face is so red. So for women it is easier to hide then men bc we can wear make-up, but sometimes that doesn’t work.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Davy was sooooooo nervous before his appointment yesterday. I’ve actually never seen him like that. I thought “no big deal” but then I realized it’s nerve-wracking to go through any sort of medical treatment.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Yes! We have stocked up on sun block 🙂

      I bet Davy would have a hard time between choosing the pain of natural childbirth versus these laser treatments 🙂

  2. MarluvsBB

    I have rosacea too. It sucks. If it flares up too badly, it can cause eye problems, which it also has done for me in the past. Coffee, chocolate and alcohol aggravate it. I eat/drink all of them, and refuse to give them up…lol I keep mine under control with a topical ointment….and makeup covers it mostly… I don’t imagine Davy would try the makeup route… hehe

    1. Jun Song Author

      I think spicy food too, which Davy can’t live without and that I can’t live without cooking hahaa. It’s worst when Davy is embarrassed or angry, etc…he hates is, even if I don’t think it’s that “bad”. And you’re right, makeup would help but I don’t think Davy would go that route either ha!

  3. GaYToR

    Heart heart heart the before and after mug shots. You should get a job with the Gent PD as mug photographer. You know you would look hot in a cop uniform and I am sure you have toys in the box for added effect. Not to mention the searches… did I hear something about cavity searches while reading between the lines.

    Your Fifty Shades reference almost got me. I had just swallowed a fist full of McDs fries.

  4. kcsmum

    Very interesting. I too have what I think is rosacea but I’ve not had a dr tell me this. I’m eager to see the difference as Davy’s treatments proceed. But like you, I never really noticed him needing it. Thanks, Davy (and Jun) for sharing!

  5. Anonymous

    Love the big red rabbit statues. 🙂

    Btw, I don’t know if it’s a problem on my end or your site, but it never lets me log in w/ my twitter anymore, so Anonymous it is. Just mentioned in case it’s an issue w/ wordpress.

  6. @amys

    That does not look like fun. At all. Well, except the most hideously-colored-rabbit-statues in the free world.
    See definition: “You so CRAZY”

    I’ve wanted to slap my Eye Dr the last couple years when he comments “try 1000mg flaxseed oil daily – you’ve got a little rosacea there” (This hasn’t happened until my VERY grown-up life). But I guess the Swedish, German, French just outweighed the Native American in me. I USED to be the girl with the nice easy-to-tan-bronzey-blush.

    Thank you, retroactive-Europe. Sigh. Let me know how you feel about it through the coming year, Davy.

    And to Jun: Are you crazy?! You have to have a first baby with a 1 yr old birthday + his first chicken pox, AND a husband doing elective dermatology procedures in the same week + a mom visiting from The Homeland?! # masochistictendencieslivehighinbelgium

    1. Jun Song Author

      Seriously masochistic! I’m exhausted.

      I will update everyone on how all the sessions go. And if the rabbits are replaced by something less hideous 🙂

  7. Ursula

    I’ve had that. It’s not that bad. He’s a guy, what do you expect, lol? My husband has had laser treatment on his lips for potentially cancerous skin cells and he HATES it. Wuss. 😉

  8. Anonymous

    It’s almost like those huge bunnies are there to warn patients that they are about to see what it feels like to have chemicals tested on their skin.


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