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10 Years Ago


10 years ago I won Big Brother. It’s one of so many life experiences I’ve had. And although it doesn’t play a major role in my daily life, it’s the reason most of you visit my site in the first place. But if you continue to visit, it’s because something in me clicks in you. And I don’t take it for granted.

If you think about the person you were 10 years ago, how much has changed?  For me it was 2003, and I was freshly broken up from a four-year live-in relationship to a guy I thought I was going to marry one day, and I was looking to do something completely insane. So I applied for Big Brother. Yes I was a fan of the show, but with only three seasons before me I wouldn’t say I was any kind of “superfan”.

No, I wanted to go in that house and be a manipulative conniving biatch. I looked forward to saying whatever I wanted being brutally honest in the diary room, about a bunch of strangers whose job it was to try to take my $500,000. Instead of sleeping with everything that pointed a dick at me as a “best way to get over someone is to get under someone else” life practice that summer, I chose to go on national television and work my shit out. And so you can imagine when I found out that first night in the house that yet another ex-boyfriend of mine, Jee, would be in the house with me all summer I was reeling. My mouth hung open for so long when Julie Chen dropped the bomb.

And at home, my mother was watched and wondered what in the fuck Jee was doing on television with me. It was a Korean mother’s worst nightmare. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her unmarried daughter had just broken up from one pre-marital cohabitational relationship, I then went on television “parading” a previous ex-boyfriend who’d also lived together out of wedlock. My father, always the rational one, had calmed my mother and together they’d watched the season in awe of their daughter.

Yes, 10 years ago I was as single as they come and I did exactly what I wanted when I wanted in my free time. Today, it’s a completely different story. More often than not, my free time “activities” are not solely about me anymore. And as I watch other BB alum “grow up” with me and start families too, it does strike a happy chord in my usual BB cynicism. Congratulations to all the new BB mommies and daddies.

~ I wouldn’t say I’ve “softened” in these last 10 years, but I have let down parts of my Cancer shell. I’m a crab through and through. And I’m still, and always will be manipulative and conniving and brutally honest.

Always dishing,


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    • Jun Song on March 17, 2013 at 8:35 pm said:


      Thank you Bonnie. That’s the way life should be…love me or hate me…because we only have so much room in our lives :)

  • You may have wanted to be the Biatch on BB4..but happily Alison took that role. You were my fave HG that year. Really 10 years? Sigh….The older I get the more time flies. After all you went through this “week, you had time to blog. Definitely a “Cancer zodiac sign”

  • I can’t believe that was 10 years ago!!
    I for one am glad that you did the show… I don’t see you as “Ex BB Winner Jun” anymore, but without that title I would have never found you on Twitter or anything in the 1st place. And if I handn’t, then my Twitter Timeline and Blog reading habits would be a much duller place!! :)

    Here’s to reading your blog entitled “20 years ago” in 2023 😉

  • I am one of the people who found you because of BB4. I have stayed with you because of you. I really hardly ever thing of you in relation to BB4. I think of you now as a mother and a wife and a daughter and a friend. You are the only celebrity that I think that way of. Please keep on being you. I truly “get” you.

    • Jun Song on March 17, 2013 at 8:32 pm said:


      That’s why it works! Ha! We can acknowledge BB for the introduction, but we keep in touch because of real life stuff :)

  • OkieChris on March 17, 2013 at 8:23 pm said:


    10 years ago Rich was still in the Navy & our youngest Mike was still home. I was a night owl 2 am was my bed time.

    Oh things have changed! Mike lives in Pittsburgh & out of the closet (a door we waited to open for a long time)
    My bed time is now between 8 & 10 because I don’t have to make sure teens aren’t sneaking out of the house.
    Rich I’d retired from the Navy & works for the Air Force (I still like the Navy better)

    Ooh so much has changed! As a sister Cancer I love the brutal honesty! And get a kick out of peoples reactions

    ♥ Chris

  • 10 years ago I was living in a pre Katrina world . My only worries we’re having to get up for work in the morning after having watched you on Big Brother the night before . Now I am still looking for employment after having been laid off almost 2 years ago. My work fell victim to post Katrina finances. But now instead of keeping track of your snark on TV, I get my Jun snark through Twitter. And sometimes Jun gets some snark from me. Now that is a major ten you’re difference.

  • 10 years ago, I was 4 years post diagnosis of MS.. I had moved back to NYC from LA and truthfully, was quite depressed and isolated. My best friend RAVED about Big Brother for 3 seasons and I decided to give it a whirl. I loved that there was this fierce chick from my hometown and I immediately started rooting for you. The fact that you won totally freaked me out because I felt like I’d picked a winner early on. You were the reason I returned every season after.
    Keeping up with you over the years has brought me lots of laughs and I now consider you a friend. Meeting you, Davy and Noah for pastrami sandwiches and cream sodas at Katz was a highlight of 2012 for me.
    Love you mama!!

  • Love, love the Brady/BB photo – you placed everyone to perfection! I’m grateful you joined the cast of BB or I never would’ve known sassy-Jun and her Belgian brood!

  • I still remember the look on your face when Jee walked in. I thought, “oh, that relationship didn’t end well!’. I remember someone said they couldn’t evict you because you were doing all the cooking. Maybe that was you that said it. LOL! I was SO happy you won, and part of the reason I’m still a BB fanatic.

  • 10 years ago I was in the 9th grade… Gahh! Time flies. I was your awkward gay fan boy in the 9th grade. Not many of my friends or family watched Big Brother then, but now they all watch it. I still admire the game you played in BB4! I hope to someday utilize some of your strategies if I ever get the chance to play BB Canada. My current boyfriend watches with me and I always joke about us getting on BB Can for a couples or exes season (lol) and he would be the Jee to my Jun.

    • Jun Song on March 18, 2013 at 10:31 pm said:


      I’m honored by your 9th grade appreciation of me. :) And yes, time does fly!

      I hope you make it in the house one day :)

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