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Big Brother Canada – Checking In

I’m behind on the Big Brother Canada viewing, but I have been reading and hearing the gist of goings-on this season, including the woes of Alec’s penis reveal and tattoos being etched into showmance skin. The shit I see on Twitter is incredible. I’m grateful there was no such thing as Twitter when I was on the show a decade ago.

A decade. Ouch. Let’s make this check-in as painless as possible.

There are six HGs gone and Topaz is currently HOH.

According to Age: Apparently age has less to do with evictions this season, because the first six evicted HGs range in age. I guess Andrew didn’t need to worry about lying about his age after all.


According to Most Likeable: Well, the three I disliked the most on first impression are gone. And some people I thought would be more likeable, I don’t like anymore proving none of this matters. But it’s awesome that I got a Triple X on this category!


According to Most Likely To Get In A Fight: This is also a flop. There haven’t been many “huge” fights this season minus Alec’s post-penile meltdown. It’s always easy to say “there wasn’t much to see it was so small,” but I didn’t see it first-hand so I can’t say.


According to Most Likely To Showmance: Well. I was off about Danielle and Kat, but those I put on the higher end of showmanceship have fallen off into evicted abyss. I will admit the Topaz and Alec thing came as a surprise. And I didn’t think Jillian would be on Emmett so fast, but it makes sense given her needing to rebound off some new boner. I wonder if her ex-boyfriend is watching the show.


According to Most Likely To Win: My least likely and most likely have been knocked out, which makes sense. It remains to be seen who wins, and if I just really suck at making these predictions. Probably. I will say my pick as Most Likely To Win, Suzette, has been a disappointment overall. I expected more from her, without being specific, just more.MostLikelyToWin

I’m no fortune teller and since I’ve only watched three full episodes out of the twelve so far, I have some catching up to do. Maybe one day when I have free time I’ll get to the missed episodes. But first, I need to take a nap.

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  • I’d say your most likely to win looks pretty accurate atm… Although I kind of have a feeling Topaz has been pulling most of the strings behind Alec. And if true, she could be controlling the house without anyone knowing about it!!

    I would LOVE Gary to win, only just to see the reaction of people like Tom, who wanted him out from the start just because of his personality!!

    I can’t wait for BB USA to start so we an get these blogs on a weekly basis!! :)

    • Jun Song on March 30, 2013 at 6:02 pm said:


      I like the way you think! HA!

      Alec’s been just blah to me. I’d be okay with Gary winning too! BB USA has never seen a gay or black winner, Canada can break the mold! :)

  • I think Andrew has a good shot at winning this. He’s laying low, staying out of the drama, but also at the same time isn’t afraid to say how he feels. I think he has a lot of potential.

  • I love the edits, the US doesn’t have anything on CA. I have an iPad so I can watch the feeds. I dont watch BBCA like I used to watch ours. Almost no fighting…what?! Oh well. Don’t really have a favorite, but I like the underdog…so I guess the biggest underdog is AJ. The pawn star.
    Again, I thank you for your blog. I’m not on twitter, but would probably only follow you. You are so friggen funny! That’s another reason I look forward to your blogs. Oh that was such a great video of Noah you put on FB this morning. But watch out, it won’t be long until he is running around everywhere. I think his walking will quickly turn into running.

  • Just an FYI, it is apparently a penisgate with no peen. That’s right. No camera in the area had the angle needed to capture that moment. So, while it was still a shit thing to do, Alec is lucky and is not all out there for the world to see….. Yet.

  • I find it ironic that Alec was so upset about the shower incident, but is using Topaz as a “sham” showmance ala “Boogie” to get further in the game. Ugh. Girls why can’t you stick together just once and get the boys out.

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