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Stupid Things Stupid Women Do

I could never possibly cover in one 500-word blog all the stupid things stupid women do. But I will share with you some of my personal experiences involving stupid things stupid women have done to me. I know I’m not alone, and many of you have also come across similarly pesky stupid women.


Unless you want to be labeled a stupid woman, you should refrain from doing the following:

Tagging some bitch you hate on Facebook then leaving a ranting hateful comment in an effort to make her look bad. You will be the only one who looks bad, and stupid. This happened to me once a few years ago, and I ignored it. It drove her even madder, and she lost hair over it. Now she’s a balding stupid woman.

Using your husband’s phone to send a ranting hateful text message about some bitch you hate, to that bitch’s man’s phone. Huh? Yeah. You will only look like a coward, and stupid. This happened to me last night, and both my husband and I ignored it. It’s best to ignore stupid women doing stupid things. It’s more fun to watch them unravel from afar.

Having the cleaning lady of your ex-boyfriend plant your underwear in his laundry in the hopes of sabotaging his new relationship, with some bitch you hate. You will only look desperate, and stupid. This happened to me a few years ago, and I ignored it. She ended up losing a pair of panties…and looking stupid.

Then there’s all the talking shit about bitches you hate, to other bitches you love to hate. This happens all the time. Bitches hate bitches, which makes you a bitch too. There’s nothing wrong with being a bitch, as long as you still handle your business like a woman and not a stupid woman.

Chances are, if you’re talking shit about everyone, then you’re talking shit about me too. And I’m just gonna ignore you, because everything that goes around does indeed come right back around. I didn’t win a reality show based on being the biggest bitch by accident.

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