Jupiler Shirt For You

I bartended today for 12 hours. Who do I think I am, seriously? Bartending in my 20s was nothing like bartending today, at thirty-seven. I can barely feel my feet right now save for the throbbing pain coming from below my ankles. My knees and back hate me and I don’t blame them. I chose to spend the entire day and night getting Belgians sloppy drunk while watching the Tour of Flanders ride through past our tents.

The Tour of Flanders is part of the UCI World Tour (as is the Tour de France) and is held in Belgium every spring. Never mind the fact that the weather today was more like winter than anything close to spring, because the race went on and Fabian Cancellara from Switzerland won. Back in a tent, my feet and knees and back lost, big time.

But I was one hell of a bartender today, smiling and pouring and shouting my best Dutch slang. And, I scored a couple of Jupiler shirts to give away to two of you! WTF is Jupiler? It’s the biggest-selling beer here in Belgium, and comparable to America’s Budweiser.

JupilerThat’s me in my shirt, earlier today, before I got beer all over myself. But no worries, the two shirts I have are new and still in their packaging. One can be yours, by answering ALL THREE following questions:

1. What month/date/year did I move to Belgium?

2. Who won the Tour of Flanders last year in 2012?

3. Name three other Belgian beers besides Jupiler.

The first two people to answer correctly, in the comments section below, will score Jupiler shirts!

Always dishing,




  1. Jenn

    Can I just cut and paste? I love the shirt more then anyone else. Have to have it. Come on Jun help a sister out. I have a collection but not any from out of the country. Please…………………

  2. January 4, 2011
    I don’t know
    I don’t give two hoots or a holler

    Another amazing experience to add to your diary Jun! Always be adventurous! The aches will fade but the memories will linger for as long as your mind does 🙂

  3. GaYToR

    Damn me for waiting until just now to check out the blog. I knew it was there because I always get notifications. If I guess something about Davy do I get him? I didn’t think so but it never hurts to ask… unless I want it to hurt that is.



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