Happy April Fish Day

Aprilvis is the Belgian April Fools’. “Vis” is fish, so here it’s called April Fish. People stick paper fish on other people’s backs without their knowledge, and it’s funny apparently. Fish, why fish? I asked this at lunch today. I asked, “Waarom?” And nobody seemed to know waarom (“why”).

I’m too much of a wanna-know-it-all to let something like this go, so I turned to Google. Searches in English turned up nothing on why “fish”, so I search instead in Dutch. “Aprilvis waarom” meaning “April Fish why”. I came up with a good enough stab at an answer (the article is in Dutch). In short translation, the April Fish joke is French in origin and revolves around love and the mating season of fish. Fishing was prohibited at this time and in an effort to “trick” law-breaking fishermen, there were fake fish thrown into the waters.

So now I know, and you know, we all know waarom…

Next year for April Fish, I will be sure to cut out a paper fish and stick it on someone’s back now that I know. This year I spent the day walking through the woods with my family, and stopping at a petting zoo where Noah watched intently as I fed some sheep and deer. Noah also had his first ride on a swing. We had crispy waffles and buttery pancakes with powdered sugar and ice cream and drank hot chocolate and milkshakes. Noah got to taste a little bit of everything too. It was a very good day.


Last year on this day, we were with Noah in neonatal. It’s as if Noah was thinking up a fish joke that day. Maybe next year he can help me get a paper fish on someone’s back.

Always dishing,





  1. kcsmum

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit that the French people came up with this idiotic plan. And please, folks, no lectures. I’m partially French too. Carry on.


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