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Big Brother Live Feeds Goodie Bag

Last week’s Jupiler Shirt Giveaway went so well, I decided we should play again! A Big Brother Live Feeds tote bag is what the giveaway is, plus whatever other goodies I have filled the bag with!


If you haven’t already heard, Big Brother Live Feeds are moving, from SuperPass to CBS.com, and who knows if their logo will change. But here’s your chance to get one of their original tote bags!

All you have to do is leave in the comments below the answer to this question:

Who was my strongest alliance with and why, during my season of Big Brother?

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Please note:

~ Only subscribers of this site will be eligible to win. Please subscribe before answering.

~ Only one entry per subscriber, so please confirm your answer before posting.

~ Entries will be accepted until end-of-day Thursday, April 11, 2013. One week!

It doesn’t matter how short or long your answer is, just make your case and i’ll read it!

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  • I feel that your strongest alliance was actually with Jee. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, having him there helped your game in more than one way. Things between him were often left unsaid because you knew each other in a different way that everyone else. He didn’t directly want to get rid of you nor you him but you were always willing to. When you were far enough along with other alliances his time came and you could get rid of him.

    • Marty Mayes on April 4, 2013 at 10:51 pm said:


      I think it was Jee because even though you didn’t like him you could trust him. He couldn’t trust you but he didn’t know it.

  • With whom was my strongest alliance with and why, during my season of Big Brother?

    I would say Allison. You didn’t like her the most maybe, but you knew she was beatable, and she could help you win you couldn’t win back to back HOH, or a veto.

  • Lisa Krapf on April 4, 2013 at 10:51 pm said:


    I am going to have to say the Kitchen. Everyone loved your cooking and didn’t want to evict you. 😉

    • Anonymous on April 4, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:


      I like Lisa Krapf’s answer! The kitchen was spy headquarters. Very benign yet it was the place where your strategy began.

  • Rick Lyons on April 4, 2013 at 10:53 pm said:


    Alison Irwin was your strongest alliance and you knew she could win challenges and you could beat her in the finals because of how many people were against her in the jury

  • Well, I felt like it was Jee until you could no longer use him as such…then on to Allison to do the same. Now I don’t mean that in an ugly way, but I didn’t think you had what most call an alliance, your alliance was YOU. However I know you thought the world of Jack. So that is my answer and you have NO idea how much I need that bag. 😉
    I love ya Jun, and I so enjoyed your season and thrilled you won. I don’t say that in a suck up kind of way, that was from the heart. Oh, do you need someone to do some housework or something. LOL Now THAT was a suck up statement. LOL

  • Your strongest alliance was with Alison, not because you liked her or even trusted her but keeping her in the house took a big target off your back. And it worked. All the way to the end. You got the Half Mil and that was what you were there for.

  • scott whitmon on April 4, 2013 at 11:18 pm said:


    Ali but only because you knew she was hated by everyone else . But you played the whole house masterfully. You didn’t need a true alliance . Ultimate floater (good thing )

  • Hans A. on April 4, 2013 at 11:21 pm said:


    During your season of Big Brother, your strongest alliance was with Ali because you had an instant frenemy connection from the moment you met her. You also knew that she was not very liked in the house, thus you kept her close. Both you and Ali needed each other to align, but in reality you needed her at the end to win.

  • Anonymous on April 4, 2013 at 11:47 pm said:


    Allisin AND Jee cause you needed both for your victory

    Anyone who followed you post victory knows you said you could trust him, and tolerate her because you knew the jury would dislike her more :)

  • Kim Bates on April 5, 2013 at 12:08 am said:


    I say your strongest alliance was with the kitchen and getting into everybody’s tummies (and their heads)!

  • I think your strongest allicance was with Jee. I would say it was your strongest because you got the most out of it without actually putting too much into it.
    Even though you hated the fact he was there you managed to turn it to your advantage. Working with Jee enabled you to connect with HGs (Justin, Robert) who you would have had little chance to connect with otherwise.
    Also, I think the fact that you guys spoke a different language perhaps makes this one of the most effective alliances in BB HISTORY!!
    You guys could talk strategy anytime you liked without having to worry that anyone would find out what you were talking about. Nobody has ever found a way to do that before, and I genuinely think that’s why you were so successful for the majority of your time in the house.

  • Your strongest alliance was with The Kitchen and The Stove and The Food:

    The Kitchen is where you did your eavesdropping, fly-on-the-wall-ing, preparing food (which always draws folks closer to where you are) thus giving you the opportunity to bribe, scheme, overhear, suggest. But … at its very core, it was your alliance that would produce endorphins in your subjects, even though they were fully unaware of their body chemistry being manipulated from behind.

    This was your TRUE alliance :)
    Food Rules/Trumps Blondes.

    Viva #BB4

  • I want to change my answer from Alison to someone else that no one has considered and no, I’m not switching to the mime but he would be a good one. He just wasn’t in the house long enough to be in the mix. I just wanted to remind you of him. <3 u Jun.

    I have to stick with my original post but I wish I had taken more time to think out and include a better argument for my pick.

    Now….. (drum roll please)… It's true one of your strongest alliances had to do with your abilities in the kitchen but that only points us to the truly biggest alliance in Big Brother history and that would point to the person who taught you to cook, MOMZ!

  • Your strongest “alliance” was with the end goal – the $500k! Your deep desire and belief that you would win formed a bond between you and the prize! There’s never been anyone as focused as you on the end result. Watching you manipulate Jee and Alison and easing your way into conversations via food was magnificent to watch. You kept your cool and your focus. By the end of show no one was even congratulating you – I think they were stunned at how much they were played and that you never did have an “alliance” with anyone except….you and the $$! Bravo Jun!

  • Anastasia on April 5, 2013 at 8:22 am said:


    Definitely Alison! I think it worked so well because they others thought you hated each other too much to EVER work together (well, you disliked each other strongly, that part WAS true I think!) and it worked to your advantage brilliantly, IMHO!

  • I think boredom was your greatest ally. With hours/days of down time, were they going to vote out the entertaining cutie that could also cook up a storm? Hell no!!! They kept you around to make their summer more enjoyable. When the bill came due they had no choice but to pay up :)

  • Wow, That was awhile back, Lol. My Husband & I are huge BB Fans, we remember your Season, You not only won, but COOKED all the Time. I have ALWAYS Wanted to be on BB& that was going to be my Stratagy : ). I’m going to guess your Alliance was Jee, you had a previous relationship with him. If I remember correctly, you pretty much got along with everyone . Hope I win the Bag : )) Best Wishes!!

  • Absolutely Ali because it was so unexpected. It was perfect for you (not so great for her, but you set yourself up beautifully!)

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