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Twas The Night Before Wasteland

Clement Clarke Moore inspired…

‘Twas the night before Wasteland, and all through our house
Were me and baby Noah, and Davy my spouse;

I’m on vacation. Can you tell? Of course not. Neither can I, really.

My husband Davy and I are alone for a weekend away, without baby Noah, for the first time since Noah’s been born starting tomorrow morning. I’ve shared already some details of what we’ll be doing this weekend with our newfound temporary freedom. I know, crazy.

There’s so much to do, but it’s STILL just another night to everyone under this one roof. Noah is sleeping soundly with his pacifier (“tutje” in Dutch here in Belgium, pronounced toot-chuh) and Davy and I are about to have some tea and perhaps get a little fucked up and have yes-yes sex then go to sleep. Then we will all wake up in the morning and Noah will have his breakfast and so will we, with coffee, and then Noah’s Omi and Opi will come over and stay with Noah for two days.

Cue dramatic music and egads…


Davy and I will then drive three hours to Amsterdam, check into a hotel and prepare to attend a fetish extravaganza event with:

“Three dance floors, Six stages, Smoking area, Restaurant, Lounge, Relax area, First aid, Fully equipped dungeon and more.”

Oh. A fully equipped dungeon! But besides that, we’re going to watch performances described as “Dance with Circus, Theatre, Erotica and Fashion”. And while we are dancing to DJs from all over the world, we’ll know Noah’s at home with loves in his life.

And I’ll know my blog is still up and running, because I’ve asked someone very in-tune with me, and dear to me, to guest blog these next two days. Whether or not you support “this kind of party” Davy and I are attending, you should still keep reading. My Guest Blogger will be here tomorrow.

Always dishing,


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