The Tweetup


By Guest Blogger: ST aka @Hidden_Gold

STI first starting watching Big Brother during season 10 and quickly became addicted—it’s a sadistic social experiment and human game of chess all rolled into one. Shortly after, I began following Jun on Twitter for her insights. For those of you reading this blog who are living under a rock or only got to this page by googling dry hump, husband, fetish, and cleaning wench, Jun was the winner of Big Brother US Season 4 and continues to tweet and blog about the show. She is a fan as well as a winner and always on point about current contestants and alums. No holds barred. After season 10 ended, I continued following.

Part of the beauty of my own Twitter experience is my anonymity. I feel free to share (almost) every brain fart, and I’ll have a transcript of my oddball stream of consciousness for all time. In fact, it’ll be my Twitter feed archived in the Library of Congress that will explain to the aliens what caused the end of western civilization. So, it’s integral stuff.

Pay attention.

What drew me to Jun, and what I suspect draws many to her, including her rabid haters, something that comes with the Twitter and Big Brother territories, is her lack of fear of opening up her world to the world. Jun’s giant balls. While I find similarities in my own (and my tweeting sister @waldette314’s) personality, I think my own balls are still growing and haven’t fully dropped yet.

I’m not sure when Jun started following me—I do know that right after, I sent her a DM that said “It’s about time!” At some point, Jun, @waldette314, and I began to joke that Jun was our long-lost adopted Korean-American-living-in-Belgium sister. We have foreign moms, similar senses of humor, are tough yet sensitive but really don’t care a whole lot about what other people think of us. Jun doesn’t have a sister so we adopted her as our own.*

I’ve never felt more like Jun was my actual sister until now. Jun asked me do two blog posts for her while she’s in Amsterdam with her husband Davy for a pansexual fetish party called Wasteland. I was being asked to support her sex life and love of interesting adventures (seriously, if ever someone needed their own reality show, it’s Jun).

Assisting so she’s free to get it on? That’s a sister call of duty.

Also, Jun knows I have both the desire to write and a paralyzing fear of it due to an insecurity about the quality of my skills, in general. So she gave me the opportunity specifically—without ever having read a writing sample. Giving someone you know well a giant kick in the ass to do something they’re afraid of and trusting them without having a proven reason to? That’s total sister territory.

Last year, months before Jun and Davy and baby Noah came to NYC to visit in November, Jun reached out to me, asking whether I wanted to meet up. I was flattered she asked, but I also wasn’t totally surprised. I knew so much about her, as whoever follows her life does, but I also felt like she knew me (and my awesomeness) pretty well too. So @waldette314 and I emailed Jun (disclosing our real identities, which was big for us), and we made tentative plans to get together. Plans have a way of falling through so I didn’t fully believe it was going to happen. Leading up to the Sunday brunch date, we each kept sending emails about how we couldn’t believe it was actually finally happening.

That day, as per usual, I was running late. I remember I started to feel the slight nerves I feel before a blind date. I’m confident that I can be charming on demand even while feeling uncomfortable with a new person, but always right before a blind date begins, I feel the beginning of a washing machine cycle churning in the pit of my stomach. It was the oddest feeling to have before finally meeting my adopted sister.

I texted @waldette314 “Where are you?” She responded: “Here. With Jun.”

Although @waldette314 is always brief to the point of infuriating in her texts, it did sound like she already felt at ease. Twenty minutes late, I finally walked into the café I had chosen, a small mom-and-pop shop run by a nice Israeli couple who call me by name whenever I walk in, something you don’t get often in NYC. My eyes scanned the room and zeroed in on my adopted sister, brother-in-law, and nephew sitting at a table chatting it up with my sister.

It felt like, “Oh hello, perfect stranger who I know better than most people I’ve known for years.” It felt comfortable—simultaneously normal and nutty.

It felt like home.


*I must say I also have a non-tweeting sister who is pretty awesome in her own distinctly unique way. She may not ever read this, but I need to protect my (so-flat-that-it-is-concave) ass.




  1. Firstly…. perfect choice Jun!

    HG I love your blog as much as your tweets!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s installment. Hope it is more detail about your meeting with the family Von Trapp.

    You really should embrace this innate talent and thrill the rest of the world 🙂

  2. Jun left us in very capable hands. I may have to tweet her that she better watch out. LOL Now, stop whatever you are doing and try to picture what Jun is doing this very second.
    OMG, I don’t know about you, but I may be sick. HAHAHA! Look forward to your next entry.

  3. kcsmum

    Nice! You need to feed your inner writer and stick with blogging. Jun is an excellent role model for that. So happy you were able to jump on the platform & embrace it. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Anonymous

    Well done, substitute blogger tweet sister! I agree it is ridiculous that Jun does not have a reality show about her life and family already.

    Thank you also for raising awareness about sunken pancake ass disease. Please count that as your good deed for the day and treat yourself to some extra cushy cushions. 🙂

  5. I think Jun’s trust in you & your writing was well placed 🙂

    Great 1st blog, I hope this gives you the confidence to continue with this kind of stuff in the future…

    You’ve earned a Twitter follow from me too… Although I have extremely high expectations of you from now on 😉 haha

  6. Shannon

    I love it! You did awesome & it was neat hearing your story of becoming sisters! I see you all on twitter & nice to know more! Keep writing!!

  7. Loved reading about how you met Jun, etc. Have so enjoyed your tweets too – you’re all like this virtual family for me, sisters I’ve never had and honesty I’ve never known – so raw and beautiful
    Thank you for sharing – and we also apparently share the same ass! 🙂

  8. Very nice ST. I’ve wondered how you two knew each other. Funny that it was a BB thing that started it. Same here. I’m not consistent enough on Twitter though. I’m going to go follow you so I can enjoy your words after this guest spot is over. You shouldn’t stop writing though. It’s liberating… Especially if it’s anon. No blow-back. Speaking of Jun, I hope they’re having fun.


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