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In the wake of yesterday’s events in Boston, I realize there truly is no such thing as normal. Nothing has been normal in a long time and nothing will ever be normal again, forever, anyway. I hate the word “normal”. I believe we’re now, more than ever, in a perpetual state of normalcy. 

This past Saturday night, my husband Davy and I were but two of 4,000 attendees at Wasteland, in Amsterdam. I was dressed in Burlesque and Davy in Leather Punk. Normal? It doesn’t matter.

“All four thousand of us were there with the sole goal of having fun.”

No. I’d say there were 4,000 different goals under one fetish roof. And this is the beauty of it all. It’s what you make of it. A spectacular pansexual fetish extravaganza where you could do, or not do, pretty much whatever you wanted while exposing as many sides of yourself as you wanted with or without the aid of others. And out of respect to everyone who was there on Saturday, I am only posting photos of myself and performers. Some of the performers below:




Going in these were my expectations, and how they were or weren’t met:


I expected to get in, and I did. The door bitches were incredibly sexy scary checking us from head to toe, even tugging on Davy’s clothes to check for quality. They were gauging his reaction to this as well. But I knew we wouldn’t get turned down, just initiated.

– I expected to feel intimidated, and I wasn’t. As we stood with everyone else, all wearing coats and awaiting entry, Davy and I made small talk with some and exchanged smiles with others. There were newbies like us and veterans too, and we were all about to get Wastelanded.

I expected to see people in more lavish costumes than ours, and I did. There were those completely naked (or with genital rings) and those dressed regal like Frankenstein fetish. Sometimes fur or bondage ropes served as attire while latex masks and chain collars and metal mouth clamps were accessories, for example.


– I expected to see people having sex, and I did. Lots of different kinds of sex (oral, anal, vaginal, or all of the above at once) between people of all shapes and sizes and colors and preference. There were mazes and dungeons, stages and dark corners everywhere for sex. I took the opportunity to sit in one of the sex swings and pose for a photo during the first hour of the party, before all the sex started happening. And the whipping, and other painful things, if you wanted…started happening.

I expected to have some form of sex myself, and I didn’t. Not at Wasteland, I didn’t. I was a voyeur although I did exchange friendly kisses with a couple party-goers, and dance on the back of a “slave” as it lay on the floor. But that was the extent of my exhibitionism (besides showing some skin) at this particular event.

The DJs worked it all night and the stage performances were pure spectacles. Davy and I were in various states of sober and very not sober throughout the night. From 10pm to 4am all our senses were overloaded. It was an experience without judgements.

We’ve returned to Belgium thereafter. Then yesterday innocent people suffered and died, which should never be considered normal. But in my own circle of friends, two babies were born yesterday too. Life must live on.

By today we’re all struggling to achieve some normalcy again good or bad. I’m struggling with whether or not this entire blog is even normal, wishing there was a flip of some switch I could stumble upon. For now, I continue to find normalcy through blogging.

We should all seek to find our own “normalcy”, which I believe exists, but “normal” is an extremely relative word and state of being. 

Always dishing,


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  • I’m totally with you on the word “normal”. The meaning to that word just doesn’t exist!!

    Glad you had an “interesting” time. You think that’s you done with the Wasteland kind of world or would you consider further investigation in the future?? lol

    • Jun Song on April 20, 2013 at 8:25 pm said:


      Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the word :)

      I think maybe I’d try Wasteland in 5-10 years just to see it it’s changed…but I think I’ll stick to smaller parties :)

  • Anonymous on April 16, 2013 at 7:54 pm said:


    Intriguing. I never thought of normality/normalcy. It is day to day existence for me. Seems a bit of introspection is due. Thanks for that Jun.

    …and thank you for satisfying my curiosity about the fetish fest :)

    • Jun Song on April 20, 2013 at 8:31 pm said:


      Sometimes a random thought makes me question my own word choice…and the day I wrote this I was thinking about that difference between “normal” and “normalcy…

      I’m happy to have satisfied some of your curiosity. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Such deep thoughts are on our minds today all across the world I would venture to say. You said it so perfectly as you always seem to do and you manage to blend it with something like Wasteland which brings us back to reality which is the word I use more often because… let’s face it, I have never been normal. I never desired that label, or any other label actually.

    I wanted to talk about Wasteland in more detail but at the moment it seems wrong to mix the two in this comment.

    I will most likely comment again on this blog later today. Inquiring and dirty minds want to know. This dirty mind wants to know if you might get Davy to sign a release so we can see his idea of Leather Punk. Of course if he prefers to not show total strangers… you have my email address(es). :-p~

  • Anonymous on April 16, 2013 at 8:43 pm said:


    Normal is for those who lack the ability to deal with reality. For “reality” is all people, all things.

    That is “my” life’s quote, the one I live & love by. If only it was true for everyone there’d be a lot more peace and happiness in this world I think.

    I very pleased that you enjoyed yourself and the experience. It’s all one can truly ask for is it not?

    Live life without regrets or doubts/questioning. For you never know when any aspect of your life or your life itself can be taken away and things change. Btdt. You’ll enjoy a whole lot more and get a whole lot more out of it. You be you! 😉


    • Jun Song on April 17, 2013 at 8:40 am said:


      Davy and I love that we could do something like that together like no biggie…and then get back to reality with the quickness! :)

      Yes. That’s why I said we seem to be living in a perpetual state of normalcy…we all know something else senseless and tragic will happen at some point but we keep living our lives instead of letting it stop us. That’s what we should strive to do :)

  • Heather Hyson on April 17, 2013 at 8:32 am said:


    You rock for sharing something so personal about yourself. I wish I was more like that. For now, I will live through your blogs :).

    • Jun Song on April 17, 2013 at 8:39 am said:


      Thanks for the message Heather. I think it makes sense that most of us don’t share such personal details, but sometimes I like to not make sense :)

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