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Winner: Big Brother Live Feeds Goodie Bag

I had such a good time reading everyone’s submissions as to:

Who was my strongest alliance with and why, during my season of Big Brother?”

You all brought back so many memories from that summer of 2003…my fishnet top, the mime, Alison, Jee, the kitchen…

But the correct answer was Jee, and the why was captured by the winner:

Deano Brown


“…you got the most out of it without actually putting too much into it.”

That was exactly it! Compared to all my other “alliances”, the one with Jee was the strongest because it took the least effort on my part. And less effort on my part makes me stronger.

Deano, please use the Contact Jun page to send me your mailing address so I can send you your Big Brother “stuff”.


Well done!

Always dishing,


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