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The Big Brother Floater

The Big Brother Floater. Sweeping anecdotes aside, that one word “floater” now has more of a negative connotation than ever before. Actual floaters of the Big Brother game don’t even like to be referred to as a floater.

Why has the term “floater” become such a bad word? Why do floaters have to grab life vests? What does that even mean, actually, do we know? Am I supposed to grab a life vest and jump in the water or am I already in the water wearing a life vest and I’m supposed to just grab hold of it? Does it mean Rachel would try to drown me? Would I love to see her try? Wow. So many questions.


Everything and everybody floats in the Big Brother house. Even penises have been known to float into vaginas, and nipples into mouths, in the Big Brother house. It happens. To some degree you must float while living in a house with strangers, because these strangers may end up voting your way for a chunk of money.

So given my blanket statement that everyone floats at some point, what’s up with the term “floater”? The fact that there exists a floater means, by default, that there’s a non-floater too. One can’t exist without the other, so it’s stupid to condemn either party.

Don’t dislike floaters “because they’re floaters”, but you can dislike them for the kind of floaters they are. On a scale of “WTF did s/he do in the game?” being 1, to “How Jun Floated” being a 10, where does the floater-in-question fall? That is the question.

Some argue that Talla, from this Big Brother Canada season, falls in the 1-3 range on the floating scale. I believe someone like Shelly Moore from Big Brother 13 was getting closer to being a 10, and could woulda should hit jackpot. Then there’s everyone in-between, plus the physical competition beasts aka non-floaters.

Floating has nothing to do with the number alliances you have or the number of people you vote out, but everything to do with decision-making. Winning HOH or POV puts you automatically and publicly in a decision-making role, but there are proportionately more decisions being made less openly. Without getting into the Bermuda Triangle of Big Brother debates, or awakening any cat lady armies, I will say this:

While floating to where the power is, bad floaters are afraid to make their own decisions, and good floaters’ decisions are pre-meditated and executed making for better television anyway.

I don’t mind at all when someone calls me a “floater” because according to my Wikipedia page, I perfected the strategy. I don’t know about you, but Wikipedia and Google are my best online friends and I trust them implicitly. And just because recent floaters have fallen far below floating expectations doesn’t mean being a “floater” is a bad label. There are just better floaters than others.

I should know.

Always dishing,



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    • As much of a floater as she is, I would LOVE to see her win POV this week, take Andrew off and then evict Jillian, one of the biggest threats the entire season!!

      Surely that one simple move would be enough for her to be considered a worthy winner?? lol

  • I agree with Wikipedia, you definitely perfected the art of floating, and it’s probably in part why the jury (minus Jack & Justin) were so damn bitter about awarding you the money!! lol…

    I think maybe there should be 2 names for floaters… Maybe active & passive floaters?? Those that go with the flow of the game and those that MAKE the flow of the game??

    You and Shelly were definitely active floaters, scheming and strategising your way further through the game without imposing yourself in any challenges…

    Whereas those like Adam (it hurts me to even type his name haha) and to Talla could be called passive floaters, as they simply aren’t good enough to win competitions, and aren’t smart/brave enough to impose a strategy!!

    I clearly think too much into Reality TV and need to get a life of my own!! haha

  • Ronda Detoung on April 22, 2013 at 7:14 pm said:


    I can’t wait for the new season on BBUS to start I look forward to your power rankings. Are you going to be able to watch the feeds this year since Super Pass is not doing them? By the way you definitely perfected the floater status

  • Floating is a strategy..even if some of them fall into that gameplay back-assed halfwards. I completely agree with you. It’s legitimate and often keeps others in the dark. I believe that is why they complain. They were outplayed by someone who was using a different (oh so wrong) strategy than their ‘in your face’ play.

  • Omg Jen from last season of BB was the definition of the word floater. Haha She would be a 1 on the scale. Maggie Ausburn was another huge floater. Bad floaters are terrible at competitions and have no strategy. Kathy from season 12 would be a good example. I don’t see you as a floater because you won competitions, made decisions, and had a great strategy. I’ve been hoping that they will do another Big Brother All Stars but with all former winners and runners up. That would be awesome!

  • Anonymous on April 22, 2013 at 7:31 pm said:


    I feel floating is strategy and in some cases a winning strategy. I have more for the floaters in the game than I do for the whiners in the game or the floaters at home sitting on their couch. Love love love you Jun and your blog. Cutie pie baby too.

  • Yep, you sure should. Oh! And yes – you do have 500,000 reasons and a condo in Manhattan to support your beliefs. 😉

  • not so much floating but carefully flying under the radar. I loved watching you. to me the floater is the one that hides in the bedroom and doesnt be part of the game in out of sight out of mind rule of floaters and those I dont hold in high regards.

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