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Todd Herzog

Todd received 10 votes out of 35 in the Pick Six week.


Why Todd would be great on Big Brother:

– He has a already won a season of Survivor, and having hung out with him in person, I believe his sneaky charming self has what it takes to win Big Brother.

– He won his season of Survivor without ever having won individual immunity, which means he has the potential to be the first ever winner of Big Brother never win HOH. Or maybe not, but it would be something to behold.

– He renounced his Canadian citizenship in order to claim his million dollar Survivor prize, for legal reasons, after having had dual American and Canadian citizenship. That’s pretty hardcore and a good indication of what Todd’s willing to do to get what’s due him.

– He is gay and a Mormon and a former flight attendant, and that’s just about as random a combo of characteristics you could ask for in a “new” BB houseguest.

– He may still have the black-on-red outfit he wore during his Survivor finale, which I know we’d all want to see again when he gets to the BB finale.


For all the above reasons, and more, I’m happy that you all voted Todd into a hypothetical season of Big Brother. 


If I had to choose a BB personality I’d definitely want to see him play BB with, taking into consideration likability and how openly gay they are, it would be either Kevin or Wil.

Voting will be open for a week!

Thanks again as always for the input.

Always dishing,


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  • I’ve never heard of Todd Herzog. I didn’t see his season. How could you not pick Ragan Fox? He was a much better, smarter, and more likeable BB player than Kevin and Wil. Plus you said in an episode of Jun Dishes on youtube that you didn’t like Wil because of how he talked negatively about everyone in the house and wasn’t a nice person.

  • If we’re going to dream let’s make a pair of Survivor winners and add Richard Hatch. On Survivor All Stars Hatch smuggled in a canister of matches in his ass and everybody on Mogo Mogo tribe was warm. He’s the reason every contestant is strip searched now. I’d like to see what he would pull out of his ass on Big Brother.

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