Top 10 Search Engine Terms

I always mean to do this but forget. Except today.

Today I’m remembering to share yesterday’s Top 10 Search Engine Terms that led new visitors to my site. I had many new visitors to my site yesterday, so welcome to all.

Google Analytics tells me that 60% of you will return to this site so thank you and enjoy…


Top 10 Search Engine Terms:

1. “jun song” – This means people are starting to spell my name right, because this was “june song” for a very long time. I take this as a good sign.

2. “big brother 4 jun song hate sucks” – These people clearly hate me and think I suck and specifically because of a reality show I was on 10 years ago. And they also have an extensive vocabulary, not. I take this as a good sign too because at least they spelled my name right.

3. “korean pickled radish” – I can’t wait to tell momz about this one since this search led people to her recipe that I posted, while she was here and made it fresh. She’ll be so happy to hear this one!

4. “people having sex bondage” – Well then…sometimes sure?

5.talla big brother ethnicity” – I have no idea, but I’d guess Persian? She reminded me right away of Holly, from The Glass House. But I’m not sure as to her ethnicity actually.

6. “vagina cupping” – I have a vagina and I have had cupping done, but I’ve never had cupping done to my vagina. But I talk about vagina and cupping on my site. So I can see why this specific search term would lead someone here…I guess?

7. “jundishes” – This is great! That’s all I have to say about this.

8. “jundishes power rankings” – This is great also, because it means my other writing (for other sites) are read too.

9. “free play sex vidio haraboji” – I can’t imagine someone typing this in, yet they did and then it brought them to my site. “Haraboji” is grandfather in Korean. That’s all I have to say about that.

10. “Other” – You don’t even want to see some of those…


And there you have a look into what I look into on a daily basis. Good times.

Always dishing,





  1. Haha I love this!! So essentially people are looking for some sort of Grandad porn and end up at your site??!! Lol

    Also, Talla is Iranian 🙂 I only know because she was talking about her mum on last night’s episode!! Haha

  2. kcsmum

    Holy crap. “Grandfather”? Not sure but I think the search string was referring to the Belgian side, not the Korean side (if you get my drift…)


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