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Abi-Maria Gomes

Abi received 8 votes out of 35 in the Pick Six week.

Abi-MariaWhy Abi would be great on Big Brother:

– She’d say herself that the better question is, why wouldn’t she be great on Big Brother?!

– She has one pet peeve and it’s “complainers” yet she’s one of the biggest complainers I’ve ever seen on reality television. Even if she acted half as volatile as she did on her season of Survivor, that enough would be feeds gold.

– She would drive me even crazier than Alison ever did on my season, and that’s saying a lot. And that’s exactly why she’d be great for Big Brother.

– She likens herself to Parvati, who is also in the Pick Six group. Having these two women in the house together is already a winning season from the start. Whether they clash or work together, they’re likely to demolish people’s souls easily.

– She was voted “Best Villain” for some reality awards thing and I think BB needs a villainess like her, just like her. The cameras in the BB house would go haywire trying to keep up with her demonic ways.

For all the above reasons, and more, I’m happy that you all voted Abi into a hypothetical season of Big Brother. 


If I had to choose a BB personality I’d definitely want to see her play BB with, taking into consideration levels of confrontation and volatility, it would be either Ali or Chima.

Voting will be open for a week!

Thanks again as always for the input.

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