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Big Brother Canada Finale

I just watched the three-minute video of how the finale vote went down on Big Brother Canada, without breathing. I can do that, hold my breath for lengths of time, and I’ve always been able to for as long as I can remember. Now you know something about me that you didn’t know.

I held my breath because I couldn’t believe what was happening. Of course as a longtime Big Brother fan I was shocked, because we’d seen nothing like this on the U.S. seasons. Then, as someone who’s sat in that proverbial seat where Jillian and Gary were sitting, I wished security had come out and escorted Topaz off the set for being over-the-top annoying about it all.

That never would have gone down with Julie Chen on stage. Topaz, and some of her hair, would have been tackled for going near Mrs. Moonves. Maybe even a taser or two would come out, but Topaz was actually yanking on Arisa Cox.



My god, let’s use our imaginations as to what Chenbot would have done. Glorious. Was anyone else surprised Dan didn’t jump up on stage and save the day? He missed a huge coaching opportunity. Chelsea looked beautiful as always.

As did Jillian. I said in my pre-season cast assessment about Jillian:

“She’s a teacher and she went on the show for the same reason I did…out of a long-term relationship and wanting to do it to “shake up” her life.  I consider this a good thing, she seems to be one of the more normal people cast. She reminds me of Rachel from BB6.”

Big Brother is good for the soul of the broken-hearted. It worked for me, and it did for Jillian. Except she should have just owned her merciless game moves and lied better (as opposed to less, because lying is essential in BB) through the season. She’s most definitely one of the stronger females to have won Big Brother. If Topaz did not make that mistake, then Jillian would have been robbed. End of that story, but for Jillian her story has a good ending in many ways.

I had Jillian as second most likely to win, only after Suzette (another disappointment), in my assessment so I’m happy for her. Overall. She almost lost because of her poor social game, but Topaz Emerald Cubic Zirconia handed her the win.

Now Gary…

If I was Gary I would have found Topaz right away at wrap-up, and brought my elbow down on her tit with all my might. No, that’s disgusting. Besides, that would never happen because I’m not Gary. For so many reasons besides glitter, but basically because I won. Plus, I won on my own with good twists and not stupid shady ones. Anyone who knows anything about Big Brother knows that non-sequestered jurors shouldn’t be allowed back in the house. Sequestering versus non-sequestering, hello.

As far as Peter and Alec and the rest of the disappointments, I’m over them. Topaz should be mortified and persecuted in reality television life, but not in her real life. Fucking fuck if I’m going to ever send anyone death threats over a freaking television game show, whatever, seriously? Stop the madness. With so much violence plastered in headlines and scrapbooks all over and close-to-home…find another way to get your anger out. Don’t threaten to kill Big Brother houseguests. Go kill a dragon instead.

Always dishing,


P.S.: I know some of you may disagree with me, but it’s not like the first season of Big Brother (U.S.) is something to be fiercely proud of either. Hopefully Canada gets over this one and they get their shit together for the next season.


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  • The minute I saw Topaz get out of her seat I was thinking oh no this would not happen on BBUS. I honestly thought after commercial break she would have been removed. Surprised it went on as long as it did. Hopefully BBCAN realizes bringing back a house guest from sequester is a bad move. I sure did enjoy this first Season.

    • Jun Song on May 3, 2013 at 9:43 pm said:


      Yup! That would never happen on the US version! My my my…I agree, I think it was a great first season.

    • Well, if production wanted to stop her from moving from her spot, they could’ve stopped her at anytime during this exchange. :) They wanted good TV and they got it. What’s with the jury box being so far away anyway?

      • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 2:24 pm said:

        Oh, it was great tv haha! But CBS isn’t as ballsy :)

        I kinda liked the jury box being far away. They should know their place! I’m horrible :)

  • as always Jun Dishes the truth.

    The fact is as i said on Twitter last night was Jillian won BBCAN because Topaz made a huge mistake, plain and simple, but why should that take away from the win? Every person that has won Big Brother won because someone and some point made a fatal mistake, and that’s exactly what happened here, games not over till the final vote is cast and Topaz just made that fatal mistake later than anyone in BB history.

    i was also thinking if maybe Topaz voted for Jillian on purpose, i have said all season Topaz is the most fake HG in the house, so i won’t have put it past her to vote for Jillian to cause the drama and herself(Topaz) more “screen time”, sacrificing Gary’s win to extend her 15 minutes of fame?

    i mean what is everyone talking today? Jillian winning or Topaz’s mistake? we’re talking Topaz, is this is the case, i’m even falling for by writing this comment.

    i’ll live in my own delusion that Jillian got Topaz to hate her so much that all Topaz can think about is voting to evict Jillian and that was in her mind when she voted, unfortunate for Topaz, it was a vote to win, not evict

    • Jun Song on May 3, 2013 at 9:42 pm said:


      I don’t think she faked it though! But it’s fun to come up with additional theories to add to the insanity :)

  • Omg people get so involved it’s insane!!

    I commented somewhere saying FIRSTLY… That I’m a huge Gary fan and wanted to win. But that the whole thing was Topaz’s fault and the result is final and shouldn’t be changed…

    I was immediately told by a crazy cat lady to go fuck myself cos I know NOTHING!! lol

    I’m just glad there are other people ‘like here on your blog’ who understand this is just a game and can separate it from our real lives!!

  • I admit that I didn’t see it (only because I don’t get Canadian TV), but I saw the clip of Topaz’s big mistake. It may just be me, but her standing there begging for a re-vote seemed a little scripted to me. Anybody else???

  • It was a deserved win, it’s how the game is played. Had production allowed a revote that would have only been more interference of which we had more then enough this season.

    No way did Topaz fake it, she had to know everyone would call her an idiot. She wants attention but not like this.

    Sideshow Cox (doesn’t she look like Sideshow Bob? The hair, the nose?) actually handled it fairly well but security should have been involved. Considering someone pied our prime minister a few years ago I’m not surprised BB security is slow to act as well lol

  • Agree, Jun.
    Arisa is too nice! Those house guests should not be permitted to yell to the audience and carry on after their eviction. So many eviction nights we were cheated out of good bye messages because of no time. They need a Jun or a Julie Chen to get order. As a Canadian I am disgusted with the cursing on the TV show. Feeds are different. Most of these people did not know how to behave properly in public and don’t get me started on Peter the fool. Sitting in the jury telling Jill she was an idiot. Liza, was on a morning show on Global TV (which owns Slice) and dropped the f-bomb. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now.

    Looking forward to BB15 next.

    Big hugs to Noah from Toronto!

    Thanks Jun!

  • A. I am just happy that Emmitt didn’t win. B I would have preferred for Gary to win (it’s not his fault that production did a horrid twist, and wouldn’t you capitalize on it), but was equally happy for Jillian to win. 3 I am so very proud of the way Gary has dealt with all of this. He has no anger and holds no grudges. He is a class act.

    • I need to add a D. (Or. 4, WHATEVER! ) to my above statement. I really wanted Andrew to win, but of the final 4 we were given, Gary was my choice. I didn’t like Emmitt’s smugness, and Jillian let him walk all over her. She, herself, told Andrew that she was not “allowed” to tell him that he was being voted out. Yes they were competition beasts, but they weren’t very likable.

  • First I was “gasp”, then “what” then I laughed. I thought it was a hilarious end to the season. I loved BBCAN up till Gary coming back in at finale 5 and even worse unsequestered. Then I still loved it because of how it shook up every ones game. If anyone got screwed it was Andrew or Talla because they were Final 4.

    I wish they had of cut to commercial as soon as Topaz started down to Arisa. It was so uncomfortable to watch and Arisa does not do well unscripted.

    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 2:35 pm said:


      It was super uncomfortable and I think Arisa just really really felt bad and it totally made her choke…

      The whole unsequestered return was bullshit :)

  • Diane Cloutier on May 3, 2013 at 11:12 pm said:


    Arissa Cox seems to be a pretty down to earth television host. With all the hugging and kissing going on this season including Arissa, the house guests looked upon her more as a friend. I think that is why Topaz felt comfortable enough to do what she did. I did not see any reason to suggest they remove Topaz. It was rather entertaining. Unlike the BBUS there were many differences such as allowing the house guests real knives, scissors all kinds of sharp objects. There is something to be said about that. I enjoyed the season, and I hope there is a BBCAN part “deux”.

    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 2:34 pm said:


      Oh as a viewer I was entertained but as a former HG I felt so much anxiety haha!

      I hope for a part deux aussi :)

  • “She’s most definitely one of the stronger females to have won Big Brother.” You and Rachel are the two best female Big Brother winners. I would also say both of you are two of the greatest players of all time. :) <3

  • Jun is spot on! To me, Topaz, and some of the other jury members, seemed to have a little too much to drink beforehand. It was not rocket science…even poor Talla could vote correctly.

    I liked the tasks during the season, but it seemed that production decided to focus more on stupid twists. I liked Gary on the show, but he against Jillian…she played a better game and Gary should not re-enter the game unless he was sequestered away from the other jurors.

    My biggest beef was the way the live feeds were handled. We all know that BB is a television show and there is stuff they want to keep under wraps, like the ceremonies and the PoV comps. But I found it interesting there were days, not just a few hours, that the feeds were down. I feel it was less of not wanting to spoil stuff for the episodes, but more that the feed watchers were catching on to production manipulation and calling production out on Twitter and Facebook in large numbers.

    If I were grading BBCAN, I would give them a C-. The first season of BBUS was not that great either. The best thing is that the great Canadian BB fans finally have their own version of BB and I am hopeful that the producers learned some valuable lessons and that the next season of BBCAN will be great!

    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 2:30 pm said:


      They totally did Richard! Way too much drinking going on in general for public live viewing ha!
      I saw how the feeds affected the fans as I read things on Twitter and BB sites, etc. But I wonder if this is what it will be like for this summer?

      I’m totally with you on hoping Canadian BB fans get a great second season :)

  • Anonymous on May 4, 2013 at 6:25 am said:


    As a Gary fan I was SO DEVASTATED. But I mean, it’s true, there’s no way they could have changed the votes without causing even MORE upheaval.

    Honestly, I really wanted Canada’s first-ever winner to be a gay, black, and cross-dressing man….I thought it would have been a great message to send to the world and everything but now……this will forever be remembered as Topaz’s fuck-up

    Also, I actually really liked Arisa and how she was so kind! But I think it is kind of necessary to have Julie Chen’s…….authority, in order to make sure the contestants aren’t so rowdy all the time. Also, there was SO much cussing this entire season it was insane. I mean, part of me is happy they aren’t censoring anything so it’s all raw and real but at the same time…..I mean at least for the live shows and stuff…be mindful of what you say.

    Anyways that’s my 2 cents

    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 2:28 pm said:


      I think that Canada wanted Gary too, as did BBCan producers. But oh well :)

      I think Arisa is a sweetheart. I know she’s been under a lot of scrutiny and such an easy target for making fun of hahaha, but overall I thought she did “okay”.

  • While I loved Gary (and Topaz), I agree that no one should go back into the house if they haven’t been sequestered. BB Canada production this year was a complete JOKE. There are twists and there are messed up loads of crap that shouldn’t happen. They did a whole lot of messed up loads of crap that shouldn’t happen. The “best” part of how it ended was that Peter, Alec, and AJ failed in their “anyone but Jillian” plan. Yes, they actually had a plan to vote for anyone but Jillian…How dumb is that, especially for people who are supposedly fans of the game? And, Peter, who hated that Ian won last year because of a bitter jury, is a hypocrite. Peter is probably going to run a close 2nd to Liza being the most bitter player in BB history..

    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 2:26 pm said:


      Haha. They’ve all been pretty active on social media. I think Liza’s less bitter and more in “Liza’s World” :)

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