Some Fails

HalloweenFailI will never forget this photo, above, because it was such an EPIC fail. I don’t know why I thought the pumpkin was big enough to hold Noah. Plus I had him in gray sweatpants and a towel under his butt, sitting on the dining room table which he sits on never, and I still expected him to look like one of those hopelessly adorable babies in a pumpkin for Halloween.


Which is why we eventually went with an easy breezy little baby clown costume and baby-friendly face paint in the end. Noah wasn’t overly thrilled about it, but at least he wasn’t shrieking like he was being tortured. He was just more interested in eating his clown collar. I wish I would have thought to throw a clown-shoe in there as a prop.

HedgehogFailThis FAIL photo was taken a few months ago because while Davy was putting out the trash, he found this little animal…

Davy actually ran and got a box from the garage and brought it into the house “because it might be hurt or abandoned.Β Davy does this often like he’s an animal whisperer. Meanwhile, I had no idea what the fug it was and at first I thought it was a porcupine.

Davy and I are like night and day when it comes to critters.

So Davy laughed at me of course and told me it was a hedgehog and immediately I thought about the only hedgehog I “knew” of – Sonic. Cute! So I got in close and took a photo. And then as soon as I took this photo…the little hedgehog limped to another corner and we got to see the other side of his body. The hedgehog’s left side of the body was covered in white pussy balls and sweat and I dry-heaved, and nearly fainted from the sight.

Davy took it back outside and left it in the box with some water, and swore to me that he would never bring in another stray animal again. The next morning he went to check on it and the hedgehog was gone.


This FAIL was a result one of Noah’s poop explosions…Β where both Davy and I got Noah’s poop smeared on our clothes and literally had to drop everything, including our pants. We all got cleaned up eventually, and I now have this photo for posterity.


This was last week…the Cock’s truck delivering meat. I’ve lived here over two years now and I still giggle. I have to say their meat is very tasty, but I still can’t get over the fact that they’re called Cock’s.

WoahThis Kodak moment FAIL was today. After a perfectly sweet and smiley photo, Noah hurled himself towards the floor without warning. Although he did say, “Jah-bee-goooo” right before he did it so it must have meant “catch me,” and in fact he did warn us?

Always dishing,



  1. GaYToR

    I’m with Michelle on the NON-fail of the Davy cleaning Noah’s poop shot. It made my day.

    May I request a pic of Davy in his birthday suit? It is, after all, his birthday and I imagine you have declared today a national clothes free holiday.

    Tell Davy happy birthday and give him an extra wet one for me *blush*. And don’t forget to swallow just like I would. :-p~

  2. That pumpkin picture will haunt Noah for the rest of his life!! Haha

    I can’t believe you didn’t know it was a hedgehog!! Lol. I guess they live predominantly in Europe or something??

    1. Jun Song Author

      I had no idea what a real hedgehog looked like?! I’m sure I’ve seen one at the zoo or something but I never “met” one hahaha!

  3. Jenn

    Off the topic. Two questions, first is Mothers day a US holiday or do youll celebrate also. Second OMG I just clicked on one of your advertisements Ylang. Have you ever looked at there jewerly? To die, so expensive but I’m in love with almost everything they have. Do you have any of ther pieces? Happy Mothers day.


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