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Richard Hatch

I can’t believe you all voted Richard into the Pick Six, via tie-breaker, and by a small margin (39% of votes) over Courtney (31% of votes) and Sandra (30% of votes).

Alas, Richard’s in.


Why Richard would be great on Big Brother:

– He’s won Survivor once and gone to jail already for not paying his taxes on his winnings. He needs to win Big Brother and show everyone he’s learned his lesson by faithfully paying the IRS their due.

– He snuck a canister of matches up his ass when he returned on Survivor All Stars and got away with it, providing his camp warm fires they wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed. We HAVE to see what he’d be wiling to sneak into his butt for Big Brother. 

– He gets naked a lot. This isn’t a personal bonus for me, but it should get feeds watchers going all summer.

– He’s been in jail before, it will be interesting to see if he’s picked up any behaviors from “inside”. Maybe he’ll fashion a knife out of someone’s toothbrush before cleaning the toilet with it…

– He’s a pro at handling lady beasts like Susan Hawk, so it will be some great entertainment watching him deal with multiple strong female personalities locked in a house.

– He’s never going to go away, like, never. So we might as well put him in the house to see if he head-butts anyone or forcefully throws pork rinds at someone’s face, which I have a feeling he’s prone to do…

For all the above reasons, and more, I’m “just okay” that you all voted Richard into a hypothetical season of Big Brother. 


If I had to choose a BB personality I’d definitely want to see him play BB with, taking into consideration age and likability, it would be either Dick or Casey.

Voting will be open for a week!

Thanks again as always for the input.

Always dishing,


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