Updates on Noah

Two updates, really.

1. Lots of people have been asking the who, what, when, where, why and how and one more time please about Noah starting day care last week.

Who: Noah

What: Daycare

When: Once a week for a half-day (four hours)

Where: Newly constructed and basically across the street from us, where there’s a large garden with pony and bunnies and an aviary too. The owner and daycare provider, Ellen, has a particularly cool backstory because she walked away from sales, to start this new career path in daycare. She felt she needed more quality time with her husband and two young sons, whom I’ve all met now, and so Ellen left her management position behind to start from scratch with schooling and licensing. She now has a full day care center building built on some extra land right behind her own house. I think that’s pretty kick-ass.

Why: So that Noah can socialize with babies and toddlers, learn some rules and hear more Dutch spoken…and so I can get a few free hours to myself.

How: The daycare system here in Belgium is prioritized very high, and Noah’s pediatrician also happens to be affiliated with this particular daycare.ย Everything happens for a reason and everything seemed to line up, and so we went ahead and scheduled a visit and registration. Within a week we were approved (there was space), and it’s been good for Noah and for me and Davy. It’s a little sad seeing Noah growing up in random fast forwards, but I also feel pride and relief that he adjusted so well to daycare.

2. Noah had his first haircut today.

WhatHappenedWe felt horrible. We tried singing and snacks but he was miserable and inconsolable. We thought it was a good idea, but we did get a diploma with his locks of hair along with it.

~ Sorry Noah, and sorry it took you so long to calm down


It took him a while to calm down. And we eventually took him to do his new favorite thing…

Shopping Cart Surfing!


I can’t stop staring at Noah since we’ve left the kiddie hairdresser’s. He looks so…different. He’s not a baby anymore…

Always dishing,





  1. MarluvsBB

    Awww… some firsts! Your reasons for daycare make perfect sense to me. It will be good for Noah and for you. All ummas need a bit of time to themselves now and then. He’ll learn so much too. Always a good thing. The haircut pics are adorable. I awww’d outloud when I saw them…lol He looks so cute! Love that you shared this with us. <3

  2. Heehee Calm and Not Calm… were those pictures of Noah or his parents?!

    So happy he’s able to socialize with other children and adults once a week. It really is necessary and it was difficult for you I’m sure. You’ll both gain from this experience.

  3. So adorable! …and all of a sudden they are off to college and you are left wondering where did the days go… I will be in those shoes this August when ‘my only sunshine’ goes off to seek his fame and fortune ๐Ÿ™‚ but first we are going to Belgium to show him where we will be living while he is studying!!

  4. We went through the haircut fiasco with out first. He finally grew out of crying . . . when he was three. Sigh. We stuck to home haircuts until he was able to understand bribing. Transformer Rescue Bots = haircuts, dentist, shots and potty. YES!

  5. Sparky

    We were so lucky that Sean’s “Papaw” was a barber and it was not such a trauma. Sean did meet one of his milestones yesterday, He turned 30. It truly does seem like just last week he was getting his first haircut. Yes I still have his soft baby blonde curls.

  6. You dont have to justify your decision to put him in a day care for a few hours a week. Its good for both of you and its close. He has to learn about other people and you have to learn to share him. when mine started at the co op i would go home and take a long bath or go to a movie or something alone that recharged me to deal with the rest of the time. after a time I met other moms who had their child there and we started to go for coffee or something. its a good thing.

  7. Wow, he really does look so much more grown up after his haircut!! Make sure you keep it forever… My mum STILL has hair from my first haircut in her attic!! haha.

    Also, that is the coolest Barber shop in the UNIVERSE!! I think we’re missing a trick here in the UK, I may open up a kid-friendly one like yours!!

  8. As always you do the right thing for you son Jun. He will thrive in daycare and being around other children his age. I LOVE his haircut. The first is the most difficult for the parents and how they lose the baby look. One of many first for all.

  9. GaYToR

    You are so lucky to have Daycare right across the street. You can pop in at will and check on him which I understand takes so much stress off the mother if they can do it.

    Loving all the pics. His haircut trauma reminded me of my own. I think every little one goes through that. I remember screaming bloody murder but “back in my day” it was even more traumatic. It was the dad’s job to take the son to the old style barber shop and while the barber would use a booster seat, he would also tie me into the chair since my arms and legs would flail in every direction. It’s TRAUMATIZING and I hope Noah gets past that stage quickly but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Maybe it’s the scissors. I’ve never thought about it before. I’m sure by the time of my first cut I had been spanked for picking up and probably even running with scissors. My grandfather was VP of a Barber & Beauty Supply company in Dallas back then so we had those kind around the house.

    Back to Noah… he probably didn’t like the sight or sound of a sharp object coming towards his head and even worse, his ears.

  10. Claire

    been following pre-Noah\s birth and he just gets sweeter by the day. You will experience many firsts before he leaves the nest, so treasure every one as they never come again.Love all your blogs and tweets as well
    “always Claire”

    1. when I was cutting hair I often would let the child watch dad get a cut or other children NOT crying to show that it will not hurt. at times we had to have child sit on parents lap. it gets better with time until they are big enough to hate getting any hair cut. lol by the by that messy spikey hair still big here is it big in Ghent as well.


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