Taste of Belgium Giveaway


After receiving so much love from my subscribers for Mother’s Day I’d like a chance to give back again!

Taste of Belgium Giveaway will be open for ONE WEEK, and all you need to do is answer in the comments below this question:

What’s something new you learned about Belgium, specifically through me, that you didn’t know before and will now always remember?

There’s really no right or wrong answer, and the length of your answer is up to you. The winner will be announced at the end of the one week, and will receive a “stash” of some Belgian snacks (including some of my new junk food favs). Please be sure to subscribe before entering your answer below!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. LC

    FUN FACT ABOUT BELGIUM – The diamond capital: The world’s main diamond center and second largest petrochemical center is in Belgium. Almost 90% of raw diamonds in the world are negotiated, polished, and distributed in Antwerp, Belgium.

  2. jules :)

    That I watch tv episodes specifically mentioning Belgium in the hopes I get to see yours or your family’s smiling, friendly faces!
    You also encourage me to spread my wings a little and be willing to explore a little more.
    Belgium is beautiful.

  3. OkieChris

    What I’ve learned about Belgium from Jun?
    How beautiful it is there.

    How good looking men are there.

    That there are chickens, ponies, rabbits in people yards.

    How lucky you (Jun) are to have found love in such a romantic way & how lucky Belgium is to have you.

    How openly minded people are about sex in other countries. So much so that they have cocks on trucks. Hahaha

    Love to hear all your adventures & looking forward to more.

    Love ya, Chris

  4. I think my favourite was when you blogged about the differences between the US and Belgium and how choices we make, like adoption, abortion, euthanasia are not things that the government intervenes. You said something like freedom exists in Belgium because we are free to make basic life decisions. Something to that effect. Very powerful!

  5. Tommy C

    I learned from you that:

    In Belgium, television viewers prefer news programming, cooking programs and quiz shows over Reality TV!

    That is something I need to know if I ever visited Belgium. πŸ™‚

  6. Patti

    How wonderful the healthcare is especially for new mothers. Im a nurse and have seen first hand how devastating lack of medical care because No insurance can be. It was interesting to see how suggest the medical situations are handled

  7. KristyfromCanada

    How awesome the family services are. You can take your child to a half a day daycare…and it is covered. MIND BLOWING. How pro-family it is and that and all health-family-related costs are subsidized by the government. Belgium has incredible social and healthcare.

  8. Sparky

    Aside from all of the above,I learned that there are many beautiful canals in the city of Ghent. It is such a romantic, beautiful city and one that rivals Venice for me now. It is for sure on my bucket list thanks to you.

  9. Burke Hodgson

    I didn’t know that Dutch was the primary language of Belgium. I thought it was French because Hercule always had a French accent πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Melissa

    I believe it was when you said you are required to vote and the prices of gas were shocking. Lots of little things and would take forever to type.

  11. Anonymous

    Very impressed with Belgium’s prioritizing their social welfare and healthcare systems. It seems like the security of knowing you will be taken care of for life’s basic needs makes life just plain easier!

  12. kcsmum

    I’ve learned a lot about Belgium from you. Of course the great things like Heath care and emphasis on family. But two of my favorites will always be the bread machines and the treatment at the time of birth. Now those bread machines are something! Like an ATM that spits out bread. I would be in heaven. Oh, and the bread machine tour did introduce me to the men’s potties too but I digress. Now – on to the birthing experience. I was VERY upset when I found out you wouldn’t have a baby shower! I thought it do unfair. But when I heard about the hospital policy of keeping new moms in for several days I was astounded. Not to mention the in room massages, generous visitation policy, allowing alcohol in the rooms, and general party atmosphere. It was too good to be true!! And the tradition of parents making those little kinderfucker favors was awesome!! I know that isn’t the correct name but whatevs. These are things I will never forget and things I share with people at every opportunity.

  13. Carrie McLeod

    I’ve learned many things about Belgium via your blog posts…always entertaining, always informative, and never EVER TMI!! thanks Jun. I think the thing I will get the most use out of, is the April Fish Day. I will officially celebrate it each and every year….it really puts the “fool’s” Day peeps at a loss for words πŸ™‚

  14. allison

    The one that sticks out the most in my mind is how EXPENSIVE food is! Which is why you sending on some sweets would be unreal. Keep up the excellent blogging, Jun! πŸ™‚

  15. Christina

    Yep, agreed with some of the others about being able to grow your own marijuana plants…and every time I’ve gotten high since, I always say “do you know you can grow your OWN plants in Belgium and its LEGAL.” People have asked how I know that, and I have to admit that I follow your life on twitter like its one of my favorite reality shows. LOL

    also…bread vending machines… glorious bread vending machines.

  16. Amy Conner

    I truly enjoy reading about your escapades in a new country….I certainly didn’t know that you could buy bread from a vending machine!

  17. genevieve ryan

    I learned from you that Belgium puts families first and provides an excellent health care. How close you are to other countries!

  18. I remember before you left N.Y. you said your Momz had a stash of Speculoos and that she was hoarding it from everyone. It got my curiosity going and i had to look for this wonderous product online. I found it on Amazon, but by the time I would pay shipping etc. It would have been $15 for a jar. I wasn’t willing to spend that much money, but I was not to be deterred. I found the Biscoff company that sold the product in the U.S. and looked for places that sold it. The nearest I could find was in Texas. Nut in the comment section of one of the online stores, someone had written that they had found not only the spread, but the cookies also at Walmart. So I put on my cutoff pants with the holes in them and my half shirt that shows off my protruding belly ( I wanted to fit in there afterall) and headed to the Mart of Wal. (just kidding about the clothes, though I did witness several versions of them there) lo and behold… The elusive Biscoff! I purchased both the spread and the cookie and have been enjoying them since. You now have me curious as to the other wonders that I may have in store. So pick me! I love trying new stuff.

  19. The top things that I have learned about Belgium just by reading your blog are the following….. Bread vending machines, expensive sex toys, how awesome they treat new mother’s, grow your own weed legally, and how hot the men are (at least the ones I’ve seen through your blog and tweets).

  20. Top 10 things I learned about Belgium from Jun:

    10 Speculoos is evil – I’m on the treadmill more than ever ’cause I’m hooked!
    9. France is a day’s drive – how cool is that?
    8. Dutch, French, German & English are commonly heard.
    7. Warm bread popping out of vending machines – amazing!
    6. Public transportation is clean & accessible.
    5. People are held in high-esteem by the country.
    4. Ghent Light Festival – took my breath away!

    3. “Cock” trucks – just to see that in a store and on the road would make me giggle too – it’s worth the trip just for that!

    2. Health care rules and we suck at it in USA.

    And, the #1 thing I learned about Belgium….(drum roll please)..
    that there’s a lovely, sexy, witty and intelligent couple living there and it’s a perfect country to raise a child. You’re blessed Noah!

  21. Kim Bates

    I learned that Belgium is not so far away and that it might even be cool to live there. So much so, that my husband accepted a transfer to Erembodegem after traveling for work there a few times and falling in love with Ghent (and watching House Hunters International..haha). We should be settling in between now and October. It’s taken almost a year for the transfer to come true and we have vacillated between should we or shouldn’t we! You made it seem warm and welcoming and since I “know” a person that lives there, it didn’t seem so foreign! Thank you for that.

  22. Daniel Quick

    What I’ve learned from Jun about Belgium I feel will help me in any future endeavors and/or adventures into her beautiful, newly adopted homeland.
    They have an excellent health care system. I would much rather get sick there than here. Ghent is truly absolutely beautiful. AND, if you live in a little house in the country, with your hot man you met on vacation at a beach, you can pretty much not wear pants all day. Unless Immigration visits because they think you’re a mail-order bride. But I shouldn’t have to worry about that as I’m a forty-something, white, gay man. Groceries are expensive. Horse meat is available at the butcher. Why? I mean, it’s not like they don’t eat cows and sheep and pigs. They have psycho exes just like any trailer park in Kentucky. It’s very close to everything in Europe. Driving distance to Euro Disney or Sex Balls. Lots of people speak English but most people speak Dutch… and some other language but I wasn’t paying attention that day.
    And most importantly, you can have one pot plant. Which really is plenty considering the close proximity to Amsterdam. .

  23. I had a great visit to Belgium in 2001 and love it. And I am going to be comeing there in the new year and sure hope to have a meal. so if you want to send me your goodies I will bring you an american care package in Jan. What I didnt know was the feelings about voting and that newcomers must take language classes. oops. i almost got onto a soap box

  24. Anonymous

    I learned that in Belgium, there are fresh BREAD MACHINES!!!

    Not only are there BREAD MACHINES!!!, there are somewhat tenacious older Belgian women that will patiently wait until their bread arrives in the window of the BREAD MACHINE!!!

    Seriously …
    A BREAD MACHINE!!! trumps most all things in the USA.

    Be grateful for the Dutch inventors.
    I’m grateful for this *fun fact* (however, I do feel deprived).

      1. Anonymous

        Oh .. and if you don’t choose me to send #BelgianSnacks, maybe you could send a Belgian doilie, a torn-up piece of kleenex from Noah … or something. (snorf). πŸ™‚

  25. I’ve learned that Jupiler is the biggest selling brand of beer. I’ve learned the names of three other Belgian beer brands and they are Brugse Straffe Hendrik, La Chouffe, De Koninck. I’ve learned that Dutch, French, and German are the official languages of Belgium and are taught in schools there. There’s a business called cock’s lol. Their meat is very tasty.There’s a holiday called April Fish Day. Most importantly, it’s a great place to raise Noah and children in general.

  26. Anastasia

    I learned that I would love to live there!! Oh, and the meat comes from Cock’s and that even you still chuckle about it even two years later πŸ™‚

  27. Courtney

    I’ve learned that there are amazing husbands there, and you get to have sex with them ALL the time. Then you get to have a perfect baby. Sometimes when you are there you run into crazy or jealous people, but in Belgium you have the power to knock them out with your strength and wit. You win truckloads of cookies, and can eat them all in one sitting because you can grow your own pot plants. You never get fat, you actually keep getting skinnier even after having a baby. Underboob is also very common there, as well as many sex shops.

    It’s a magical place.

  28. I learned that it is a country that loves Jun!! The toilets on the street cracked me up, the grow your own is legal, amazing healthcare, bread machines on the street, how green the country is, lack of Govt yet seems to be a well adjusted country, many languages, children start school way earlier and learn many languages…so many things we have learned through you Jun and look forward to many more.

  29. I’m interested that so many commented about having the pot plants. so do you guys ppp. or would you if you could grow your own. I love this group. so many interesting people and so much fun. thanks for bringing us together jun.

  30. Shannon

    I’ve learned a lot about Belgium from you but the one that that stands out is how awesome Belgium insurance,child care & just the overall outlook of parenting/mothering/families is!

  31. I gotta tell you, I’m annoyed. My memory is failing me, and I hate it for that because I want stuff. I’m pretty sure you said Belgians like Obama, but that’s obviously not gonna cut it.

    Perhaps I could go back and find something to fake an answer. Perhaps I should’ve been paying better attention. After all, it’s not that I’m uninterested. I’m just more interested in the “who” than the “where.”

    The most important thing about Belgium, in my eyes, is that you live there. If anyone else asked me the same question, that would be my response. That’s not quite knowledge I would be able to use on Jeopardy!, but it’s what I value.

    So, why should you reward my failure? Because I’m evidently the one that still needs to learn. If I had Belgian food of any kind, especially from you, it would stick in my brain until the day I die. Then, you would have reached all of your students. Isn’t that a legacy you would want to have?


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