I Like to Walk

I do. I like to walk. I believe it’s the New Yorker in me, because in New York it’s perfectly normal to walk your age in city blocks without blinking an eye. Out here in the little towns of Belgium, nobody really walks anywhere except across the street (sometimes even diagonally) to maybe get to a neighborhood bakery or butcher.

When I walk more than fifteen minutes anywhere people here remark, “You walked ___ minutes? On foot?” with high-pitched voices.

I always laugh and say yes, that I like to walk and that in Manhattan I walked everywhere. It’s no big deal I tell them but they still raise their eyebrows. And I still walk. I will always walk, and take photos of random sightings.

I’ve collected quite a few of these random photos in some of my recent walks, and although I don’t know the story behind all them I can always use my imagination…

FrontYardI pass this front lawn midway on the walk to my mother-in-law’s house, about the 15-minute mark, and I always smirk seeing the little old man and woman.

There lives a couple in this house, married for so long now they’ve forgotten all the fights they once had as newlyweds. Except they’ll never forget that one summer night when the old man came home drunk and late for supper for the last time…how angry the old woman had been, that the very next day she called for the local stone sculptor and commissioned him for a job. She had the sculptor create life-like miniature statues of herself and her old man, in these poses, and put them right out onto their front lawn for everyone to see and ridicule the old man about. And how from that day on the old man was never seen drunk and late for supper again. But just drunk…sometimes. 

I keep hoping one of these days I will see someone out in this yard, or at the door or looking out the window…because I know I’d totally start up a conversation in my best Dutch and find out the real story, even if it’s not much of one. I’m just nosy like that.

Always dishing,




  1. MarluvsBB

    That’s neat… I often wonder who lives behind the doors of some beautiful homes or landscapes I see in my travels too. I like your story. It made me think back also to that little old man that invited you into his home one day when you were out. Did you ever see him again?

    1. Jun Song Author

      Totally! There’s like a mansion nearby and I’m dying to know who lives in it! HAHAHA!

      OMG you remembered that old man! No, I never saw him again. Pass by his house sometimes. Never thought to actually contact him. It was such a random occurrence huh?!

  2. I love walking too!! I used to walk to college & it used to take around 45 minutes, and everyone used to look at me like i’m some sort of freak!!

    People are just so used to convenience nowadays that they jump in a car at every opportunity.

    I like walking, it gives you time to think & like you’ve demonstrated, the chance to notice things you would usually zoom past at 50/60mph!!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Agreed. I think if you have the time you should totally walk as much as you can! Clearly I have no driver’s license so I’m biased though. HA!

  3. I used to love to walk and take the bus but then something horrible happened to me and I dont walk outside alone again. probably the something horrid in your brain is what happened.

  4. can i ask a dumb question, do you have large markets or are there mostly shops and market stalls. im making my shopping list and wondered if you had to go to many places for groceries. I was born with no shopping gene so hate it.

  5. I love walking too! I go for walks/runs every day through the park in my town. Taking pictures of random sightings is a good idea. I never thought of doing that. I’ll have to either bring a camera next time or get a better cell phone that can take pictures because my current cell phone is a cheap piece of crap. haha lol


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