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On my first of many visits to Belgium prior to moving here, my then soon-to-be husband Davy introduced me to Steven and Oxana, and their first-born blue-eyed blonde little baby girl Elise. Maxim’s family, except Maxim hadn’t been born yet, in 2010. Oxana had just moved to Ghent from Russia the year before that, to marry Steven, and Steven was a lifelong friend of Davy’s.

Oxana was a bonus because she turned out to be gorgeous and very sweet with a hot Russian accent, and glowing as a new mommy to Elise. Elise warmed to me, and I to her, immediately. She was a six month old bundle of baby goodness. I remember their huge dog, Lola, slobbered and farted everywhere but I was relieved that Oxana was just as grossed out by it as I was.

lolabuttThat’s really Lola’s butt. It was a good night, that night in 2010.

Fast forward to today, and baby Elise is no longer a baby, but a little girl lady. Davy and I have had our own baby boy Noah, who is reaching for toddlerhood. Noah’s godmother is Oxana, and there was never any question.Β This is a photo of the two of them, when Noah was just a few months old.


Today, Davy and Noah and I met Maxim.Β Maxim is Elise’s new baby brother, and Steven and Oxana’s second testament to long distance love. He was born yesterday and he’s practically a mini-Steven. I’m so happy for Oxana.

Between that first night in 2010, and today, Oxana and I had countless girl talks in slow meaningful but broken English…about what it’s like to have left your homeland to live in a new country learning a new language and starting a family right away. Oxana and I always did and will do things differently, and we don’t agree on half of anything, but we were each other’s first best friends here in Belgium. We see in each other’s eyes so much of our pasts, but understanding that everyone has a past and some are just bigger than others, we talk about it sparsely and instead revel in the present day more and more.

So Maxim is now the newest addition to my future here, and Noah’s too. Noah and Maxim and Elise will grow up together for as many years as they desire, as best family friends. I post no photo of Maxim, because Steven and Oxana haven’t yet, but believe me he’s a handsome and healthy little 8-pound blessing!

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  1. Here’s hoping Elise takes to he new brother quicker than she did to Noah! When I was born, there were 6 births in my block within a 3 month period. I grew up with 6 other kids my age, but one by one the families moved away. By the time I started kindergarten, there was only 1 boy left. We hated each other. LOL. Here’s hoping the 3 of them long loving friendships .

    1. Jun Song Author

      So funny you mention that. Elise was sooooo sweet and playful with Noah, and they shared snacks too. What a difference a year makes! πŸ™‚

      Awwww, I wonder what happened to that one boy. Do you know?

  2. Heather

    Heartwarming story, Jun, and it’s great to have found a bestie in Oxana in Belgium. I recall you talking about Elise and how fond you are of her. Congrats to Oxana, Steven, and Elise! Fun times ahead for you all! Hmmm now they have a boy and a girl….. Hmmmmm….you do want your kids to be close in age …

    1. Jun Song Author

      Ha! I’m still in shock at how tiny Maxim was, and how huge Noah is now haha! It’s so crazy that you forget how small they are as newborns πŸ™‚

  3. You’re so fortunate to have this bond with Oxana. Moving from CT to FL nearly 3 months ago has shaken my world and missing my CT/NY friends – I need to find my own Oxana. Loved hearing about your friendship… you give me hope!

    1. Jun Song Author

      It’s crazy right?! Like, just knowing that all your friends are far away and it’s just not the same?

      Settle into your move and at some point you’ll run into someone brilliant like you πŸ™‚


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