Rosacea Be Gone Again

My house currently smells like just-roasted chicken. I’ve just finished making then devouring dinner with my husband Davy, and the chicken turned out crispy then tender to the bite. Delicious.

It’s probably inappropriate for me to make a joke about Davy’s face being roasted like a chicken just a few hours ago, but “appropriate” is overrated. Today was Davy’s second laser treatment, his first being back in March, for his mild (I say) rosacea.

I’m strangely happy to report that the giant red and blue rabbits are still sitting on the lawn of the Cutaan Laser Center. I know you’re all happy too.


I believe the sight of the freakishly huge bunnies gave Davy some relief, as he was nervous now knowing what kind of pain was in store for him or so he thought. Despite his nerves I made him stand up against the wall and take his “Before #2” photos.

Before1and2I don’t know if you can see any difference, good or bad, between the two sets of “Before” photos. Before #1 photos were taken before the first treatment on March 15th of this year. Does he look “better” in the second set? Did the first treatment make a difference?

Hmmm…I believe Davy’s face is less spotted with red spots aka “damaged blood vessels” and more evenly pink now when he gets flushed. It doesn’t matter what I believe though, because we were there today to get his second treatment anyway. So Davy assumed the position and got his face lubed.


The second treatment, unlike the first one in March, was in two parts. Two painful parts with a little break in between:

FirstBreakSecondDavy went through some stronger bigger yellow laser first and his knuckles turned white with pain. I’d say it kicked his ass, but it was more like kicks in his face. Then he had a second round of the more tattoo-needle-like green laser (he had only this the first session).

After1and2I realize there’s no real point in putting up these “After”  photos, because everyone ends up looking like a freshly roasted chicken. Davy’s next roasting is supposed to be in September but we’re holding off because unlike the first sessions, this second one has wreaked havoc on Davy’s skin. He sits next to me currently looking like an undercooked to somewhat-rare pork rind.


Always dishing,




  1. I know all of this is for Davy to feel better about the way he looks, and it is his right to do so, but why go through all of that pain? He met and caught the treasure that is Jun, has had wenches fighting over him, and women, (and some men) swooning over him through your posts. Just hope he heals faster and is happy with the results.

  2. kcsmum

    Damnit, Davy, you looked just fine before you started all this nonesense. (Note – imagine me shaking my finger while enunciating every syllable) Seriously, though, I like the before it all began photos best. Yet I am in favor of people doing whatever they need to (within reason) to feel better about themselves. I am here only to state that I will not call you a whiny baby quitter should you forego the torture, er, treatment in September.

  3. Sparky

    I agree with your assessment of “mild”. I wouldn’t have kicked him out of bed before any treatments, but I do see some improvement after the first set. After number 2 (heh) he looks like he has a bad sunburn. I hope the pain passes quickly. He is smokin hot with or without pink cheeks.

  4. My dad had rosacea. The prescription creams took care of it. It’s not really that noticeable to me in the first before photo. I’m all for people doing whatever they have to do to feel good about themselves. I hope he heals quickly and is happy with the results of these treatments. 🙂

  5. Could you post pictures in a week when the redness has settled down. I personally thought he looked fine before the first treatment. It’s what makes Davy feel happy about his face that matters.

  6. GaYToR

    I understand his need for the lasers because I have rosacea also, and seborrhea to go along with it. There are days when I don’t want anyone to see me. Unfortunately my insurance won’t approve laser treatments. They say it’s not medically necessary. Whoever decided that obviously never had a blemish on their face. I hope the person who declared it unnecessary gets genital warts on their chin.

    Please send me a copy of the 1st pic of Davy laying on the table, after the before and after pics, and I want it zoomed in as close as you can get it… and then a little bit more… and have Davy autograph it. I don’t ask for much but I’ll sit up and bark like a dog for that. :-p~

  7. GaYToR

    Jun: He sits next to me currently looking like an undercooked to somewhat-rare pork rind.

    Me: pork rind made me laugh. Then I thought of other terms you could have used and laughed louder. Then I thought of his face looking like a well-worked-out foreskin and wet myself a little bit I think. Then I got horny and…


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