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Surviving Big Brother: A Fantasy League (Cast)

The cast has been finalized for our fantasy season of Big Brother. Thank you to Richard for helping me coming up with a name for the season!

NameWith Dick being voted in as a match-up for Richard Hatch (sorry Casey), here’s our cast:

CastFrom Survivor we have Richard, Rob, Malcolm, Todd, Parvati, Abi-Maria…and Sandra! I made an executive decision to add to the original group you voted in. I added myself on the Big Brother list and Sandra Diaz-Twin on the Survivor list! Why Sandra?

Why Sandra would be great on Big Brother:

– She’s already won Survivor twice, making her the first female “multi-millionare” out of American television contests. Cool.

– She’s spent a total of 78 days playing Survivor which is just about how long the stay is in the BB house to get to the end. Let’s see if she makes it to day 78 in the BB house.

– She’s been referred to by Jeff Probst as “the lippiest mother we’ve ever had on the show” which should make for feeds gold.

– She’s the first Hispanic-American contestant to win Survivor, and with me (the first Korean-American contestant to win Big Brother), we should be in for a multi-cultural treat after all in this fantasy season of lots of white people.

– She answers “I have no comment” when asked which previous Survivor contestant she respects the most. This will make for some fun alliance making and breaking.

And speaking of alliances, we all know the lines will initially be drawn so:



The question is, how many sub-alliances will be made within and between the two main alliances?! Let’s not do the math and just say we did. Or let’s start with these…I think I’ve pointed out some of the more obvious alliances that may pop up, but I do need help coming up with some of their names (please):


SurvivorAlliancesI know there will be cross-over alliances, specifically because of Dick and Rob and their respective reality television coverage. My head hurts thinking about all THOSE combinations. But this is a good start.

Surviving Big Brother: A Fantasy League has begun! Leave your comments/suggestions for me and I’ll try to get as much of your input in to the first blog. This should keep us busy before Big Brother 15 begins.

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