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Surviving Big Brother: A Fantasy League (Twist)


It wouldn’t be a Big Brother season, fantasy or not, without a big twist to start it off with. So in true reality fashion let’s throw one in from the start, and storyline. If you remember my “Big Brother 15 Fever” blog, I shared two twist ideas I’d like to see worked out (as opposed to the usual regurgitated Pandora’s Box appearances). One of the ideas was around requiring HGs to have to play with one openly public alliance in the house at all times, and the other was related to requiring “floaters” to do a little less floating.

So I’ll ask you to choose one.

And thank you all for your comments, corrections and suggestions on the “Surviving Big Brother: A Fantasy League (Cast)” blog. An extra pair of eyes on this fantasy season is always appreciated!

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  • I’m part of the 4.35% category called “OTHER”. My choice is to have a twist that has never been seen before. That would also include a completely new cast of never before seen faces of a” reality” faces. In my dream team that would include leaving out Allison Grodner. She could continue to pay herself but she would have absolutely no contact with anyone involved in the season. Since 15 is about to begin maybe we could hope for this in S.16.

  • EvelDick on May 27, 2013 at 12:16 am said:


    All new people and about 2/3 the way through the season bring a returning player back for one day and let them blow up every alliance in the house

  • A random draw once everyone is in the house to assign the alliances. That way no one could come in with a pre conceived alliance. They don’t have to play as partners and either of the alliance can be voted out at any time.

  • As long as you win Jun, I don’t care a bleep about fantasy twists.

    On a side note, LUVED the photo of that beautiful son of yours @ the daycare facility. I was a real check squeezer when my daughter was young & I have to admit, I wanna squeeze those adorable cheeks so bad (in a nice motherly kind-a-way of course).

  • I would actually enjoy a season of no twists… But a season that requires floaters to actually do something in order to stay in the game sounds like a pretty good idea to me!!

  • What is wrong with floaters?
    Does anyone really want all the HGs to be stuck in a pair of polarized alliances?
    You need floaters in order to flip the house and flipping the house is the most entertaining part of Big Brother, no?

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