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Big Brother Second Chances

Thank you to Imprincinia the Beautiful African Goddess for leaving this comment on the Big Brother Canada Finale blog, and inspiring this blog today. I’m impressed by everything about the Imprincinia the Beautiful African Goddess moniker, by the way.

Imprincinia the Beautiful African Goddess

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Big Brother Second Chances: If the following people didn’t have real lives to live, and could give up everything for another summer in the Big Brother house, they’d fight it out given the second chance…


1. Hardy (Big Brother 2) – He’s moved on from his BB experience, but he’s the only one I’d throw a second chance to if I had to choose one from season two.

2. Jason (Big Brother 3) – I personally want to see if he’d be able to pull off the nice guy card again, and how he’d do without goddess Danielle.

3. Justin (Big Brother 4) – He’s a gentleman and a fierce competitor, and anyone who endured a relationship with Alison deserves a second chance at something.

4. David (Big Brother 4) – Without the X-Factor twist he’d have fared better my season.  Plus, he (and Amanda) popped the Big Brother cherry as the first HGs to have sex in the BB house so he should definitely have an encore.

5. Nakomis (Big Brother 5) – She got screwed over in so many ways, most of all having to find out about a long-lost brother named “Cowboy” on a reality show, but made the best of it.

6. Rachel (Big Brother 6) – Minus Howie and all the insanity and drama of that season, she came out of it with her reputation intact and can probably still kick ass in challenges.

7. Parker  (Big Brother 9) – He’s actually a very smart guy and his skills were wasted in that cesspool of a season.

8. Chelsia (Big Brother 9) – She’s all grown up and not the volatile 21-year-old she once was, but she’s still fiercely competitive and I’d enjoy watching her second chance bout in the BB house.

9. Keesha (Big Brother 10) – After winning America’s Favorite Houseguest, she’s been all over the place and back in her personal life and she could probably use a summer off play BB again.

10. Annie (Big Brother 12) – She was too soft her first time around, and I think give a second chance she could go far. Besides, she’s friends with so many BB alum now, she must be dirty enough to play the game better!

11. Ragan  (Big Brother 12) – He’s certainly entertaining, and sure to stir up drama with or without wearing a Saboteur hat.

12. Kalia  (Big Brother 13) – I’m really more interested in what her excuses will be for everything if given a second chance.

13. Shelly  (Big Brother 13) – I’d love to see her without the heavy cat lady army threat that permeates the BB house whenever JeJo is in the game.

14. Jodi (Big Brother 14) – I don’t think I need to explain this one. The poor thing needs a second chance at BB.

Second chances don’t come often in life…but they do come every once in a while in Big Brother don’t they?

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    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 9:42 pm said:


      Nicole is a dear friend and newly engaged and glowing. She is past second chancing BB I think :)

      • Karen on May 30, 2013 at 2:03 pm said:

        OH, I am surprised to hear that. Nicole was newly married during BB2 and seemed so in love with her hubby. I had a love/hate thing with her. I was probably one of the few early fans of Will – he drew me in from day 1. So many didn’t like him until things progressed and they saw his humour. I loved how he teased her and how she reacted. I thought Hardy was a dick, and since she was friends with him…had to love to hate her LOL Great BB character though.

  • Interesting. Nakomis already had a 2nd chance, so I wouldn’t bring her back for a 3rd. There isn’t enough curiosity in the world that would subject me to watching Kalia again. I know Keesha was liked, but OMG no thank you. Really Jun, you would subject us to that laugh again? I also agree with the comment about Laura BB11. She was a gamer but got caught up in crap early on.

  • You picked the exact same people that I would have picked! I love Annie! The saboteur twist screwed her game the first time. She deserves another shot. I think that would be a great cast for a season of BB.

  • Jason is a newscaster in the mornings in Florida with a gorgeous wife and two gorgeous little girls. Still a really nice guy.

    • Jun Song on May 29, 2013 at 9:46 pm said:


      Yes totally. I don’t know that he’d want to ever go back because of what some fan threaten to do to HGs and their families. But I’d love to see him play again :)

  • Keesha is one of my old favourites!!
    Many people credit Dan with playing a flawless game, yet they forget without Keesha he would have been evicted in the first few weeks!!
    She single handedly turned her season around and then got screwed over by her 2 biggest allies!!

    Annie always seemed cool & fun, would love to see her get a 2nd chance!!

  • I thought Annie was a throw in…. how about Alex C.. he was on the wasted season too and never got a fair shot. I would have to say probably all the ones to be evicted first, they never got to play the game.

  • Anonymous on May 30, 2013 at 12:47 am said:


    You mixed up Justin and David.. I like half of your list.. Kalia? Chelsia? Please NO! I would love to see Ragan again though!!

  • Serenity on May 30, 2013 at 12:53 am said:


    I would like to see Josh from big brother 3 go back in again to try out his luck again. Amy bb3 I would like to see too. Carol big brother 8 I want to see her play actually.

  • I just wanted to say I love your dish site Jun & I want you to have a second chance that would be an awesome season but not sure you would leave that beautiful litte man Noah or the other man in your life Davey, But I still hope to see you in the house again someday . Wish you all the best. ~Lisa

  • Good list. But I would throw in Dominic instead of Kalia for BB13, add Michelle BB11 and replace her with Nakomis since she already got a second chance. I also would love to see Libra BB10 perhaps instead of Chelsia?

    • I think Jun will agree with me, please no Michelle, nobody would recognize her now that she looks more like a Bratz doll, with the boob job and blonde hair.

      If she was the same as then I would agree, but she is just another blonde now! Nobody has made more of exploiting their 15 minutes of fame than Michelle

  • BB10 Jerry! Just kidding.

    BB8 Eric is pretty deserving of another shot.

    I’d much rather see Cassi than Kalia or Shelly from BB13.

    BB2 Sheryl if you want to go old school…

    Also, if we could go back in time, stop Boogie and Erika from somehow being considered “All-Stars”, and have Jun & Lisa in there instead, that would be great.

  • Timoteo on May 30, 2013 at 3:17 am said:


    KALIA HATERS GALORE. Dumb Jejo fans. Thanks for putting her on your list Jun.

    I’m glad Kalia is on the list, but she’s on here for the wrong reasons. She’s a very under-rated player and the first noobie to win HOH. She was VERY underestimated & laughed at by ignorant fans because of her size, but she held her own and actually did amazing in every Endurance competitiions. In most of them finishing in 2nd except for the 1st HOH competition. She was also flawless in the mental/quiz competitions. Remember when it was Her & Daniele vs the House and the HOH was like “Big Brother knockout” from Season 12 where you have to answer a question before your opponent & choose the next 2 people to face off? She went up every single round because everyone wanted her out & she still won.

    Yeah she made 1 dumb move, but sh!t happens. She won HOH again and got out a huge player (Jeff). I would love to see her play again but too bad CBS probably wouldn’t put her on soley because the cat ladies control the Americas vote & Grodner would only listen to the cat ladies opinions.

  • I am filled to the BRIM with tears, I am touched gurl. I screamed at the screen and my hair curlers flew into the ceiling fan. I love this cast, by the way. Only person I can think to add is perhaps BB10’s Angie (also Laura, but not a realistic choice, as you noted) — But…the dark part of my soul sorta wants to see a house filled with the likes of Kent, Holly, and Autumn Daly (WITH the WTF-hairstyle she rocked at the finale).

    By the way, Nicole was/is awesome. Dr. Will gets tons of credit (and he is certainly a great player), but Nicole ran that BB2 house.

  • MelindaMathis88 on May 30, 2013 at 4:06 pm said:


    If anyone deserves a true second chance and a third trip to the house it is Nakomis. She was wronged with the whole Cowboy twist, and imo never got a chance in AS. She went in one of the biggest threats, didn’t have anyone she really aligned with her season, didn’t mesh well with Kaysar, James, Janelle and Howie, and was basically on the chopping block day one with the clock ticking. I always felt like tptb knew that from day one and did it on purpose. JMO She is always on my top HG list.

    I don’t know if I could take Kalia again…and I agree Dominic should prob be given a 2nd chance. He had great potential, but others could see his showmance a blooming and the threat it entailed.

    But, great list and I would certainly watch!

  • I’d love to see :
    Monica (BB2)
    David (BB4)
    Adria (BB5)
    Rachel (BB6)
    Eric (BB8)
    Parker (BB9)
    Chelsia (BB9)
    Natalie (BB9)
    Keesha (BB10)
    Brian (BB10)
    Annie (BB12)
    Shelly (BB13)
    Dominic (BB13)
    Jodie (BB14)

  • I googled “Big Brother 2nd Chanecs Season” and your blog came up – I’m surprised I missed it the first time around – I’m a loyal Jun Dishes reader 😉 Anyway after the season we had I think CBS owes us a season as listed above (give or take a few) but still a 2nd Chances Season. I can’t bear the thought of them casting all new people 2 years in a row seeing as what a disaster this one was. A girl can hope…

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