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Does Big Brother Have a Cult Following?

Does Big Brother have a cult following? I think so.

Now that we’re less than a month away from the start of the new season of Big Brother the rabid thirst for information is being felt among a group of hardcore fans. It’s a relatively small group, a subset of the larger Big Brother fan base, but I dare say it’s a cult following. It’s lasted over a decade in an American subculture and should absolutely qualify as having its own cult following.

Here’s some of how Wikipedia defines “cult following”.

“A cult following is a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a specific area of culture. A film, book, musical artist, television series, or video game, among other things, will be said to have a cult following when it has a small but very passionate fan base… A common component of cult followings is the emotional attachment fans have with the object of the cult following, often identifying themselves and other fans as members of a community. Cult followings are also commonly associated with niche markets…”

That’s how I’d describe the “group of fans” that are a part of the cult following of Big Brother, and this includes me and you because of three points above:

Highly Dedicated: Only a “highly dedicated” fan of Big Brother would be writing or reading this blog in the first place

Emotional Attachment: Because we connect with at least one HG per season, and that’s enough to get us through until the next season.

Members of a Community: Because with as many toxic Big Brother fans I’ve come across, I’ve seen a hundred times more fans who check in on each other (and me) in times of trouble or celebration.

I’m sorry to report that the Big Brother Cat Lady would also be a part of this following, casting that Big Brother shadow over our snark and joy. But here’s what I know for sure about this upcoming BB15 season:

1. The season premieres on Wednesday, June 26th. The CBS website currently has two different air times, on their Big Brother home page:

CBS Page


So the premiere is on June 26th at either 8/7c or 9/8c. Okay.

2. Superpass will not carry Big Brother Live Feeds anymore. Feeds will be on the CBS site itself. There are no definitive details as of yet for BB15, but if you want to “Get Notified” by CBS then send in your email address on their lived feeds pageUpdate: Both Americans and Canadians both have access to paid live feeds. Canadian viewers cannot flashback, but CBS probably doesn’t want any more footage of the neo-bratty shameful HGs to be circulating anymore than it already is.

3. Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark is dead and hello and welcome to TVGN’s Big Brother After Dark. TVGN?! Huh? Like, that “TV Guide channel” that I didn’t realize anyone actually watched? And TVGN is owned by CBS, oh. Here’s the official news release on the CBS siteUpdate: This season the shows are neither live nor very appealing to many, because BBAD is censored. Boo.

So basically, CBS is tightening their belt around the belly of Big Brother and cutting out third parties where they can and attempt to save the failing TVGN which most people have never even heard of. Good for CBS. It’s their prerogative, because things such as live feeds and “After Dark” programs are for not for the television viewing audience but for the cult following of Big Brother, anyway. So fans will follow, despite crying foul and “I can’t” this or that.

To check if your area even gets TVGN, you can enter your zipcode on their home page, click on TVGN Channel Finder.

If you don’t get TVGN through your cable provider, then don’t think of it as such a tragic loss…think of it as gaining two hours in your summer nights to do something else, maybe read up on Korean Steamed Vagina or pick up an actual book or sex toy.

Really, it’s up to you what you do with your summer nights. We’ll never be collectively happy as Big Brother fans and that’s half the fun. Commiserating in our BB misery.

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  • “We’ll never be collectively happy as Big Brother fans and that’s half the fun. Commiserating in our BB misery.”

    So true! Love the blog Jun :)

  • Damn you Jun!!
    I was already to claim that I’m not part of the cult following, I just like it a lot… Then your definition just sums me up completely!! Haha

  • I never even heard of TVGN, then I clicked on your link and went OH, TV Guide channel, LOL. I loved TVGN when it had the TV guide, now I hardly ever watch it.

  • Isn’t TVGN basic cable and therefore has to follow FCC censorship laws about swearing and content?

  • OkieChris on May 30, 2013 at 9:58 pm said:


    The only reason I’m upset is I’ll turn 50 the day after bb15 starts.

    Omg I’m getting old stop the world I want to get off!

  • Melissa on May 30, 2013 at 10:00 pm said:


    Sorry to say I am part of that cult, super fan I look forward every year to it. I do have the tvgd channel. I’m just not sure about regular comercials to sit through. I do hope that they have a good deverse group. Not people that didn’t audition. But never the less I will watch. I do look forward to your power rankings and what you think about the cast they have chosen.

  • I’m praying that they picked a good cast this year. I thought last season’s cast was pretty weak. Daniele is a psycho nurse. Wil is a stereotypical gay guy. Ashley is ditzy and pales in comparison to Porsche who I think she was cast in the role of that season. Jenn was boring and the definition of the word floater. Joe contributed nothing but cooking. Shane was boring too. Ian, Britney, Janelle, and Dan were the most exciting ones to watch and the reasons that I tuned in last summer. Do you agree? Looking forward to the fantasy BB blogs! :)

  • I see it as if you don’t get the tvgn channel then cancel showtime and use the money you save for the feeds that’s what I plan on doing. I am so ready for big brother to start

  • Randy Kelly on May 30, 2013 at 10:24 pm said:


    Hey Jun, I am a huge Big Brother fan and have been a fan since season 2. Since you said you have stayed in touch with jack from your season, do you know if he still follows Big Brother every year or is he over the show? Your one of my favorite houseguest so a response would be amazing!

  • Courtney on May 30, 2013 at 11:31 pm said:


    I love this flipping show. I always wonder what it is about Big Brother that makes some of us so obsessed. I’m just grateful not to be alone in my obsession.

    I have also branched out and found BBUK. It is really good, just in case anyone needs to loose more time and energy on BB.

  • Randy Kelly on May 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm said:


    Thanks Hun for answering my question! I am rewatching BB4 where Alison puts yourself and Dana up for eviction, what a crazy season. Your one of my favorite house guests,
    Randy Kelly

  • Jun, you summed it up perfectly. I fall into every category of cultdom but found there are very few former players I keep up to date on. Example: James Rhine mentioned Eric from BB6. I had to search .. Cappy of course. Not sure if this is lack of interest or poor memory. Thinking it’s both :)

    I suppose the fact that I’ve read this blog and have commented says it all although I will say I’m not rabid anymore… just a basic cult member.

  • Bailey Huder on May 31, 2013 at 1:06 am said:


    I know its off topic but i was just curious if you were asked back to be a canidate for all stars?? 😀

  • Sparky on May 31, 2013 at 7:03 am said:


    Cult member Sparky reporting for duty. I have been a loyal viewer/fanatic since day 1 of season 1. It satisfies the voyeur in me. Sorta.

  • Huge fan of BB and of you Jun. Question to anyone. How are they going to have BB after dark on TVGN? The curse so much on afterdark, they won’t have time to edited out or have a bleeper. That will take away so much of the “reality” of afterdark???

  • I’m admin of a Big Brother Chat page on facebook, I have (or attend) BB viewing parties twice a week, and during several seasons I did a BB timeline on big posterboard. Yeah, I’m part of the cult, and will do whatever I need to have the live feeds.

  • I can’t wait for BB. I do the hunting for news things and I also listen to podcasts like BB Gossip and RobHasAWebsite. I’m currently rewatching Season 13…

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