Wish Me Luck

Wish me luck tomorrow as I pick out a new bicycle that I don’t know how to ride yet. I’m a grown woman who can’t ride a bike, and don’t really want to but when in Rome…

Belgium, like much of Europe, is a biking / cycling culture and there are bike lanes everywhere and possibly more than there are roads for cars. I don’t have a driver’s license for many reasons, but most of all because I can’t drive. I drive badly. Me and driving just were never meant to be. So I will try to learn to ride a bicycle at the age of thirty-seven.

It was just about 30 years ago my parents bought me a bicycle for my birthday. I remember it was pink with white flowers, with a white basket with pink flowers on the front it and it had a bell. That shiny proud loud bell that sounded just perfect to my seven-year-old ears, but I never learned to ride that bike because shortly after my birthday something so bad happened to me that my parents basically never let me play outside again. This is true.

So my pretty pink bicycle sat in the hall closet all through that fall and winter then spring and summer and longer and longer, because I’d had a bubble placed around me by my parents. I neither played outside nor in the lobby of my building, and I certainly never got to go riding around the neighborhood on my new bike because my sexual abuser still lived nearby. That bike eventually got sold at a flea market sale years later and nobody missed it, least of all me.

So fast forward to my life now, where i’m a wife and a mother and this, that and the other I still can’t ride a bike. I had no intention of ever learning to ride one, until I ended up moving somewhere that bikes are a part of daily life. I don’t think about that year I got my first bike very often, because life does get busy as life does go on, but tackling my fear of bikes and bike riding in general will begin tomorrow.


Always dishing,



  1. Omg I can’t believe it! I would wish you good luck but you are going to get the hang of it really quickly! It’s great that you’re facing your fear! You’ll be riding in no time! If children can learn to ride bikes, someone as highly intelligent as you can learn too.

  2. If it makes you feel better, they say that more intelligent people find it harder to drive than others 😉 haha

    I imagine you like Gloria from Modern Family riding a bike!! Haha, if you don’t watch it then you’ll have to find the clip, it’s brilliant!!

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Hillary

    Good luck, I was almost hit by a car while riding a bike & ended up falling into the bushes about 5 summers ago & haven’t gotten on one since. Maybe this will give me the courage to face my fear.

    1. Jun Song Author

      OMG are you serious?! Hahahaha! That’s so going to be me, well it’s my biggest fear 🙂 I hope you’re all recovered Hillary!

  4. kcsmum

    Now, please. Listen to me. I can make this experience easy for you. Well, at least easier. Don’t let anyone talk you into a mountain bike, racing bike, million speed cruiser or any other fancy schmancy bike. Your first bike needs to be what may be called an old lady bike. You need coaster brakes, touring handle bars, big butt comfy gel seat, good sized basket and a baby seat on the back. This will make learning SO MUCH EASIER. Do it.

  5. If you get a baby seat on the back… Don’t carry Noah UNTIL you learn to balance well. You don’t need that little bundle throwing of your balance as he moves around. Don’t forget a helmet.

  6. Wo

    My 2 cents…. if you can, FIND A RECUMBENT BICYCLE Jun! You’ll be the talk of the town, look extremely cool & as they say you’ll be…. “Laid Back And Lovin’ It!” Plus, you can put your feet down extremely quickly if you get scared/nervous, etc. Seriously, getting one was the BEST decision I ever made. Wo

    1. Jun Song Author

      People ride them here! I always point and stare and laugh hahahah! Sigh. IDK. We bought one yesterday.

      I’m gonna think about it though. I’m sure it’s a smoother tan on a recumbent 🙂

  7. Sparky

    When you get your bike, do not get “training wheels”. You will never get the hang of the balancing. Been there, done that. You will do fine. You have over come much worse. Need I mention living with Allison for 3 months?

  8. My daughter didnt learn to ride a bike or skate or any of the childhood modes of transport when she was a kid.. each first attempt ended so badly she never tried again, up to and including driving a car. but living in a part of southern calif. where everyone rides a bike she was sort of coerced into trying it and at the grand old age of 40 learned to ride a bike and she zips all over the area now. You can do this and your going to love it when you do..


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