A Monday in the Life of a Stay-at-Home Working Mom

I rarely endorse blanket statements, but I will say with 100% certainty that a mother’s day never quite ends because it is merely a cycle. Whether you work at home or work outside the home, working takes hours. This isn’t to say stay-at-home mothers who don’t work for an income, have any less full days. I find it challenging working from home, writing, but it helps financially. My two freelance writing jobs add up to a full-time working schedule every week.

My mother stayed at home for years and didn’t have to work and so most of her life she didn’t. I’d love to know what other mothers have done. And what a day in the life of other mothers looks like.

Let’s just take my Monday, for example:

Sunday evening

Let’s say I know Davy has the “afternoon shift” at work the next day, from 2-10pm, so I prep Monday’s lunch and Noah’s morning bottle.

Monday morning 

7am – Noah awakes after 12-13 hours of sleep and after fussing about changing his very full pamper of pee, he basically drains his bottle in silence but with cuddles. Noah and I have always had quiet time together during his morning feedings from the very beginning. We just groove in our rocking chair as he drinks his breakfast, and we both hug and wake up slowly. He always wakes up faster though.


9am – Davy’s made coffee, and I’ve made breakfast. We get caught up on news and social media while Noah has some dry cereal while watching Belgian baby learning videos. Noah’s now at the “bouncing his butt dancing” stage and it never ceases to crack us up no matter how many times we’ve seen him do it. He also happily farts until he takes a poop around this time. Davy loves taking this diaper change, and when I say “loves” I mean “dry heaves”.

10am – We go to the farmer’s market and stock up on fruit and veggies and cheeses and such. The vendors give Noah little baby samples of food and he’s in heaven the whole time.

11am – I reply to tweets and messages and emails and comments on their respective platforms from the sofa, while Noah rediscovers his play corner and chews on various toys before throwing them over his shoulder. He then chats us up while he’s fed half a baby yogurt and eats the other half messily on his own in the kitchen, while I’m making lunch in there.

1pm –  I’ve prepared Davy’s meal to take for work, then made a hot lunch for all of us that we’ve just eaten, and Noah’s about to go down for a nap. Around this time is when quickies happen, when Davy’s got the afternoon shift because there a small window of time for high school groping and sex just for fun.

3pm – I’ve cleaned up after breakfast and lunch, and thrown laundry everywhere it belongs, and logged in online at “work” where I write language for catalogues. Noah awakes from his nap and requires some sunscreen for playing outside or visiting the neighborhood farm animals, and we’re off. Noah prefers to be outside as much as humanly possible for a one-year-old.


5pm – I’ve done some cleaning and paperwork and run errands while avoiding too many conversations with very curious neighbors who invade general personal space. I’ve logged in here and there to do some work while keeping an eye on Noah as he feeds himself banana or pear and some brown bread with cheese or butter. My imagination runs wild along with Noah’s, as we play and carry on grand conversations.

7pm – I’ve tidied up around the house and Skyped with my mother with Noah, then given Noah his bath and bottle and bed time story for the night. I’ll then log in to do some work while eating something less than a meal.


9pm – I usually start writing a blog for my site here and publish it…then share it on Facebook and Twitter.

11pm – I’ve logged in to do some more work and greeted Davy after a long day’s work for both of us and begun to wind down for the night together. I haven’t done as much work as i’d like and the house is never clean enough and I’m exhausted all over again but I’ll still try to get in a little free writing. Some sex too.

1am – I can barely get my ass to bed but I know deep down inside this is all a blessing that my day actually revolves around the days of Davy and Noah.

Always dishing,




  1. I`m exhausted just reading this! Your days are full but the upside is being with Mr. Awesome all day as he grows by leaps and bounds.
    I went back to work when my oldest turned 2 months old and it was hard. I was 21 so I guess my energy levels didn’t really allow me notice my exhaustion. I just did it.
    I went back to school when my youngest turned 1. I was 30 and it was also challenging.
    Being a mother is hard work regardless of what you have going on.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hell yes. I’ve said so many times how much respect I have for mothers everywhere…more so than I had before I became one myself. So much work and love 🙂

  2. I agree with Michelle… I actually need a lie down after just reading this blog, let alone living it!! haha…

    The fact you have such a busy time yet you still manage to find a window to reply to everyone who connects with you online just makes me admire you that bit more 🙂

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hahaha, it’s the kind of exhaustion that will be a mystery to me forever. The work it takes to raise a child can’t be measure but it’s a lot 🙂

  3. Loved reading about – a day in the life of Jun, makes us all feel not so alone with our lives too. Thank you for sharing, as usual! As a working from home mom myself, with a 16 year old (with mild autism) who I’m also home-schooling with the help of a great online, live, school requiring me to be with him in many classes – the art of juggling is quite needed! The toughest part is when I gear in and get into the groove of work and then I hear “I’m hungry”…(16 year old boys have hollow legs) .and he’s a very, very picky eater (he’s always had food texture problems) it’s like ..oh noooo. I really need to get more organized about foods he likes, and have them pre-prepared on hand, otherwise, I get too far behind in my work – my goal is to be asleep before 2 a.m.! I’m exhausted most days and it’s aging me too quickly …. nooooo! You are correct….it never, ever ends!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Joyce, thanks for sharing! I love hearing about your life like this, and I appreciate you letting us in to what your 2am days look like 🙂

      The Art of Juggling 101, it should be a pre-parenting course everywhere. HA!

  4. Sparky

    When Sean was Noah’s age, R worked out of town Mon thru Fri and I worked full time as an RN on the day shift. So I was a 35 year old part time single mother who had to be at work by 6 30 every morning with a child who refused to go to sleep before 10 pm. I felt a kind of exhaustion I never knew existed before. Strange as it sounds it was the best time of my life except for the single mother part. That part sucked pond water. Oh and at that time my job was a 45 minute drive from my house. I learned to be very organized from that.

    1. Jun Song Author

      WOW. So many degrees of exhaustion that no mom knew existed before she became a mom. hat’s exactly it haha!

      Organization and time management is key 🙂 And the fact that Sean had some hard-working parent like you and R 🙂


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