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Big Brother 15 Pre-Season

The Big Brother 15 Pre-Season. Well it’s definitely here, although for months now hardcore fans have already been counting down on forums. Judging from the frenzied sales of BB live feeds and activity online, CBS has made good on their promise to let all the various BB websites sell the feeds like previous years. Unfortunately, I hear that Canadian fans will not be able to purchase live feeds from CBS.

If you’d like to support fan-run Big Brother sites, you can purchase your live feeds subscriptions from any of the website below. With all the changes CBS has made operationally for this Big Brother season, the trickle-down effect has been felt by many already and to varying degrees. The sites I’m listing below are owned by some very good people who reached out to me personally:

Big Brother Group       …..        Big Brother Spice        …..       Big Brother’s Spoilers

Big Brother Updates        …..       Hamsterwatch        …..       Reality Radar

Not all Big Brother sites offer live feeds subscriptions, and some are squeaky clean new like Big Brother Banter, started by an aspiring BB blogger named Kelsey. Or Big Brother Play by Play which is run by Karen, a fellow BB fan and New Yorker. Blogging looks easy but it isn’t, and I wish all new bloggers good traffic!

From our Canadian BB family there’s Big Brother Archive and BB Canada Insider, who both cover American and Canadian seasons for love of the game.

By the way… Congratulations Canada, on getting the green light an a second season! Hopefully there’s no Topazian drama next year.

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