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Fathers’ Days

Father’s Day.  Father’s Days.  Fathers’ Days.

I need to keep these straight for the next 500-or-so words.



Your Father’s Day may not be someone else’s Father’s Day because there are lots of different Fathers’ Days around the world.  According to Wikipedia Father’s Day falls on the second Sunday of June in Austria and here in Belgium, unlike in the U.S. and most other countries that celebrate it the third Sunday of June. There are some parts of the globe where Father’s Day falls in March or May or a number of other months which I never realized, but then again in Korea there’s no “official” Father’s Day or Mother’s Day but a Parents’ Day and also a Children’s Day. So growing up our family celebrated a lot, and Father’s Days were all about my dad.

After I lost my dad my first few Father’s Days were more like coping than celebrating, at least on the inside where nobody dared to look. These last few Father’s Days have been lighter in spirit with moments deep in thought. And tomorrow on Father’s Day in Belgium having my husband Davy to do the everyday things with every day as we raise our little Noah, is what I’ll celebrate.

Then next week, I’ll have the day to reflect and thank my dad in my heart for his patience in letting me work through these 9 years of Father’s Days without him. At first when I learned that Belgium’s Father’s Day fell earlier than in America I’d been skeptical, like I had a choice or voice in the matter, but today I’m realizing it’s apropos. My selfishness wins and I love having two Fathers’ Days to celebrate, but my selflessness also wins so tomorrow Davy will be told and shown how much he is cherished.

I’ll also remind Davy of how far he truly has come since those first first months of fatherhood where he did things like this:


I’m happy to report that Davy now changes Noah’s poopy pampers unmasked and unassisted, and even manages not to barf in his mouth when his finger meets some wet wayward poop. He and Noah have moved on to doing cooler things anyway, including experimenting with how much weight Noah can lift.


No joke.

~ Davy I love you, and Noah, and your love for Noah. You can hear it in Noah’s voice when he calls for you each and every time…papa. Gelukkig Vaderdag. Happy Father’s Day.

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