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Big Brother 15 Rumors

Not that anyone’s keeping track or anything…

But here are the current list of rumored particulars about this upcoming season, and when I say “rumored” I mean information not announced by CBS and by “upcoming” I mean “Omg it’s almost here you guys!”

It’s rumored that:

1. Among the Houseguests there will be alum from other CBS shows, namely The Amazing Race and Survivor. I did play with a hypothetical scenarios wherein past BB and Survivor alum were in the house together, but this would be totally different. Although CBS promised early on that this would be a season of all new HGs, I suppose technically TAR and Survivor alum could be  considered “new” to Big Brother.


2. Among the Houseguests there will a lesbian couple. Big Brother has been missing a few things in past season, and real lesbian love has been one of them.

3. Among the Houseguests there will be a mom and son secret duo. I don’t know if this pairing would be able to pull it off, but then again I’m imagining myself and my one-year-old and how I’d probably wipe his mouth after each meal without even realizing what I was doing. Can a mother and her son hide their relationship in the BB house?

4. The jury will consist of 9 people this season, which would makes sense given another CBS promise for the MOST HGs everrrrrrrr.

5. There will be the largest age gap between the oldest (70s) and youngest (18?) Houseguests…

Now these are all rumors, but we all know rumors start from the smallest grains of truth all grown up. Let’s see what other rumors surface in the next 16 days, in the meanwhile which of the 5 rumors do you think will become truth?

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  • I heard from a reliable source that they went into a bar in Hollywood and waited and watched until people trickled out one by one and when it finally got down to the last 18 people in the bar those were the people that they have cast to be on the show .

  • I vote for ‘none of the above.) I realize it is difficult to breathe new life into an old franchise yet there must be someone out there with entertaining ideas! ‘Original’. How about going back to the original premise of Big Brother. Complete isolation from the outside world, including and especially, production 😉

  • Thanks on a great article Jun !
    I personally heard of the survivor alum from Evel Dick but I don’t think there will be a huge twist.
    Maybe the 9 jury members but I think they just want the game to be longer. I think it will be like season 10 “Back to Basics”

  • Call me crazy, but I actually kind of like the idea of Survivors playing BB (NO HANTZ THOUGH PLEASE). Especially with Hayden playing Survivor, CBS would connect that into ads later in the season. They’d also make for some interesting interviews as far as what game was harder for them to play.

  • I doubt they’d add anyone who is under 21, given the drinking laws in the country. I do remember way back in BB2 when they brought in some ex-Survivor players to play against the BB houseguests in a luxury challenge; I think that was during the week that no one was evicted.

  • I would enjoy a Survivor alum (agree, though, no Hantz — someone likeable please or dramatic like Colton). I hope the hg’s are a mix of ages, which brings more interesting conversations and experiences, rather than just another version of a dating game (loved Canada BB, but too much coupling).

    I can NOT wait for the season to start. I’m hungry for news of the hg’s!

  • Anonymous on June 9, 2013 at 4:56 pm said:


    Although I heard the crost show casting rumor and that sounds possible, I just love Richard’s idea!! On the other hand that cast might’ve well be from the recent (and by recent I mean like the last 8 years at least) Real World casts housed at the Palms instructed to drink drink speak foul and ungrammatical language and have sex on screen. I don’t know, watcher from 2000 BB first season but this one I’m just not excited about. Signed up for live feeds but more as an ho hum ….. Fingers crossed I get into it when it starts.

  • I think they just pulled some house guests from Survivor and Amazing Race hopefuls and not actual contestants although mid way through there might be some Survivor alum hosting a Big Brother game.

  • I’ve heard the rumor about Survivor people being on this season but I hadn’t heard about former TAR cast members being on this season too. Dick tweeted that production got mad at him for tweeting that Survivor people could be on this season so it’s probably true.

  • I also think a mother/son duo would be really hard to hide… However, if there is a considerable age range within the house then other HGs could just assume that the ‘older woman’ is naturally taking on a motherly role towards the ‘younger boy’, so they could probably bluff their way around it if they have to.

  • you know they would pick the lamest of the lame from the Survivor alum to be on BB (ie Johnny Fairplay, Brandon Hantz). If they want to start mixing shows, then they need to follow in the MTV Challenge footsteps and do a whole separate show, Survivor/Big Brother Challenge, and have BB alum and Survivor Alum competing against each other.

  • Anonymous on June 10, 2013 at 12:22 am said:


    Thanks for the scoop Jun – been trying to find cast spoilers but yours is the most detailed I’ve found

  • Anonymous on June 10, 2013 at 1:01 am said:


    Okay, this line: “…I’m imagining myself and my one-year-old and how I’d probably wipe his mouth after each meal without even realizing what I was doing,” made me laugh. Hahaha! Thanks, Jun.

  • insightful mouse on June 10, 2013 at 8:09 am said:


    I heard the house got a bit of a remodel, the pool is now red, and that it somehow goes with the theme of hot or hell… but we’ll have to see 😉

  • Anonymous on June 10, 2013 at 8:28 pm said:


    I hope the rumor about the survivor alum is false. Not that it would be that bad to watch but they’ve already had their game time. I’m really hoping to be cast one day and if they keep digging up returns that leaves less room for newbies such as myself.

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